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Published on June 29, 2016

Survival is all about having the rite knowledge and skill. In this video I help out with the knowledge aspect. Here are 10 random survival tips to help you out in an urban or wilderness survival situation.

1. You can use the branches of a young pine tree as a survival tooth brush.
2. In an emergency you can use the un-glazed bottom of a coffee mug as a very effective make shift sharpening stone.
3. When hiking or camping in the winter time, store your water bottle upside down. This is because if the water freezes it will frees from the top down. This means when it is upside down, that the mouth will be the last part to freeze. Storing the water bottle inside your jacket will also help prevent it from freezing.
4. You can convert any water bottle or jug into omni directional light by wrapping a headlamp around it and shining the light inside.
5. You can turn any match into a waterproof match by covering it in candle wax first.
6. Cord management can be crucial in a survival situation and you should always wrap your cord into neat bundles.
7. If you are left with a stuborn not that you just cant undo, try grabbing the hand with both hands and twisting it back and forth.
8.When camping you are often left with small scraps of para-cord after a project, in a pinch it is possible to reattach small pieces into one large one.
9. Camping hammocks are great because of there compact size, light weight and comfort but many of them have one major flaw, and that they are paper thin and cause you to loose body heat at night. Place a yoga mat inside your hammock to provide an insulating barrier.
10. It is possible to extract water from moist soil by placing it in a sock and squeezing out the water.

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  1. subscribe and shared on Facebook. Thanks. later I'll be watching many videos I'm sure !!

  2. Dried pine sap burns like gasoline

  3. Nicely done, except for the sock-water trick. I wouldn't drink it unless it had been filtered and purified first.

  4. the sock trick is smart but nasty. i will use a bandana.

  5. The sock / water thing was pretty good. I am not sure though if I was in a survival situation, I would be too worried about a knot in my rope. Thanks for the video … !

  6. Maybe in that instance dig a gypsy well first before you resort to the sock!! A good demonstration of why it's a good idea to get out of the habit of using bits of Kleenex to wipe your nose and start having traditional handkerchiefs or bandanas in your pocket instead. Handkerchiefs weigh next to nothing, you could have ten in your kit and you wouldn't notice the weight and they have tonnes of uses. If you'd drank straight from the sock you'd probably have your own survival show by now!!!

  7. man the sock was nasty! it works though. I keep a shamme that would work great for that and a lot of other stuff. good video interesting

  8. Great tips, can you please tell me what song or classical it was around the 00:20 sec mark, Thanks.

  9. I am one handed so I built a jig out of a piece of 1 X 6 and 2 wooden dowels to coil my paracord and bankline in a figure 8 hank.

  10. Those were some really great tips, but the sock thing was nasty! wouldn't a bandanna or two, or a sock that is NOT worn, work just as well?

  11. Wow these were really novel suggestions.

  12. Good stuff, my friend. Glad to see your vids still rolling!

  13. 1:45 after use cardboard to strop the blade 7:00 i should try this with S.T.E.
    Awesome ty for sharing. C.R.

  14. Great stuff brother! Keep up the good work! Look forward to your next vid!

  15. Some fascinating tips. I learned a few things. Good Job.

  16. I have to disagree or at least I have to say I would use a different method for obtaining water. Taking a small sock or cotton bandana and using that would be much better than using your own sock you use for walking. A bandana opened out and laid on the ground would be much easier to accept mud. Pick it up by the 4 corners and you can squeeze all you want. To empty just drop 3 corners and let gravity take over. I would also go 1 step further and use a filter straw or halazone tablets. You have no idea what creature took a dump in that exact location. You are needlessly exposing to all kind of nasty critters smaller than the eye can see. Yet they can ruin your whole life if you are not prepared. Very good video!!

  17. awesome video, I love the mat and hammock suggestion

  18. I have a cool tip if your flip lighter is empty use the cotton ball and sparks from the flint to start a fire

  19. Bring a bandana. It'll make the water taste less like toe jam and you won't have to walk around with dirty, wet socks !!  lol

  20. the name of the video 10 survival tricks are you going to die if you don't brush your teeth name of your videos a little misleading

  21. the hammock tip can you use a mylar blanket as a replacement?

  22. For the light hammock tip… I'm wondering if SOL heat reflective emergency blanket do the trick???

  23. 2 different coffee filters that go down to 1.0 micron. KleenKanteen (?) coffee press filter, and recent Walmart Keurig coffee grounds capsule. Mesh is so tiny, it filters anything. Also tyvek housewrap fiberweave is noted for being 0.5-1.0 micron pores. 99.999% water filtration. Very few nanovirus after. Can boil, or sunlight UV sterilize in mylar film solar oven. Make 3×3 ft tyvek w/ hem/seam/grommets and put on 3 upright stakes and pour in gravity-fed 3 gallons water, or paracord and hang for same gallonage. Can make smaller 1×1 ft filter size for half to 1 gallon size, staked or hung.

    These are some of my innovations for the bushie/preppie groups.


  24. Good video but did you really drink the water knowing you really were not in a survival situation?lol that's great

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