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Published on July 2, 2016

In this video I discuss the consequences of carrying bad habits over into a grid down situation…

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  1. Man this is like getting a free teacher its great

  2. Durned….it's me again…lol.  I was just digesting what you said about people prescribed AntiDepressants.  There is a lot of Lithium in MOUNTAIN Spring Water……that comes right out of the mountains, naturally.  The Appalachian Mountains are FULL of Lithium, and WILL help as an AntiDepressant, in place of presecription drugs…..just an FYI.

  3. BTW….my son-in-law is a "pot-head"…….if he goes ONE day without pot, he becomes exremely abusive to my daughter and their children.  I've seen it happen.  And as an RN….I've witnessed the effects of pot withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal, illicit drug and prescription narcotic withdrawal…..and it is awful to watch.   IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT POT SMOKING DOES, INDEED, CAUSE LUNG CANCER AND DECREASED BRAIN SYNAPSE FIRING…..with a decrease in the gray matter of the brain.  Thanks for letting my two cents in….lol.

  4. People are addicted to everything from Chemical addictions to sugar, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, nicotine… gambling, sexual addiction, internet addiction, gaming addiction…..etc.  All of which will NOT be available if the SHTF…..or I should say WHEN the SHTF.  It won't be pretty, that's for sure.  One thing I've found to help de-tox one's self… pure grapefruit joice, alternating with water to flush your system.  Grapefruit juice has a de-toxifying effect on the liver, and cleanses the liver from built up levels of most every drug, caffeine, nicotine…etc.  So try de-toxing BEFORE the SHTF.

  5. waibelr

    Subscribed. After running across so many youtube channels of preppers who are…well…extreme in the views, it's really nice to see someone who stays relatively politics free, has a thought out process behind your opinions, and addresses the most likely issues (i.e., the answer to everything isn't "MOAR GUNS").

  6. this has always been of deep concern to me
    thanks CP
    great work!

  7. Canadian Prepper My question to you is this, what if one has a "dependence" on pain meds for medical reasons such as chronic pain that can't be controlled with exercise or holistic health options. But the pain will make the person unable to be effective in everyday living with out it. Not talking about addiction to opiates to get high but the people that need opiate meds to function on a daily basis for medical reasons. Also, what about people who are on anti-psychotic meds that will become dangerous to himself or others without them and no amount of counseling has yet helped him? Again, it is a medically necessary medication that the person cannot effectively function without, not an addiction to get high. I have two of these people in my immediate family. What are your suggestions for preparing for that? Any suggestion would be helpful. I've actually been trying to figure this out for some time.

  8. My advice – stock up on alkohol, cigarettes, coffee, tea, weed or weed seeds, medical drugs. It will be sought merchandise.

  9. This channel is a gold mine ,and I'm not even a prepper.

  10. Addiction is really bad.I'm only addicted to smoking tabacco but it's more than enough.

  11. Good video, the vast majority of the western world is addicted to caffeine and sugar and they don't even know it. I love it how people vilify the participants of "Alone" or label the actions of individuals on shows like "The walking dead" as unrealistic, yet in reality most people would fare much worse. Withdrawal symptoms aren't the same for everybody, but there is always a reaction which can hinder a person's capabilities.

  12. i meet my girlfriend just over a year ago. she has been an addict for 18 years. meth is her (DOC). not much help for her in a shtf situation. ill protect her for as long as i can…not going to be easy. lol

  13. The point is clearly that we should all be learning to grow weed ourselves. 😉
    4 weeks before the date of this writing I went from smoking weed every day for the last 3 or so years to cold turkey quit, easy peasy. By comparison i'm still smoking cigarette's, way harder to quit those things. It really depends on the person more than anything, some people are simply dependent by nature, whether "drugs" are present or not, they'll find something to become dependent upon.

    If hardcore bug out to bug in SHTF ever did occur, marijuana would definitely be a part of any long term term plan, its easy to produce, medicinally valuable, controllable dependency. It's value in trade alongside other herds would be high and its ability to mitigate stress, improve the palatability of foods and stabilize sleep patterns makes it a superior option to most bottled remedies.

    I like to think that people with strong opinions on the substance, be them for or against, are speaking from a place of experience but that is often rarely the case with the most outspoken. At the end of the day people vary wildly in their reactions to all stimulus and the only opinion any given individual should rely on is their own.

  14. I work in a detox and watching people go through withdraw it isn't very pretty. I can't imagine that most will be able to help themselves let alone anybody else. They would be easy prey for any trolls and a danger to anybody they are with even if they have no malice intent. And in support of your one statement – we are get more clients claim marijuana addiction. Have any addiction is like being a slave it controls everything you do. R&R g

  15. i must admit being a alcolic have been a problem some time
    but now i got a still and i can make my own boose and can sell them when shtf $$$$$
    surprisingly i drink less now since i got to make it instead than just buying it till my liver explode
    the one thing i found was the people are roving and trying to found out by any mean what im doing soo they can get a free drink
    when shtf im shooting on site(probably gonna kill half of my block)
    but get this, if you got a addiction and your not manifacturing your product(be your best client)this is a epic red flag
    and if you start selling you got to be ready for somebody to try to get the jump on you(i don't recommended it,less people know the less it will created envy)

  16. r2darky

    as a full time weed smoker myself, i dont find myself having issues stepping off of it, I live in holland so its easy to get fo r me i suppose.. when i dont have cash left i have no other choise to not use it for 1-2 weeks rofl.. the only issue i face with coming off of it is basic motor function losses, walking/dropping things/walking into things. I would not call it an addictive drug.

    However, my thoughts on addiction differ a bit, yes there are drugs that enslave you physically and mentally, but a lot of it has to do with your will power as well, I know a lot of weed smokers who are addicted to it, simply because they have addictive personalities, and there for cant overcome not smoking for an hour/day, those are the kinds of people that also like to obsess over things..

    In the end, I dont have any problem being off it during SHTF however weed does make me think a lot clearer and makes me want to do things..

    But yeah like you said anyone who uses a substance uses it for a reason I suppose ou also need a reason to not use it..

  17. HOLY SHIT canadian prepper is a black guy

  18. Excellent thing to consider.

  19. Enjoy your videos, had a back injury an had taken pain pills for awhile.When started prepping gave it up . wasn't fun. Feel so much better now , Dr. said I would not be able to do anything without meds. . Have no pain and exercise and feel so much better. The medical field likes to keep you on meds. they get paid for writing these prescriptions.

  20. The Addicts and the sick and the bad habited people Will still have a little time to Clean thenselfs befor ethey will have to face their death.

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