10 Tips for New Preppers: Supplies, Survival food and Emergency Essentials

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Published on June 29, 2016

Thinking of prepping but don’t know where to start? I am here to help with my Top 10 Tips For New Preppers.

1. Start small. There is no need to prepare for the zombie Apocalypse if you don’t have enough supplies to last you 3 days without power.
2. Start with Food and Water. To often new preppers want to focus on guns, knives and ammo. It may not be as glamorous but your first preps should be food and water.
3. Develop your skills. Prepping is not just about what you buy but is also about developing your skill set and expanding your knowledge.
4. Build a prepper community. Talk about prepping to your friends, co-workers and family.
5. Tailor your preps to your geographical location. If you live up north you need to focus on keeping warm in the winter, if you live down south you need to focus on staying cool in the summer.
6. Develop a plan B. AKA a Bug Out Bag. Bugging in should always be your plan A. Only Bug Out if you absolutely need to.
7. Practice with your preps. Having preps is not enough, you need to be proficient with them and know how to use them when shit hits the fan.
8. Use List to stay organised. Create prepper supplies list, emergency food list and anything else. This will help you stay organized and buy everything you need.
9. Get into shape. When the shit hits the fan and you are forced to fend for your self you want to be in the best shape possible.
10. Learn First Aid. Skills in first aid will literally save your and your family life.

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  1. 11. Weapons & Ammo … before the Commie Democrats take away your rights & ability to protect yourself.

  2. D. P.

    Well, I think there is good input here, but the absolute #1 thing you must do FIRST is establish what it is you are actually prepping FOR. To prep vaguely isn't a horrible thing if its done on a small scale. However, if you are prepping, but are undecided about what your main prep concern is, you are likely to end up scattered, overwhelmed, over budget, with a ton of extraneous goods you likely will never use or need. Sit down, quiet down, and take a little time to meditate on what EXACTLY concerns you the most. Once you've established that, then you will have a better anchored starting point with which to #1) establish a mission/plan, #2) obtain goods and equipment necessary to implement/complete that plan, and #3) stay on target and not end up in the poorhouse or with too much to maintain. You'll find that once you have clearly established and defined the primary concern/objective, your prepping will be much more efficient, effective, and organized.

  3. so what happens when you run out of food and water you need some supplies like a shot gun and a crap load of shells to fight off the people and mutated cock roaches for food and water???? # useless

  4. I am sure you can learn more on ShepherdSurvives page. Best survival books on net

  5. I started mine but still need s lot of stuff , but at least I can say I started….got the basics water 72 hours of food , medical kit etc…need more stuff still.

  6. is it too late to start prepping? i started buying extra food and water but it seems to late going by all these newer videos that are talking about martial law and an EMP attack. this shit is keeping me up at night.

  7. tongmaa

    I've watched several of these prepping videos and not one mentions barter items. Gold, silver are obvious but what about booze? A pint of 190 proof could be worth an equivalent of $100 or more in goods traded for that pint. Grain alcohol is also an antiseptic, and can make "tinctures" with healing herbs (another thing to have a book on plants and their uses.) It can also be diluted and provide relaxation and comfort when consumed. I buy a pint a month and expect to be well-off if the balloon goes up …

  8. Great primer for new preppers!

    The biggest thing was addressed up front: start small, and start with the events that have the highest probability of being encountered.

    The magic number I set for beginners, is six days. I learned in Hurricane Katrina that this is enough for you to either wait for help to arrive, or to leave the disaster zone – provided that you choose correctly on which to do from the outset, based on the nature and severity of the disaster. Once you have at least six days on-hand, congratulations, you're no longer a newbie.

  9. lol, i dont need to prep, there is a whole warehouse of food next door that is mine when shtf, its called the supermarket hahahahahahaha

  10. Good stuff here. And thanks for actually posting a typed out list. That's always helpful, and not enough people do that.

  11. You can drip candle wax on a plate and stick the candle to it, Mr Survival Know it all. It's not that technical.

  12. Us this guy GAY as F–K or what.

  13. Nice effort. Unfortunately, everything you've just listed/ mentioned will not prepare you for anything. All it'll do is give you a chance to prolong the inevitable – dying. Why? Because (like basically 98% of "preppers") you completely forgot about the most important aspect: mental/ psychological preparedness. If you haven't got the mental/ psychological strength to deal with death, destruction, bloodshed, violence, pain, fear, chaos, confusion and very real and immediate threats to your life, the best gear in the world, and whatever skills you have, won't help or save you. Admittedly, it's very difficult for the average Joe "prepper" on the street to prepare himself in this way (unless you're ex-service – like myself, you will have never even experienced a situation like this, let alone had a chance to try and deal with it), but people can still train themselves psychologically for an SHTF scenario: Go out into the woods for one whole month with ONLY a knife – any knife. Nothing else. No sleeping bag, tarp, firesteel, tent or food. You can wear what you want. Go in the summer, even. If you come back after a month in pretty much the same shape/ condition you went in, I'll happily talk with you about prepping and I'll take you seriously. This one month will teach you a lot about the psychology and stresses of survival and being on your own, in the middle of nowhere, trying to make it every day. In fact, I'll go as far as to say it'll literally be a life changing experience! Plus, it'll REALLY test your skills and knowledge – if you have any! After one week, you'll hate the woods. After two weeks you'll hate yourself. Be prepared to do a lot of crying – sorry, no tissues. If you make it past three weeks you'll stand a better than average chance of making it to the end. Then you can call yourself truly prepared. Enjoy!

  14. Very clear and useful thanku ! I I wouldn't have first clue how to start a fire or first aid!Lots of good practical advice

  15. good starter tips, i just watch another vid about how to survive the end days pretty interesting ill leave a link below if anyone wants to take a look

  16. SHTF comes in small doses like power outage, getting snowed in or having a problem in your town that forces you to stop using city water supply and other such problematic unforeseen emergencies. We don't need to worry about nuclear war, global pandemics or the zombie thing. All that stuff is either very low on the probability scale or just a Hollywood fantasy Prepare for real world emergencies.

  17. When the zombie apocalypse happens I'm just going to come take your shit.

  18. USC 07

    Make friends with rednecks and military types. They know how to shoot, are wise and resourceful, tend to be well connected with other resourceful people, you can learn a lot from them, and they have access to nice toys.

  19. You are young ! Enjoy the dream . It never happens the way we plan . I am not saying stop and forget it . I am saying that a good circle of friends can do more for each other than one alone . You have to have help or it is going to be a long losing battle .

  20. Nate W

    Great vid. Candles don't need holders when you have cans, plates, pots and non plastic cups/glasses.

  21. very basic concepts good video though to throw my two cents in I would say that once you hit the week or month stage in food and water collection defense should definitely come into play on your list it does not necessarily need to be an AR-15 with 500 thousand rounds butt you should focus somewhat on the fence at that point even if it is unco and arrow and the skills to use so so you can in the US most Parts get a decent shotgun or rifle at a reasonable cost you do not have to break the bank even a simple bolt action rifle such as the Mosin Nagant those are relatively cheap last I checked were on or around $100 and just as you said was starting small next time you're at Walmart pick up a box of ammo just compile from there you don't need to go out and buy crate of 1000 rounds at a time 20 here 20 there Exedra exedra

  22. Here's a tip: quit listening to fanatical Christian fear-mongers, get a grip on reality, and most of all try to figure out what exactly it is you are afraid of.

  23. I have found blackout buddies. there a flashlight that plugs into the wall and automatically turn on when the power goes out. they are useful for finding your supplies. or marking them with glow in the dark paint.
    pet stores can be a good place for some supplies like water filters and activated charcoal. rawhide dog chews can be turned into leather.

  24. I kinda want to add that while it's good to know how to apply a tourniquet but also know how to remove one safely. usually it's a doctor but if you don't have one that you can get to, etc. etc. then you need to know how to take care of the wound and how to remove the tourniquet safely. there are many things that could go wrong, to much sudden blood pressure to the deprived limb, infection many other things.
    what I'm trying to say mostly is be well rounded about first aid. studying could save yours or someone else's life.

  25. you could drip the candle onto a surface and then stick it there and it wont catch anything on fire

  26. I've been studying prepping and found an awesome resource at Survivor Crusher System (check it out on google)

  27. You can also store your own water in water containers (5 gallon and up) or use 2 liter bottles, well washed out.

  28. id say #1 by far is get in shape. dont know what to buy or your budget is tight, you can workout in your house for 0 dollars and just a spare 20 mins a day while you put a list or budget together

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