25 Uses of Q-Tip/Cotton Swabs for Survival

Home Survival Tips 25 Uses of Q-Tip/Cotton Swabs for Survival
Published on August 6, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: 25 Uses of Q-Tip/Cotton Swabs for Survival. Taking household items and looking at a number of ways to improvise their use.

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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  1. what does SHTF stand for???????

  2. K King

    are you a veteran? if so thx for your service and the cool survival tips

  3. GOD BLESS ENGLAND DONT YOU MEAN LOL !!!????!!! only joking I'm English

  4. When u light the q tip or what ever you call it the melted plastic might work for hot glue

  5. Who befouled this Cotten swab?

  6. Wow … first the Trijicon ACOG, now Q-tips. What's next – the sky's the limit, or is it? +++ Sootch00 ☆☆☆

  7. Congratulations on the cameo with this Q-Tip video in CBS Sunday Morning today!

  8. your q-tip tooth brush tip was on CBS News Sunday Morning today. It was the clip from this video.

  9. Congratulations, you made it to CBS Sunday morning news today with this video! 5/22/16

  10. Wow, they just featured a bit of this video on CBS News Sunday Morning now for a segment about Q-tips.

  11. Dude, a portion of this video just ran on Sunday Morning News on CBS!!!

  12. I think the word you're looking for is versatile / versatility.

  13. iam from the UK so I'll stir my tea with my cotton buds lol…great video lots of good tips .you're doctor is right please don't use on ears as the ear wax just gets pushed deeper in ear….keep your videos coming….

  14. can you do ruber cloves survival

  15. can you do ruber cloves survival

  16. For coffee i rather use a wooden pencil, gives it a really special flavor :-)

  17. as a fellow devil dog all simple things are useful things

  18. I always thought Q-tips were made specially for cleaning you ears. One swab for each ear.

  19. Da A

    5:47 I would have spilled that 100 times over, I spill everything so I've learned to cap it if I'm not using it.

  20. Abazillion thats a technical term in the South

  21. couldn't you also do some of this stuff with toothpicks?

  22. Great video SOOTCH !!!! lots of info coming from this channel , Thanks for your time

  23. Huh, I never thought to use qtips for a fire starter. I've used cottons balls and petroleum jelly to start fires, but I might have to try that on qtips. Great idea! I also started using qtips to clean semi auto pistols and it's way easier than patches. Cheaper than cleaning patches too. 

  24. if you cut them in half and put pins in and melt it a bit it will make a great dart! (shoot them out of straws)

  25. You can take a ziplock bag with 10-12 q tips in it, crack and then open a chemlight and pour the juice on the q tips. This makes a great way to mark a safe trail to the bathroom etc when camping.

  26. You're the man, Sootch. I admire the time you take to share all of this, with all of us. Most of us would have never thought of these things, I appreciate all that you do.

  27. here in Belgium we call them oorstokjes ore wattenstaafjes ^^
    greetings from Belgium fan and subscriber

  28. Love your vids and always use qtips. They are even on my desk for doing stuff and cleaning my vape stuff.

  29. How about a Shtf first aid kit for your dog.? I'm not going anywhere without my dogs.

  30. The ones I buy have hollow tubes of plastic, like a mini straw. I bet that opens up some uses too!
    Regarding applying medication, I had to apply a numbing gel to a wisdom tooth. Used cotton buds to dry out the area so the gel would stick, then a fresh one to apply it and get in nooks and crannies that a finger couldn't. It was also easier to see in the mirror as the stem is narrow.
    I'm a lady prepper, so use them mostly for make up and household cleaning day to day. Have you seen the cosmetic buds? One end is pointed and the other is flat like a paddle. The cotton is very dense too. I bet they have a lot of SHTF uses!

  31. Survival hair dryer? Mmmmmm. Stretching it here. 

  32. Yep, we like our cotton buds and cups of tea in England. Another nice upload. Thanks.

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