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Published on July 2, 2016

I can’t think of a better $25 survival kit for the money than this one from Uncle Flint’s. Check it out as I interview John (AKA Uncle Flint) at the Great American Outdoor Show as we talk about his cool Mom and Pop company and this nice little survival kit.

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  1. I'm not too fond of all the BG stuff he reviews, but I have to say David does make quality videos and he is very smart to make his channel like a brand.

  2. the only thing nobody ever suggests or puts in their survival kits is some kind of sugar, wether it be a sugar packet or a piece of candy but it is important to have something in that manner, blood sugar issues can be life threatening.

  3. Make your own tin for what you might need

  4. A can opener really? Yeah ok someone is going to throw a can of beans at me well lost in the woods. Thank god I have a can opener to open it now with my survival kit.

  5. i've just watched a couple of this guys vids, total dickhead. does not have a clue. but well done that you can make a living from other dickheads. how much is the commission? stop insulting the survival community.

  6. ray w

    this kit is super lame way and its 24.95

  7. glad that compass is designed to point you north… smh

  8. That was the worst "joke" I have ever heard

  9. You keep yappin about this survival knife you're working on and we STILL haven't seen this blade you speak of constantly. You're just as bad as Dr.Dre yappin about his detox album. Yall both just yap and NEVER produce ACTUAL results.

  10. Everyone has those items but the tin,the emergency blanket compass 

  11. looks better than the bear grylls ultimate kit and half the pice

  12. i have better survival kit , not that good container but much better stuff better firestarters and fire steel and there is all things that normal person have in home, maybe firesteel not

  13. OK, the guy being interviewed is wearing a hat with an EOD badge on it. Is he/was he EOD or a poser?

  14. can open`r and the purification tabs are over kill for the avarege person. i mean what the hell are you gonna do with a can poen`r inn the forest with no can to open? or purification tabs whithout any thing to hold enough water? someone pleas elaberate..

  15. That's a very good survival kit.

  16. Blaise Duggins:

    Yes aluminum will melt; but I have made aluminum soda or beer can alcohol stoves with 80-90 burns on them and they still work fine, and methanol burns at 775 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm just saying that aluminum is more durable than you think.

    If I was putting that kit together I would add a pealess plastic whistle, an empty bottle so when people go out fill with either unscented Clorine bleach or 2% iodine solution, at least 25 feet 550 paracord, a razor blade, a sewing kit, 25-50 feet fishing line, and fish hooks.

    Sorry but that survival kit will get people KILLED.

  17. Sorry backwoods but there are two problems with kit.

    1. Water purification tablets expire.

    2a. That is a metal whistle. In cold temps it could become seriously attached to your lip. A plastic whistle would be better.

    2b. If that whistle has a pea and the pea is frozen to the whistle there not be much sound.

    A pealess plastic whistle would be a much better choice.

  18. I will never understand the purpose of the can opener lol! It shows lack of experience and knowledge. When have you EVER come across a can of food in the woods? And that brand of emergency blanket is one of the cheapest on the market. A piece of paper is harder to tear than that blanket. Most of the manufacturers of these commercial kits have never spent a night out in the woods using them.

  19. great price but i would rather make my own just because i have fun doing it and would like to have better quality and reliable tools

  20. Bubba

    Nice kit for $20. 

  21. The statement that a mylar space blanket will keep you warm, "even if it is below freezing" is a flat out LIE and you can get people killed by implying such … You are an idiot and anyone who relies on this "survival kit" is doomed. … You should be dropped off on the tundra, in the dead of Winter, with this kit.


  23. John sure seems like a nice guy. I like that there are purification tablets in this kit. And the salt is a nice detail – not only for the taste issue but for providing you with some key electrolytes.

  24. Hey just subed great videos 

  25. He put in it Israeli Water purification tablets called "taharmayim" Hebrew:טהרמים. Highly recommended… I wouldn't buy this kit because anyone can make it at home

  26. Great Kit overall, but those magnesium sticks together with the ferro rod don't work very well.

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