3 Chicken Breeds That Won’t Disappoint You

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Published on August 16, 2016

Black Australorp

Light brown eggs
Calm & docile, they won’t ever peck you.
They can handle living in a coop good, that makes them the perfect backyard chicken. They’re hardy in the winter because they’re poofy. I love how the feather have a green shine on them when the sun hits it just right. They stay in the coop.
A duel purpose breed, that means they’re good for both laying eggs and eating. So you could have a rooster and when they have babies you could eat the roosters and keep the hens for eggs.

Buff Orpington

Light brown egg.
A little bit bigger than the Black Australorp
So pretty to look at. That beautiful golden color is very enjoyable to see in the coop.
I don’t find them to be as friendly as the Black Australorp but they are still a friendly chicken.
Also a duel purpose breed.
They escape the coop sometimes.

White Leghorn

Best egg production. The eggs are extra large.
They’re medium-small in size.
When you have a white one, a poofy gold one, and a black one in the coop it’s so pretty to look at, it’s really nice.


  1. My Buff and Leghorn are great layers the Buff is kind of s hoarder and a bully. The leghorn lays on demand. And is a sweetheartI have 3 Black Astulorps- they are a month or so from first eggs.
    The friendlist is our remain Dominiquiker. The best layers are my Aracuanas and Wellsummer, but The best hens in the flock for production and disposition have been the rhode island reds.
    I hope my Blacks pan out that well.
    It is always enjoyable to hear the experiances of others with their flock

  2. i have herd leg horns are rude but i have one and shes very sweet her names Abigail

  3. The white hen is definitely not a white leghorn. It is the wrong size and shape also it's head doesn't match a leghorn's. That is a white rock.

  4. The black Australorp is actually pronounced "ostralorp" not astrolorp

  5. I have all those breeds and new Hampshire reds, Rhode Island red, Amberlinks and red sex links.

  6. By the way that is not a leghorn that is a white Plymouth rock

  7. ever seen a chicken getting it's nails painted? check my channel

  8. My sister owns two chickens. One golden Buff Orpington rooster and one shiny Australorp hen. I have a homemade including in my closet and I'm hatching they're chicks. What am I going to get?

  9. just got 8 black australorp hens… they are so precious….we are spoiling them…

  10. Hi Becky i love the buff chicken they do good in a big coop

  11. Aus. Australorp. as in Australia. They are an Australian breed.
    The place with kangaroos, not Austria next to Germany.
    Oz. Oz-tra-lorp.

    not "Ahsstrahlorp".

  12. My,.thatt white one has orange eyes,..cool..

  13. we have Barred Rock, the Buff Orpington, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn , Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggers, n I don't remember the name but some hens that will lay in winter… so I have eggs all year

  14. What do you think a bout feeding chickens horse feed .I.e. Sugar Beet And Grain Mix…???

  15. We have a beautiful Black Australorp and they are so nice!

  16. So I live in south BC (in Canada) what kind would you think I could get?

  17. My very favorite are buff orpingtons! We have four of them and any time I walk outside they come running to be held and petted … like the golden retrievers of the chicken-world! We have 3 australorps as well, but ours are more aloof and keep to themselves. Our 3 barred rocks are about the second most friendly birds I have, and our easter eggers have no interest in us what so ever, but they lay pretty eggs so they're forgiven. 😉 haha

  18. This is so creepy I used to have a buff orpington named Becky like 8 years ago

  19. Happy mom''s day to you Ms. Becky! We just love those beautiful chicken 🙂 🙂 :-)

  20. How do you train your dog to leave the chickens alone?

  21. You are too cute! I feel like I'm an expert on keeping chickens now that I've watched all of these, lol :)

  22. How do you maintain the coop floor "respectable" ? Is it strewn with something? Chooks poop a lot and I have neighbours that I don't want to aggravate with the smell….. At present I rake away the droppings when they are dry, and collect them in an isolated corner together with hay, for later use in the veg garden…. Thankyou ! Great videos, I especially enjoy the chicken ones !

  23. love your videos. you make everything seem so easy. I started a garden.. next on my list is a chicken coop!  Thanks!  :)

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