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Published on June 30, 2016

An exploration of the cultural effects of a hypothetical global post-collapse environment.

After the Collapse: The Pestilence (Part 1)

After the Collapse: Silence and Darkness (Part 2)

After the Collapse: The Beast Within (Part 3)

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  1. I wonder if the type of collapse will have an affect on weather or not society survives, the mass loss of life caused by an epidemic or polar shift event would, I feel leave us so scattered and isolated we may well turn into the mad max tribal groups you mentioned.
    That is if anyone survived, but if most of humanity is alive and structures like banks or power systems collapse we would band together to help each other rebuilding society.
    People would need to disperse out of the cities and into the rural areas because food transportation would not cope with out our current distribution systems. Many would need to re-skill and farm the land manually, some may even starve until things settled down. Others would die from the loss of support from medical and or social services but on the whole a form of society would still exist.

  2. "days gone by" "days gone by" "days gone by"

  3. Hey man, I love your videos. I am a fan since you had 10k subs or something!
    You have an amazing voice and you sound like you know your stuff.
    I just let your videos play and do work or what not.
    Great way to learn and think about new stuff while doing work.

  4. This is all way too scary fo r me to comprehend 😱

  5. When culture comes back, hopefully it will be without central banks and fractional reserve banking.

  6. oh hell no… i'm prepping makeup too lol i will trade food for mascara =P

  7. All that I'm saying is that if some fucking madman tried to kill me or someone that I cared about, if they died, I would not loose sleep about over it. Because as far as I am concerned if they fuck with me or my own and they die, it tough, same goes if it's me who dies, it's what life would be like. Humans are animals, no matter how much we might want to dismis it. Wake up people, we are animals so those who are ready will live those who aren't will perish. It's that simple so if you haven't started, you've still got some time.- Vortex Apocalypse.

  8. Hi! Just found your series! Looks like it's a really cool stuff! Here! Have my subscribe!

    Oh and by the way, do you know the name of the intro soundtrack? I was searching for it like for months.

  9. we have seen this in katrina we need to learn from that event on how being prepared means. people were raped, murdered by police and soldiers, being left to die of thirst and hunger by the fema. a whole city in ruins means loot, loose control, then death. you must be prepared on all the above so at least you will have a head start on surviving.

  10. The thing with race – differences exist for a reason, black people living near the poles need vitamin D supplements, or they get rickets, bandy legs as children, and all the other issues caused by deficiencies of vitamin D. Frostbite also occurs in higher numbers for dark skinned people.

    Lighter colors living on the equator will get lots of cancer, often before they can reproduce. Sun-stroke, heat-stroke happens more often. Malaria affects light skinned people more too.

    So oddly enough – after several generations post massive-collapse, societies will return to how they looked before the oil age.

    We should celebrate the diversity that society enables us to have right now, because sadly it would be temporary if a huge collapse happened. (not financial, I'm thinking asteroid, or nuclear war)

  11. The truth is Humans are animals we are just domesticated, in the right situation it does not take long for humans to revert back to their most basic operating system for survival, I think it will be a matter of how in touch you are with yourself at the animal level , your dark-side that will determine if you will survive and be able to live a life after a global collapse.

  12. Amennn !!! But Alll This " Big Cleaning" just Must happen, Because we won't have Peace in The New Age which Will Arrive after The Big Cleaning when Lord God Will Arrive Again , after around 2027 . Only Than It Will Get better for Humanity …
    Peace with you until than .

  13. Vey good study. Well done. I'm afraid Freud's findings where correct. Human nature is "sin".

  14. Humans are animals, physically, psychologically, and sociologically. But I think people put too much of a negative focus on the term "animal". They automatically assume "animal" means "predator", which isn't the case. Many animal species are what would be considered "prey", usually herbivorous species that simply aren't built to prey on other animals, and would likely run if they felt threatened. Humans encompass both of those types. Some may be more "predator" than "prey", others may be the opposite, and still others may be a more or less even mix, it just depends on the situation. And then there's the concept of conditioning, where a person may end up becoming more inclined to one side or the other through various means. As for society, the very existence of different social groups and such just confirms the idea that humans are animals, no different from the rest of the species on the planet. Plenty of animals travel in herds or packs, and so do we one way or another. The only thing that separates us from the rest is our brains. Basically, we're capable of making excuses for our behavior, which the rest of the animals don't really need to do. Even on an emotional level we're the same, what we experience is just heightened or simply an extension of what the other animals feel. Hate, for example, is just an extension of animal aggression. To me, anyway, once you understand the basic concepts of how animals behave and how that extends to people, then everything makes a whole lot more sense. But maybe that's just me. lol

  15. Wreck in Interstate this morning always shows how thin the veneer of civility is. Could sense the frantic in the army of cars switching lanes, jockeying for position. And that is a usual day of work.

  16. humans like any other organism on planet earth is hardwired to survive by any means necessary.

  17. use the term third world is the most prejudiced thing .Cheers from Brazil

  18. Ro Nin

    Reproduction in women is only ONE aspect of what they are "engineered" for. Classically more so in the wild, we are forced to be the nuturers because males are often non-monogamous. So many females are left with the only nearby "food source" and bondable life force. With the sentience we have now, women are capable of much more than being simple breeding machines. Even in a SHTF environment.

    The other issue is that for a time, there were more men than women. So as a result, women became a hot commodity for that time. After several wars and many men being lost to those wars, the diversity in genders have changed, drastically.

    Now we seem to have more women than men (source:…so men are scared…and feel they need to propagate with enough women in order to bear more sons to even out the gender imbalance, once again. Women have had their faces sprayed with acid in China for not bearing sons. Prime example.

    As a result of unforgivable violence such as this, women are by default given the opportunity (whether it is accepted or not) to rise above and beyond their "basic natural engineering", in order to take the place of men…and independently take the roles of both providers and nurturers.

    Just saying. (Thanks for listening.)

  19. kuribo1

    Sorry ehhh, the truth of the matter is that fat people were not ever really sought after in western civilization. Fat people were a sign of wealth and not having to work, of being so wealthy you had people working for you and you could just lounge around with no fucks to give. Trim, lean and fit people were a sign of manual laborers and the norm and by far on both sides more appealing. Men in pre industrial western civilizations made fun of fat women just as much as we do in this day, we know this from raunchy ballads and poetry from those periods. No, fatties will honestly never be the go to of physical beauty. They are a niche class of someones likes but by enlarge people will still gravitate towards healthy and fit or at least normal in size.

  20. A really well thought out, well researched and put together video/documentary/essay. Really pleased our universes aligned. Thanks

  21. This stupid faggot thinks the only difference in race is one's skin tone. LOL Racism and Bigotry are good, right, and just you brainwashed dumb fuck. Natural and normal survival instincts.

    Political correctness and faggotry are not good survival techniques. Your not going to make it fag.

  22. those crying babies made me sad,and I wanted to punch whoever made them cry.

  23. The stage is set !! the prophecy of YAH God of Israel is being fulfilled right before your eyes…praise YAH..The economic crash that is imminent will paralyze the nations as a whole and 97% of all populations on the face of the earth will have to submit totally to there sitting governments under a new rule of law in-order to survive the rising of Zion's kingdom. this transition of all power to Zion will be exercise against all the kingdoms of the earth because of massive sins against the Creator. The ruling King at this time will be David but to the world the anti-Christ because all have been deceived. King David will arise in Jerusalem and execute Gods judgment upon all the nations and he will deliver the remnant of Israel and cleanse the holy land of all its pagan worship and build the temple of YAH God of Israel and remove all the gentiles from our land forever including the Jew's . The nations will build our Kingdom and bring all their riches to King David as an offering of peace and the nation who will not obey will perish. Keep in mind David will smite the nations with the breath of his lips so he want need a army….just like moses did to Egypt!!

  24. I do agree that culture will no longer exist while there is no order to society and then be restored when order has been applied. And that race will no longer have an impact on peoples views on some else because there race. However I don't agree that women will become purely nurturing and men will become "warriors" I do think that men and women will both share the roles of caring and protecting. That's just my opinion.

  25. I enjoyed your upload, allot of work must of been put into the making of this and your other uploads, ive watched all manor of prep vids etc and by far the most interesting of them all is the stuff you cover, pat on the back to you,atb

  26. Hello again. My primary job is EMS I also work in a ER for a living. I'm away from my family most of the time. Your channel is making me think about all the holes in my plan for safety of my family. Thank you for this. I'm a class one. Working on my skill set of evasion and primitive Wilderness survival along side building a stable small group in like minded ideas and skills. Any tips for me. By the way this is a truly amazing Channel scary but I would be posted in these kind of situations. Bleak way of thinking but true.

  27. Give a man a mask … and he'll show you his true face.
    Turn the spigots and lights off …. and a culture will shed its facade.
    Thoughtful analysis. Concur with most of it. Good video.

  28. ezo4

    Thanks for this play list

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