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Published on July 2, 2016

Talking about prepping for destructive (night phase) and the reconstructive (day phase) after a disaster. Also discussing the role of security in emergency preparedness, viewing it as a tool and not a solution in its own right. Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

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  1. that Moment in the beginning when he said: "don't become what you fear" i actually got goosebumps

  2. Good responsible thoughts, I for one have been researching the Organic Law of the US.
    Identifying the reasons our republic has been tread upon and viable options to those shortfalls . Some of the biggest reasons beyond the Banksters is our representatives, not being accountable and delegating their responsibilities to bureaucrats.

  3. The one thing I always see people thinking is that if a shtf scenario happened we would forever be in that state of civil unrest. Shit would be that way for a while but eventually we would rebuild, reunite ourselves, and move forward. Humans have almost been made extinct more than a couple times since our existence but we still managed to come back from it. It will be the developing of new governed territories. In the very beginning we banded together as small tribes. Eventually that grew into small villages, then towns, cities, countries, ETC. If SHTF there will be a huge race to be king of the hill and everyone's group will want to claim that title along with it's territories, supplies, ETC. Eventually these groups will merge with others. The fighting between ourselves will never stop but it will die down at some point. We have always been at war with ourselves. The only difference with SHTF is that it's a huge reset for all the governments.

  4. You say "survive until sunrise" like man's worst enemy is night time. I disagree. if anything night time can be a man's ally compared to the day time. during the night man sleeps, or if up he can blend in with the darkness to hide himself. during the day it's more dangerous. during the day you are more open and an easier target not only for creatures, but for other men. in another way of thinking during the day, it is even more dangerous to put on a fake mask around fake allies, because you are not able to tell to whom your loyalties lie or true loyalties lie. i think day time is a lot scarier then night times in an shtf. you will see humanity's true horror more clearer than you would at night.

  5. unreal man
    this video is great
    again the time taking and your pov is very educational
    and appreciated

    this channel has inspired me a great deal
    and has turned the topic of preparation enjoyable for myself

    thanks CP

  6. unreal man
    this video is great
    again the time taking and your pov is very educational
    and appreciated

    this channel has inspired me a great deal
    and has turned the topic of preparation enjoyable for myself

    thanks CP

  7. meunke

    11:41 – That guy's trigger control sucks! :-)

  8. Unless you live in total isolation you would be relieved if your possessions by desparate starving and diseased people around you.

  9. People will do what it takes to survive and if they have no skills or a plan in place then their only option will be to become the bandits and marauders simply because that will be the quickest way to ensure they are able to eat. Once things go bad there will be no more time to learn the important things. Society will rebuild but the length of time it takes will depend on how bad the collapse is and how hard it is to acquire food and water.

  10. I have always been a girls scout and thought that the past holds keys to the future. I have seen my children's clothing when they were little , taught myself to knit and crochet , cooking anything out of very little, I hear my home with wood, garden , know how to can food , and preserve meats and perishables, teaching my self first aid beyond the basics , camp 10-12 times a year and teach my children new skills each time. They can now start a fire with wood , bark , and flint. They all are aware of weapons and how to use and clean ten safely. Working on new skills all the time.

  11. I would wager that large scale grid down turns into what the fall of the Roman empire was. The birth of a new dark age.

  12. very good points i think all us preppers should shift our focus on farming me included thanks for the vid!

  13. ya the security aspect is way over emphasize d farming i think is going to most important thats not to say i dont train with weapons daily

  14. As opposed to hard/soft or masculine/feminine, call them what they are: domestic/industrial or maintenance/building. This idea that domestic skills are soft is what gets guys into situations where they die of disease or hunger because they think cooking and cleaning is "soft, a chick's easy job". It's also what gets women into problems with abuse or they don't develop skills in what they think of "man's work".

    Why doesn't everyone do what the army does? Do you own personal cleaning, develop a roster to share common area maintenance and guarding, and then divide talents up for full time assignments in the industrial/building jobs. All regardless of gender. Unchecked/unbalanced masculinity leads to Taliban-like societies. You don't have to become a savage to be safe and dominant against foes.

  15. flag at 10:30 does not show Turkey, I disapprove of the Illuminati

  16. I think a lot of the security focus comes from the observance or assumption that much of the population is incapable or ill equipped to provide security for themselves. I don't think that really translates to a sustainable scenario though, the chances of a lone wolf prepper assuming such a role post collapse within a group of strangers seems remote. It seems reasonable for groups in which that role is predetermined, before the collapse.

  17. Excellent commentary. I appreciate refocusing away from the "living to prep" mindset.

  18. just sub'd, already a fan. very good stuff in your content.

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