A propane plan. Step 2: Setting the regulators and adjusting appliances

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Home Shelter A propane plan. Step 2: Setting the regulators and adjusting appliances
Published on June 30, 2016

A video to give you some ideas about going propane. Propane offers a lot of short term solutions for the prepper. From Power to cooking , from hot water to refrigeration propane has got it covered. The big advantage is not having to worry about fuel storage issues.

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  1. I would never recommend a generac to anyone. They require professional installation, something i do not want on my off grid property. They suck gas like crazy. While i think propane is a longer term solution to generators and engines than gasoline because of its indefinite shelf lift, its still not a very good long term solution. It is best to only use it to charge batteries and whatever loads you power at the time and shut it off, i would use a small generator for this. My house is designed to be 100% solar. The generator is for only the worst of days. I planned my houses electrical use, i sized the system for cloudy days so i dont have to resort to a generator if it rains three days in a row (which in my state is often, 48 inches annually). Wood gas, while not as well known or familiar as propane is more long term, wood will never be in short supply, especially for intermittent use like this. Having said that, i would love to see if anyone has come up with a direct way to convert wood heat to DC power, like a sterling engine power via rocket stove turning a geared up alternator.

  2. Generac is crap get a real generator not that junk .

  3. At about 3:50, you talk about adjusting "to get a nice blue flame"…  but you fail to show exactly what you're tweaking to do that adjustment.  Just prior to this, you state that the "orifices need to be screwed 'in' to adjust for propane. That's already been done."  What part(s) are screwed-in ?  You don't show it.  Your video is a waste of my time: I'm looking for specifics on doing adjustments.

  4. I installed one of these generators with propane. The guy had a bad thunder storm 2 days later and it burned up the electronics in the generator. I highly recommend a surge protector on the service panel and I'm not sure if you can but maybe even on the generator for added safety.

  5. are electronic tank switching and volume meters available? it would be nice to be able to check tank volume from inside your home. it would also be nice to have an electric switch to turn on/off the reserve tank.

  6. So all of this could be used with methane?

  7. John D

    With you living in the south, what length ground rod are you going to put in for the generator?

  8. John D

    Two tanks are a great idea, especially the "T" to seperate the tanks.

  9. So just looking for some rough numbers…you say it will burn about 1gallon an hour, so does that mean you will get about 500 hours off a 500 gallon tank? Enjoying your stuff, Thanks!

  10. How does gallons relate to twenty pound cylinders

  11. The owner has a great set up thanks to your in site and experience. I've been working on my own retreat and I have learned a lot here, thanks.

  12. Engineer775, when I retire in the next few years can I apprentice with you? I work hard and enjoy doing quality work!

  13. docdcox

    Propane is too expensive unless using woodgas on an l.p. Unit and Generac's are complete garbage. Have relitive electricians that sold and serviced and they said nothing but junk! Sorry, but folks need to know.

  14. I'm in the process of having a whole-house natural-gas generator installed for potential bug-in at my primary home. I haven't considered getting a generator that allows propane, in addition to natural gas. Would that be a wise move, even if I'm not ready to commit to buying and burying propane tanks yet?

  15. The only downside to using a propane fridge is that you can't use solar. Also I would rather use a smaller portable gas/lp/propane generator so not to use up so much propane and you can pick and choose what circuits you want to run. Great vid.

  16. That's what the ar15 is for.Terminate those zombies before they get You!

  17. Can you store Natural Gas like propane? How could it be safely done? Thanks for your work.

  18. I don't know. It is a cooktop built specifically for LP, not NG, as I understood when I ordered it. These are questions I will be asking the plumber, appliance repair and company that installed the tanks & exterior regulator.

    What are oifices?

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