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Published on July 2, 2016

Opening sequence and trailer for the series…


  1. What's the music used?

  2. dsl909

    Great videography to one of the best vids I have seen!
    I have been a sub for several years, but this is the best yet.

  3. Dan M

    The quality of your video's has gotten amazingly good. I'm sure a lot of hard work has gone into it & it shows.

  4. My friend, you are at the pinnacle of video production. Well done, looking forward to this new series :)

  5. … excellent … i agree with a lot of your ideas
    and appreciate your articulate classy videos :)

  6. Actually…we do have a choice here. A COLLECTIVE choice- we don't have to go there!

  7. Nice-nice-nice. You are good at making videos, CP. I watched this series so far and I was contemplating how many people will give up and die of their own volition when TSHTF? Either kill themselves or allow themselves to die because they can't handle it.

    People kill themselves all the time, and usually it is for ridiculous (to me) reasons, like their significant other left them, or they got caught in some money jam, or some other nonsense. Now, after the collapse, and let's say it is as bad as we can imagine (I can imagine a lot), then people should be offing themselves by the score. I don't think of these people as mentally ill. I think of them as ticking time bombs,

    How would this effect me? I don't know. I know that when people talk themselves into a no-win situation they get very careless. And some also want to take others with them, either for company or revenge.

  8. Your vídeos and the quality of them are amazing,thank you

  9. WOWII CP you have produced some truly amazing work with your After the Collapse series all of them have been very well done, very well thought out, and truly frightening. God help us all if this where to happen. You have hit one Home Run after another with this series. I hope you assemble them all together in 1 DVD and sell it, I will buy 1 or 2 for sure, you deserve to be compensated for you fine work. Well done my friend, keep up the good works, you are a credit to the prepper community. Between you and Stefan Molyneux, you have given thousands of people a whole new respect for our brothers to the north.

  10. to start amazing video editing, i would watch this series without the sound alone 8). On the series itself I have to disagree on you on some points. The first thing, is the " us vs them", the prepper community been more ready. I believe in this chaos we discuss the 2 ends of the spectrum will be loser. The ones that are poorly " prepare" and those that are to much prepare. How can one be to prepare?? The name of the game will be improvisation in my opinion, as we can imagine scenario but be uncertain of them. If you can predict 100% how can you be prepare?? the "over prepare" have this sense of over security that in their secure compound with everything self sufficient that nothing will touch them. What if the compound is destroy by the disaster? what if your neighbour or other group decide to get together and over power you? I can already hear the ' no way" people will dare do this". For those, may I remind history example. For example, the East front in WWII. Russia didn't had nearly the weapons and technology the German had but they had people, lots of people. So they would send wave after waves on positions ( a good example is the first scene in Enemy at the gates). And let's remember the teaching of the art of war. To make sure your troop don't retreat burn or destroy all the foods in the back of them., this way there only one solution forward if hey want to survive. That's where I mostly disagree with the narrative of your series. You seem more pessimistic about people possibility. Strange, especially after your video " can wimps become warriors?". Yes there will be a lots that the grid will suck them in. We can imagine the society like the Titanic in a way, over confident in it's ability it took risk it shouldn't have. As it sink tho that's where we saw real human nature, some scared and weak some heroes and through survival. But this power inside people will surface.I recently seen it in my own grand-mother. In her death bed facing the end she shows strength that none of us ever imagine possible. From the exterior, she would have been put in that category of "them' yet she became a "us" when face by adversity. I think it come to be a flexible mind more then a prepare one. That flexibility will be one that survive the storm. Not the ones deep rooted in either side of the continuum of preparedness.
    Second point, this illusion of security that everyone disagree on in the " community". I personally believe it is a necessity. when i've watched the series, " Beyond survival " from Less Stroud, it was one facet that was so interesting. Most people talk about, go back to the past, how the past was so good, how they were more independent,.. Partially true but at what price?? In his series you see people surviving yet but been dependant on mother nature mood instead of a grid. Is that any better?? Look at this past summer in California, the drought and all. Been self sufficient as it's disadvantages as well cause humans mess up and continue to do so the climate we live in. That's why when one look at the past one need to remember to put things in context as well. The dependance on the grid and illusion of security we have now is as much a necessity to produce the goods for the society to survive, to advance. Human been adapt to the environment that it's face. That is why we have people living in all corners of the planet. From desert like terrain to the harsh cold of the arctic circle. That's in our DNA that is in us. Giving the chance it will resurface. Some faster then others, some maybe never. Those will disappear yes but I don't believe in that darkness so many paint.Just look at what humanity has face: the black plague, world wars, economic collapse, … Many time we have been face with adversity many time we have rise. I welcome that ' security illusion" some how cause it has permits us to reach new high. The discovery of smart phones, the switch in helping developing country, the emergence of project like wireless internet for poor people. None of those come be possible in a world where people will be afraid each time they go to work. In a world living again in the terror of the cold war,a raise in countries collaborations can not be possible. Does it mean it's perfect far from that. Just like Winston Churchill said about democracy:"“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”
    My final point, sure the kids of this generation seem different and all, but isn't a constant recurrent theme?? Didn't the kids of the 60 appear so outrageous to the generations from the 50's?? Yet isn't our world so bad?? This generations is raised to lived in the reality that follow. We have to remain open mind. The human race as always learn from trial and error. Let see what the future bring. let not see it as a darkness but an exciting. Let's be prepare yes but not on the rules of today but on the principle of life in general. Communications yes is very easy now and we are " addicted to it. But i still think we will find a way to keep up and running. Maybe not in the form we know but some how. Necessity is mother of all inventions, what better time then when your own survival depends on it.

  11. If a picture is worth a Thousand Words,
    Your Prelude will fill an encyclopedia.

    Remember Encyclopedias?

    The Really good thing is….
    People now a days communicate Visually.
    You can transfer a lot of knowledge in a Montage, rapidly.
    Good work as always.

    I dont think that this would have flown 10 years ago,
    as people were not as ready for such Visual communication at such a rapid pace.

    it works Now.
    I would keep using this technique.

  12. Looking forward to the next vid !  This Prelude is  very well done.

  13. Tell me,,, over and over again my friend, how you don't believe,we're on the edge of destruction ,how you don't believe,we're on the edge of destruction.

  14. Very nice.
    Song name?

  15. with the way things are going in the US, things are clearly going downhill – not only economically but with the US government clearly trying to have total control of the people. Scary times we live in.

  16. Nice production.Entropy being compared to the collapse is an interesting analogy ,whats even more interesting is once a match is burnt (using the entropy example) society may not be able to be reignited either,it all depends how much of the match or society is destroyed.

  17. G- Man

    Not if But When :(

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