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Published on July 2, 2016

Part 1 of a two part series about the criminology of a post-disaster environment.

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Criminality in the post-collapse environment, emergency preparedness, disaster, economic collapse, local emergency, grid down, prepping for shtf, doomsday preppers.


  1. My marauder was a group of outlawed bikers

  2. My marauder has more clothes than yours what is it in your psyche that suggests half naked men jumping out at you. Not that there's anything wrong with that each to his own.

  3. months later I went through the thought experiment again… I still see the marauder as a modern day soldier

  4. Honestly, my marauder looks like a normal white male. jeans, boots and a t shirt maybe a jacket. dirty or not very well cleaned. With a stone faced looking right at me.

  5. I pictured a skinny, blood soaked person. With the look and feel of desperation about them.

  6. Lone marauder may be a child sent to detain/occupy you while others move in….

  7. spo5egy

    I picture a seemingly normal person with a plausible attitude but my gut instinct doesn't feel good, really they are trying to trick me either for information at first or should one say cunning like a fox and ready to strike with brutal force at any given time and I would say these people are the most dangerous of all. Many years ago when I was just a teen this man approached me when I was walking home and asked for a light for his cigarette and I obliged, He spoke normal to me saying thanks and without even suspecting it he took a brutal blow and punched me on the face, I was knocked over and on the ground wondering what had just happened and then he walked away saying that I shouldn't have given him a light.My point is that no matter where you live in the world that there will always be these kind of people and even some people you can trust would say put a knife in your back to their enjoyment. Maybe in a situation it would be safer to stay off the road but trust no one and have your wits about you at all times.

  8. James G

    is it odd that my marauder looked like me?

  9. i saw no one, because i didnt close my eyes. I'm such a rebel

  10. I imagined a fairly attractive woman with possibly other men in a group waiting for me to take some kind of bait. Possibly someone who has no choice or willingly helps the gang to ambush others

    She appears unarmed to catch you off guard, but has a weapon hidden somewhere, something like a small knife. The men in her group has assault rifles and shotguns

  11. within 30 days disease will begin related to poor nutrition and lack of sanitation.  Those survivors searching and seeking food and safety will pose a threat of spreading diseases.  Not just the concern of them stealing or killing you for your homestead and supplies.  Those homesteaders that insist on inviting them in their homes and farms and interact with them will spread diseases too and they should be avoided. Airborne transmission of diseases mean u need to be at least a good 20 feet away.  The wind can carry their germs also that is why u need to be mindful of wind direction. In the end neighbors , family and friends can carry death to your bugout area or homestead so u need to decide if including them is worth it.  At the very least u need an isolation zone  where u can feed them and observe them for at least 90 days to ensure any health issues they may have are not infectious. If fighting intruders make sure u do not touch their skin or closes or equipment with your hands and disinfect your closes and equipment after each fight.

  12. the marauder i saw was a big cop in swat gear with a shot gun
    …. wtf does that mean?

  13. being a newzealander (of maori descent, dont think theres a racial component to this), my marauder is a maori male, around mid 30's wearing camo hunting gear, laden with gear and wielding a shotgun, in full, red coloured moko.

  14. Marauder description as per the request at 1:50 follows:

    I will revise the scenario to more accurately reflect the traps I anticipate marauders are most likely to regularly net kills and gear from, and as such are more likely to set.

    I come upon a marauder after turning a corner or glancing into an alley or other choke point, the marauder is on the ground 10-15 meters away. The marauder makes eye contact with me, they call out for help and as I look upon them I see:

    Physical traits:
    The archetype of the marauder is a member of the predominant ethnic group of the area I'm in. The marauder who is most likely to make initial contact is most likely the least imposing of their group so that the person they make contact with will be lulled into a false sense of security, maybe young, maybe female, maybe old, maybe sporting a false or superficial injury.

    Mental traits:
    The marauder may or may not be smart, but is certainly cunning. The marauder may or may not be strong, but is resilient. The marauder may or may not be alone, but certainly prizes their success and survival above that of others.

    Materials on hand:
    The Marauder is armed, maybe openly, maybe their weapon is concealed. The marauder is dressed perhaps more warmly than the weather necessitates to give themselves better protection from potential violence enacted upon them with either redundant layers of clothing or armor (maybe concealed). The marauder probably is carrying a small pack, so as to make it seem more likely that they have something worth the trade for my help. The marauder may have a relatively innocuous weapon that they will make a show of laying down and/or kicking away as they retain their concealed weapon.

    Mannerism and strategy:
    The marauder will have a partner or group. The marauder will likely try to draw sympathy and a show of resources in my possession with crocodile tears as their group decides when to strike. The marauder will prefer to let me approach them rather than to approach me in order to prevent me from spooking and escaping as well as drawing me into a predetermined kill zone which may or may not be booby trapped. The initial call out for help is likely rehearsed and based on its phrasing will probably represent the marauder's assessment of my state of readiness as well as a possible audible to change up the group's attack strategy of attack or even call it off depending on how well prepared I (or my group) look.

    My marauder is: a young lady, 15-25 years of age sporting a superficial cut on her face. she has white grimy skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. Her hair is likely cut short to lessen the threat of it being grabbed during an altercation. She is wearing form fitting blue jeans to draw in a male victim and a sweat shirt within which she conceals a weapon, maybe a knife or handgun. She is wearing well worn hard soled boots. There are several objects nearby she could improvise into weapons such as pipes and chunks of concrete.

    Her group is: likely a group of between 1 and 4 older males 20-30, one is decidedly dominant over the rest. There may or may not be other women in the group. The group is likely armed with at least one firearm, likely a shotgun or rifle (US citizen here) but probably favors non-tactical clothing to lessen the likelihood that they are avoided or shot on sight.

    Resuming the video

  15. anybody that gets that close to you in a shtf scenario means you have screwed up real bad. I'm not traveling roads or trying to put myself in this situation but given up close contact I suggest shoot them. there should be a feeling you get from people to tell you if they are decent people. the obvious would be scalps hanging from them lol. tough call lol

  16. mid 30's white man in torn jeans,flannel shirt, and carrying a large bowie knife

  17. I live pretty close to Washington, D.C. I think of a typical marauder or highwayman as a salvatrucha or some other type of non-white gang banger, or maybe a smack addict or desperate single mom. Probably just wearing jeans and a t shirt or hoodie, most likely armed with a handgun. One thing is certain, they sure as hell wouldn't be alone. I can't imagine many marauders would be acting alone, all of the violent crime I hear about is committed by groups of armed people.

  18. My marauder is a white male in dirty tattered khakis, polo shirt with a button up jacket, dirty , desperate, pistol. half crazed, confused.

  19. The marauder looked just like me. I have no illusions.

  20. MY marauder was one of the cannibal horsemen from cloud atlas

  21. A guy with a black bandana over his face and hatchet in his hand, he's dirty and has a crazy look in his eye

  22. Marauder is a Americanized "viking" who carry a nomadic trait and physique. They looks like me and the rest of my group. Those who have a beard that will be long. They will be smelly and dirty in hard day. Their skin is very tan except to where their clothing and beard cover it. They will blend very well in forest and tree. There will be random type physique in the group. If they are carrying something light, they have a raiding camp nearby. If they are carrying heavy thing, they have may not made a raiding camp. As they move about the Earth, movement fatigue will be their vulnerability. It is unknown whether diplomacy will make them go away or they will take on a group that is weak. Some may have been ex-prison convict of random dangerous criminal record. It is unknown. The computer system doesn't exist and now we determining how bad are they. If I can spot tattoo on head and arm, there could be likely representation of whether they are representing the normal tattoo or the gang tattoo. But, the distance is deadly as if anybody can spot a glimmer or shiny of the optic len while the sun is beaming on us. A dead marauders are a good marauder when a gun do the talking than words in diplomacy. But, in my mind, what is a different between a marauders and a nomadic group? A deceitful marauder looks like a nomadic group. The pirate is definitely a maurauder. History have told the demise of Spartacus. Have it not been the betrayal of the pirate, Spartacus and his groups would have evade the Roman army. But, if everybody a grayman, then every everybody is good and evil. There is lack of moral compass in this dying world. If the principle of martial arts is to reduce casualty among enemies, is there a benefit to attempt to win respect from enemies while endangering myself and the crewmen. Alas, fantasy of winning respect from enemies is fable. I noticed someone wrote about highwayman. Most criminals that committed a crime isn't likely to live far from their comfort zone but in same aspect a local marauder may lose the nomadic trait and physique if they remains dormant in their camp.

  23. My image of a marauder is not someone who looks or dresses any differently from anyone else. It's the body language, the look in the eyes and his actions that would define him as a marauder.

  24. Tall all black uniform fully geared with a gas mask and chest rig with a machete sword

  25. When I first thought of a marauder I thought of the psycho's from the Borderlands series but in a real world context I'd have to say some jackass with a shit M4 or AK that they lifted off of some less prepared individual.

  26. Just a random person, i barely trust people now. After the collapse i would be ready to kill anyone at any time, excluding my family and close friends.

  27. Weimaraner look like Leatherface if a chainsaw and gun Destiny human skin

  28. Well around hear people don't stand out there are only a few we call red necks that have guns and I see them going around killing people for what they have this family own a lot of land to they will shout first ask latter I also see them closing up the town you do as they say or else getting out will be fun they see you they kill you this one family may be the only family left hear they will whipe outher people out that's how much power they have they even have a fee cops in there pocket 

  29. Awesome vid and of course it could have been anyone! But I pictured, a white 34 year old man with black, shoulder length, wet and curly hair such as my own. Clothed in a gray or green weather gore Tex type jacket with rugged cargo pants and some hiking shoes or boots. On his back ready for his loot is an old rugged Alice pack on his hip holds a Kukri style machete and his hands hold an sbr type rifle perfect for clearing houses and confined spaces! He then asks me to put my gear on the ground and move in the opposite direction so nothing has to escalate!

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