25 SHTF/ Survival Uses for WD-40

Home Survival Tips 25 SHTF/ Survival Uses for WD-40
Published on August 10, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: 25 SHTF/ Survival Uses for WD-40. Taking household items and improvising it’s uses to fit many needs.

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  1. NEVER Destroy the Wasp Nest or Prevent them from making a Nest ; The Wasp is BENEFICIAL ; NOT a good idea to destroy them . Your only hurting Yourself if You do .

  2. Its pretty good toothpaste too. Spray it on your gums, pull your teeth out when you dont need them, and when you sleep, let them sit in a cup of wd40!

  3. water dispersment number 40. originally designed to clean nuclear weapons.


  5. WD 40 rocks…..but it does trap dust. I kept silcone lube (in a spray can) as well. better for locks and slide rails etc… as the solvent dries leaving the dry silicone lube

  6. Sentence of the video : Just put a Lil' WD40 on it

  7. WD40 as a starting fluid? Not for the past couple years, they changed propellants from propane to CO2 :(

  8. What kind of survival situation has a need for clean windshields? Zombie apocalypse? Seems legit.

  9. you have greasy hands but more grease on them lol

  10. Lol I don't think u would care about squeaky hinges in a survival situation or wasps nests or clean tools

  11. Jasoso

    Can i use it as sex lube?

  12. Hans

    did you use WD40 on your holes in your hood oc your truck?. so water beeds off your engine block? lol

  13. can you use it in emergencys to lubricate your dick?

  14. Popeye

    Good as an underarm deodorant in an emergency

  15. I use WD 40 when im camping just add it to the wood or cotton ball and it can even rain but the fire wont stop

  16. Can you use it as lubricant for anal.

  17. sorry, as a locksmith, DO NOT USE ON KEY HOLE OF LOCKS!!! this will cause them to build up residue and make the different metals in them corrode. for keyway, use graphite. unless already rusted, then wash out lock after you use wd40, and then let dry fully. then graphite.

  18. You're just spraying WD-40 on everything 😐

  19. we dont need to know how you use protection dude :P

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