A song for those who appreciate wood stoves….

Home Shelter A song for those who appreciate wood stoves….
Published on July 24, 2016


Woodstove projects. Bringing back the old ways one project at a time! Enjoy the song written by my friend and Solar expert Johnny Valentine. Check out http://www.gainsolarservices.com/


  1. Does any buddy out there have a good place that they could suggest for me to get a good idea on how to build a burn chamber for a wood gasifier, Any help would be appreciated. I just got utility bill for 800.00, I need to do something else. Thank You, Rob

  2. kg4rca

    I like this.  any chance I could download it?

  3. Put another log on the fire cook me up some bacon and some beans go out to the car lift it up and change the tire wash my socks and sew my old blue jeans then you can go fetch my slippers boil my up another pot of tea and put another log on that fire then come and tell me why your leaving me……

  4. I don't have a wood stove!!  My life stinks  :(

  5. Rene

    Nice songs! Now I have this song stuck in my head while I watch my wood stove do its thing.

  6. Now that just down right funny …..

  7. nice simple design id actually like to do something similar you a mass rocket stove heater and copper pipe design

  8. This could be a "hot hit", if only it was "burned" onto a CD and distributed warmly to record producers.  If you do this though, I only hope that you do not get the "cold shoulder".  I think this song could be a classic hit "frozen" in time…

  9. The diagram is nice (more detail would make it even better), and the song is cute…only other way to show the schematic would be to talk about the elements of it…and that would be cool. Or "hot" in this case lol. What kind of pipe and how is it installed to get the heat?  Great off grid solution!

  10. Add the safety pressure valve to the diagram…

  11. Oh ya.  Keeps my home warm and cooks my dinner all at the same time.  How cool or hot is that…

  12. got my double barrel cooking right now!

  13. woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove woodstove

  14. My thoughts exactly.  I love it. Rick

  15. My wood cookstove is burning now. Heres a song for you tomato-lovers; its time to start the seeds…


  16. hahah Never mind my dog singing with it I WAS!! And I lite the fire place just cause I like the big old fire burning in it! Yeah I had the wood stove going!! but there's some thing about the fire burning it that makes ya feel good lookin at it! Thanks 775 enjoyed it!!
                              ………….Jimmy………………. it's cold and raining  here

  17. Just sitting hear listening to the fine music. In the back ground l can hear the wood crackling in my airtight and the sound of my kitchen clock ticking. Aww such bliss. Now that is true contentment. Thanks.

  18. My dogs and I are laying around the double barrel stove listening to this….aaahhh

  19. Can one be replaced in place of an oil boiler system with radiators?  Would need a circulator pump, but I think that's what the exterior wood stoves are made to do? Need a lot of wood too.

  20. Can we get a remix of this to include "rocket stove that I made into a hydronic heat system with a finned heat exchanger in my forced air furnace and a liquid to liquid heat exchanger for my "cold water in" side of my domestic hot water heat (but that part isn't hooked up yet)?" I feel my family and I could really relate to that song….while its running I can heat my home about 90% of the time to 70+° even on cold nights in central Indiana with only using a 1/25th HP boiler pump and my air handler in furnace.

    P.s. you have been a great inspiration to me and some of my friends one the work you do both vocationally and as a Christian. God bless you Scott, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiments. 

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