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Published on July 2, 2016

Musings about what may happen when passionate people get out of hand after a societal breakdown…


  1. Not all Muslims are evil , I know how fucked up my religion is becoming.

  2. Thank you, this is not something I would have even thought about"…..

  3. +Canadian Prepper what is your political ideology? it seems to be a good question because it seems to actually matter in an economic collapse and I would also just like to know just because.

  4. very accurate and interesting! however, it is absolutely injust to show a picture of richard dawkin while talking about extremists! it is not extremism to defend the fact of evolution!!!!!

  5. Damn, your nailing it every time,…..just, wow. We have covered this in our group. ….did you know " groups " are watching you….. not in a bad way.. we're learning and gaining knowledge from channels such as yours. We are trying to always think out side the box….I envision a global (hate that word) get together.  A meeting, Of the minds, if you will. To pow-wow. I get that this has been up for some time, I think it's significate though. ~ Lu~ We must band together lest we fall away…..~

  6. Adolf Hitler once said that he'd had better success converting communists to the nazi cause, than with traditional, conservative nationalists. He also said that Germany had probably backed the wrong side in the Spanish Civil War. He said that the Republicans were socialists, and could have been converted to National Socialism, but that Franco was a reactionary, who supported traditional values.

  7. This is one of the main reasons I stay away from groups , it doesn't take much to turn them into a rabble and usually some charismatic lying closet-psychopath takes the lead over these people in the name of some ideal and next thing you know it all runs like some mafia organization.

  8. You're an interesting dude CP.

  9. I would be careful with communists and socialists they would tell you to share your rations with the group and put the needs of strangers above your family, better stay away from ideological leaders and instead hang around with people in your own situation

  10. i am an american native… you are a coloured man… in what you say… and what you say… you reached… so let's start the revolution.

  11. surely sometimes there is a need to do what is considered extreme.. i mean when the americans fought the brittish for their freedom they were called terrorists by england and heroes at home, you dont have to be crazy to do these things. what is wrong in one place is right at another..

  12. Vewy Intewesting Point of View. Let the Zombie Apocalypse begin.

  13. Great video, although I think extremists are needed to further a cause if you're planning on winning. Apathy is the greatest killer of all. By being extreme you are at least making sure that all your time and resources are going towards the same end goal, whatever it is. I think the best thing for a group would be to have an agreement as to what they plan on accomplishing by sticking together, both short term and long term, as well as how they plan on getting there (and through which methods).

  14. Better just to steer clear of anyone who uses the phrase… "For the greater good".

  15. I have a B.S. degree in Criminology from Florida State University…1977…excellant video…

  16. HalfQ

    You must be carful of being paranoid though. Otherwise people will be looking at you as a freak and risk LOL

  17. 10:56 what in the world is that?  I have never seen that image before. 
    Thanks for a great vid.

  18. I was just thinking along these lines recently. I have many vegan friends on fb, and have been seeing a rapidly growing seed of radicalism and fundamentalism in this particular group. another group to keep an eye on if and when the shtf, unfortunately…

  19. CCCP

    Canadian Pepper, do u take jesus, the so called massia son of god, as one of those fanatics/extremists/radicals?

  20. Eleven fanatics clicked the thumb down.

  21. Absolutely, great points… I could use the patriot movement here as an example. Do I disagree with taking over a federal building to make a statement? Mmmmm not how they did it. And this goes back to the common statement floating around, "when it is time to do patriot sh*t, no one wants to do patriot sh*t." I agree to disagree. This falls into your points. I received many calls when they took over the building to head to the patriot action, but I wanted to know more. There where a lot of friends that just wanted to grab a gun and head down there. There over whelming desire to take up arms clouded there judgment and they wanted to run in blind. These people can be dangerous and get you killed… The through the patriot statement at me, and I simply said, you show me a leader worth dying for, and I will show you how far I will go… This movements in the state have many radical people that want to jump in, with no leader, no tactic's, and no experience. I have seen what happens when leaderless armies go into a fire fight… Ugly… Anyway great video brother!!!

  22. Emotional immaturity is a plague upon our society today.

  23. The Communists/Socialists/Leftists have historically been the ones to slaughter their own populations.
    The Republican/Democratic parties have morphed into the same NWO led power hungry politicians who want to subdue any dissent while letting the corporations dictate. That my friends is Tyranny and we are quickly descending that road. DHS didn't procure over 1 Billion Hollow Point rounds to collect dust. Why did Obama replace the Generals and Admirals. Whomever controls the military controls the country.

  24. There's always the power vacuum that has to be filled. People will take sides based on race and religion, the two most common elements visible among humans. Thanks for addressing a topic that many don't consider, the aftermath…I didn't see the crying glen beck haha, nice slip in.

    I feel that in many cases, taking terrorism for example, one must end up fighting radicalism with a take no prisoners approach.

  25. I think ideologies and strong beliefs are not so much the problem I honestly don't even thing "fanatics" are the problem. And I have to disagree on the political spectrum of far left and far right essentially being the same thing. I think that in and of itself is an idea used for political expedience and was used to great effect during the Cold War to associate leftists with the extreme right and why some people think nazism was a left wing ideology. But let me step away from that tangent for a minute. Why I believe ideologies and strong beliefs are not the problem is because a deeper look into many of the tyrants that "became what they hated" demonstrated they were hardly true believers and were damaged manipulators using ideology and using the fanatics as puppets. I believe Stalin even coined the term useful idiots for the fanatics. I think if you look at alot of the radical groups that paved the road to hell with good intentions never had good intentions to start with but often were power hungry disturbed individuals who saw a movement and good intentions and a bunch of true believers as useful pawns. I think many radicals that really were true believers that kind of blow up those assumptions you mentioned like Mendala and Gandhi kind of prove a point. But that is just me. I think you might be on to something about people on one end of the spectrum switching sides. Nearly every neo liberal "libertarian" militant capitalist seems to have an old copy of the communist manifesto and das capital. But if you look at their methods I don't see good intentions I see people just looking to right the newest wave to power and control.

  26. You've got a hell of a lot of talent dude. Thanks for not only continuing to make videos on this topic, but make them so well thought out and presented. It is disgusting to see how many people out there right shitty articles on this topic for the sole purpose of gaining an audience to profit from, but it is nice to see others who aren't such douchebags… My personal favorite from you is still the video on the topic of being in shape when SHTF. I'll do an update once I'm down to my goal weight but over the past year I've lost over 30 pounds thanks to a proper diet and am consistently building strength from hitting gym. Stopped drinking too. It wasn't all thanks to you, lol, but your videos certainly helped resonate with me. Thanks.

  27. How do you stop a out of control rabid animal that is chewing up & pissing on the Constitution ? . If we defied this rabid beast it is more then willing to kill us. What are we willing to do if they defied the will of the people & our Constitution unfortunately not as much as they & that is the reason why at present they will win. Lukewarm will NEVER defeat hot/cold. You cannot reason with UN reasonable and wicked men/women. { Luke 19:27 } Maranatha 1/8/16

  28. Thats ridiculous… Everyone will be "passionate" for food when they're starving… Even granny next door is going to turn into a nut case.

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