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Published on July 2, 2016

A short explaination of what Survivalism means to me…


  1. because I was bored and also wanted to type this masterpiece out…

    "Our first human needs above all else, are physical. Contrary to popular belief and stigma, the fear of death is the foundation that underlies all higher levels. Scientific and aesthetic pursuits of man that seek to make life more livable on this planet. Survivalism is not merely the base level practice of maintaining ones vitals in the instance of a societal collapse, rather at its most elemental, survivalism is a complete philosophy. Not only is it a complete philosophy, but is the first philosophy. As is the one that proceeds and is unknowingly practiced by every lifeform in existence. It is the omni-present force that drives all life to survive. That bonds organic molecules together, that causes cells to divide. It causes viruses to spread, babies to be born, nations to rise, and space shuttles to launch to distant planets. Survivalism is indeed, Devine. With this comes the existential realization that these bodies we inhabit will live and die alone. That we cannot rely on the loving good will of others as a means to secure our own survival, and as much as others can sympathize with our personal struggles in life, and as much as they can offer assistance, No one on earth can be as responsible for your own survival, as you. This cosmic fear of death that all life shares is the prime mover for man's rise to the top of the food chain. That same force that drives life to devour life, compels life to traverse the cosmos. Survivalism is sacred. Survivalism, is Devine…"

    ~ Canadian Prepper

  2. Can't say enough about this video or your channel. Great production and information. Thanks.

  3. 1. Whatever is divine, did not begin to exist.
    2. The cosmos did begin to exist (Big Bang cosmology)
    3. So the cosmos is not divine.

    What then is the nature of this divine survival?

  4. Doom

    Wow, you really do put the work in to make your videos go the extra mile. great graphics and sound effects with the voice reverb. excellent video.

  5. Since I'm an American living in the Philippines for 11 years now and in and out of this country for 30 plus years one thing stands out. This country is now in the mental evolution of the end. I do mean evolving too and here are my reasons. The countries population has nearly doubled in 30 years with a now population explosion due to the Catholic Church everywhere here telling people not to practice birth control. I know and have been too slums in Manila you wouldn't let your dog live in but there women have 7 even 10 babies in dire poverty.

    On the ecological side 90% of the virgin forest is gone, 90% of the reefs are dead from over fishing, dynamite and cyanide fishing. 50 of the main rivers have been declared ecologically dead from pollution. There are not even sea gulls they were killed and eaten a long time ago. Birds flying around are shot out of the air by various means and eaten. Discovery Channel showed the endangered species here deep in the jungle but I have seen them for sale in the markets even neighbors killing highly endangered lizards to eat them.

    Yes they eat dogs here. My guard dogs can never go out the gate less they be killed and eaten. In the 1980's i went to the markets and it was over flowing with lobster, jumbo prawns anything you want. Not now, not anymore.

    Now a strange thing I have noticed happening these past years. People here want to know what possessions everyone around them has. Showing a can of spam on your shelf shows status that makes people talk. There is an overall gathering of information of what people have to a point of alarm. FB, txt all day long who has what, how did they get it and where is it. This is from a people decades ago lived life of minding their own business and live and let live. Poverty was always around me here but they never failed to figure out how to eat. Now it is hunger and poverty and desperation. Ive seen parents do the sickest things you can think of. Selling their children into the sex trade or as slaves. It's now dog eat dog and everything is open to exploit to survive.

    This is a microcosm of the psychology of humans when they subconsciously know their time is running out. Very interesting to watch and learn from in my prepping. I keep my mouth totally shut to what I have and even my movements. I have a second home in Thailand and I'm spending more time there. It's getting harder and harder to watch all this.

  6. Ready or not ! Our economy will fall soon?! I'm not here to start a fight , but it's the truth. The only thing we can do is be ready.

  7. That had me all amped up like an epic movie trailer. I wanted to get up and do like 8,000 push-ups and run a marathon after watching that, but it's 4:08 AM and I'm too tired haha.

  8. i don't stockpile much food for survival.
    the supermarket is well-packed and stocked up with plenty of food.
    i live nearby it.

  9. Sigkim

    ….is THIS…what goes through your mind when all you got is a dull Mora and a wet flint? Daaayum!

    Beats the hell out of what I'd be thinking:(

    Two thumbs up!

  10. Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm not one for hero worship or blowing smoke, but there is a simple beauty to these videos. And more than a kernel of truth in the words you speak. It honestly reminds me of the first time i read Thoreau's Walden. Things that i knew and already believed suddenly came to life on paper. If you ever get bored and decide to write a book I'll buy one. The prepper world needs a logical, well organized voice to calmly put forth our views. And it helps that you are not a screaming nut with a foil hat. Keep up the Great work.

  11. Mary A


  12. Alex

    added to my favorites

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