4 BEST Survival Slingshots for Bug Out Bag / Hunting – Ep. 1 – Pathfinder Pocket Hunter on Trial

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Home Weapons 4 BEST Survival Slingshots for Bug Out Bag / Hunting – Ep. 1 – Pathfinder Pocket Hunter on Trial
Published on June 30, 2016

Survival Sling Bow Wars – Ep. 1 – Discover the BEST SlingShot for Hunting, Survival and Bug Out Bags. In Episode #1 of this 5 Part Series Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder Pocket Hunter SlingShot / Sling Bow is on Trial. Is the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter THE Best SlingShot for Hunting, Survival Kits / YOUR Bug Out Bag? Find out…

Here are LINKS to ALL 5 Episodes:
Ep. 1 – Pathfinder Pocket Hunter: http://youtu.be/BeOI3pTrsvM
Ep. 2 – Pocket Preditor SERE: http://youtu.be/t4hkGbuWabA
Ep. 3 – THE Survival Slingshot: http://youtu.be/UkV0irHGxJc
Ep. 4 – Chief AJ’s HFX Slingbow: http://youtu.be/HYeSUiy7Brc
Ep. 5 – BEST Sling Shot Chose: http://youtu.be/Az2Bps0AQ1E


Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Episode:

David’s Arrow Release / Trigger:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

The Survival Slingshot:

Pathfinder / Marksman Pocket Hunter:

Pocket Predator SERE Slingshot:

Chief AJ’s HFX Hunting Fishing Sling Bow:

BIG Archery Targets (Field Points Only):

BIG Black 20″ Block Target (Field Points, Broadheads & Expendables):

.38 Caliber Steel Shot (BULK / 500 qty.):

Steel Animal Knock Down Targets:

Shooting Glasses:

Ammo Pouch:


Want to GET Started Making Your Own – PRO Quality YouTube Videos?

Here’s the AUDIO and VIDEO Gear that David and the Team Use to Shoot Ultimate Survival Tips Videos:


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Survival Food – Hunting – Cook Kit:

ApocaBox Survival Kit:

Field Sharpening Made Easy:

Ultimate Paracord Belt:

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NEW! Survival Bug Out Water Kit:

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack – Commando 60 Review:


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Nite Ize Gear Management Systems:

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Leatherman Signal – Survival Multi-Tool:

Edge Maker – Best Quick Knife Sharpening Tool:

iScope Smartphone Scope Adapter for Shooting Hunting / Video:

Gerber Strong Arm – Next Gen LMF II / Prodigy Knife:


Our FTC Disclosure:

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  1. See that's the issue with the takedown arrows. They may use titanium and all that blah blah blah and charge $60 for 3 arrows but the glue is like Elmer's school glue it just sucks they always pull apart on me

  2. j lin

    dave a lier and try ed to kill a sheriff's officers in walla walla wa he did time i the state pen how do i know i was there the night he did it look up he had a Ford truck on mill creek road in the 90s then his budds bomb my house then my truck good work help out drug dealing cop killers jusst like a usmc cove the ass of killer drug runner

  3. Joe kinda looks like Eric Northman

  4. how did you guys keep the bands from slipping of the leather strap?

  5. why can't they ever tell the price of things and how to obtain them

  6. is the survival slingshot in stores if so which ones please

  7. what fun….good info and good video. Thanks

  8. You don't need a bug out bag. Just a rifle or shotgun and just go out and find some dipshit protecting themselves with a slingshot and take everything they own and even make them carry it around for you.

  9. I like your videos, a tip flat bands are much better in my opinion because drawing takes less effort for more velocity and foot pounds of energy. Keep it up!

  10. Great video thank you for making it 😀 ( I have a slingshot at home and I want it to shoot arrows how would I do that )

    – Thanks

  11. Can anyone tell me the brand and style of the glasses they are wearing? thanks.

  12. I personally thought David did great during the arrows but not as spot on with the pellets but over all I think David won

  13. Why do you say 30 feet is the max effective range for a slingshot?

    Competitions have a minimum distance of 10 meters (33 feet).  Competitions also use 20 meters, 25 meters, and 30 meters.  An experienced slingshot user can take animals at distances a lot farther than 30 feet.

  14. Great video, this is an excellent way to have fun and quickly show us a review on four different slings.  Can't wait to watch the others.  I think the Pathfinder's bow attachment can be purchased separately and then added to your marksman if you already had one.  I think if there was a rigid plastic tube for you to knock your arrow into, that might help?  Not sure why you can't just hold the arrow knock in the pocket, is it too slippery?

  15. The Goliath of slingshots? Is that a good or bad thing?

  16. Like your videos. I thought some other slingbows deserve mention however. The Marksman is not even worth talking about. The other 3 were good choices.  The Badass brand slingbows actually have real power and accuracy. The Slingbow Industries Weasel is also a good one, better than some mentioned. Looking forward to more Videos.

  17. great video thanks for the info

  18. You should review your favorite handguns

  19. when are going to do EP.2 I'm tired from waiting its been over a month month.
    witch one is your best in your opinion? so i would just buy it now.

  20. When will be getting more slingbow wars? I'm really looking forward to see the others in action 🙂

    Keep up the good work :-)

  21. hey is episode 2 out allready? im very intrestred about buying a good slingshot/slingbow

  22. In the description you said this is a part 5 series. Have you posted the other 4 videos? I can't find them and would like to see more of these. Great video thus far. Thanks for the info.

  23. Awesome Dawid but i have huge problem :/ I live in central Europe so everything you show it's not avaiable here :/ But greetings from Poland :D

  24. I really enjoyed this video, well done cant wait for episode 2

  25. LOL Doc is doing good, he can not let a Marine beat him  lol  Just Kidding  

  26. Dave's model, I use to buy for $7 as a kid, they were called wrist rockets 

  27. I do not like to remove a bunch of stuff just to go between BB and arrows to much of a hassle 

  28. instead of using regular bands for the sling shot, use spear fishing bands, they work better, in my opinion, just saying and cheat on line 

  29. my brother and cousin call me the sling shot boy, we use to go shoot rabbits as kids, they would bring BB Guns and I would bring my sling shot/wrist rocket.  I hit more rabbits then them  lol 

  30. I was shooting my own sling bow/sling shot when I bought my first one when I was like 7 yrs old, back in the 70's, yeah I figured out how to shoot a arrow through a sling shot, If I knew then what I knew now, I would be rich  lol  

  31. I still like chief AJ's a lot better

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