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Published on June 30, 2016

Some thoughts about community policing after a disaster.

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  1. Great video. From 5:00 to 6:00 you said everything!!!! No one can survive alone. After SHTF, groups of people must cooperate to survive. The best thing is to start prepare NOW alongside with your family, friends and neighbours, because after will be too late to do anything!!!!

  2. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  3. Nice thoughts coming from Canada, but you don't live in the hood at all do you? Your neighbor obviously isn't cracked out and paranoid living on section 8 with mental disorders… and, I can clearly see that you don't have to weave through a gaggle of gang members just to get some groceries… You DID make me jealous and wish that I lived in Canada though….  : )

  4. Keep calm, the fire rises.

  5. Good points brought to light and, once again.. Thank you for posting this video!

  6. Perfect time to build a feif and establish a new old form of government.

  7. When everything collapses, everyone but a small group of friends and family are on their own. Most people happily forfeited what few freedoms that had left out of fear of some media-contrived boogeyman. It's not my job to protect them from what they enabled by their ignorance and narcissism.

  8. The police chief and the Lincoln county sheriff have all assured me that no matter what happens they will not break their oath even if the fed gov orders them to take our legally obtained firearms. My town only has about 15,000 people %99.999999 of our town opposes the fed gov including ALL of our law enforcement! We are all on the same page where I live. We totally support a A FAIR gov but wont be walked on by any agency tryin to oppress us and take our rights,or liberties! I hope it doesn't come down to a fight cause a lot of people on both sides will die and I don't wanna be one of them. I want my son to have a good future when I'm gone and will do whatever is needed to accomplish that

  9. Well done video, a few prepper friends of mine had thought of that problem also. Personaly, I'm more inclined towards Militia than prepper. In a SHTF situation, some people need to help keep/restore order.

  10. Thank you for this series of videos. Prior to watching them I thought bugging out was just about gear and destination. Now I know better.

  11. If you look at history one clear lesson is that people will trade liberty for security.  In a WROL situation,  there will be little distinction between looters, vigilantes,  mauraders, and people who bugged out.  Soon the smarter ones will be selling protection.  The various groups selling protection will soon start merging.  Part of Ghengis Kahn's success was that he gave religious freedom, and cut taxes.  Part of how the mob did price fixing in New York City was to give22 cents to the merchants and 3 cents to the mob.

  12. DFW TEXAS Prepper. Everything on this video makes 100 % since

  13. Just watching the first couple of minutes of this makes me miss having good discussions with like minded people such as yourself. I studied philosophy in Rome for a couple of years before returning home to Scotland. I particularly enjoyed the ethics classes. My channel seems to be going in one direction in regards to prepping and outdoor adventures. Your making me want to get back into this side of things and get 'Vlogging'. Looking forward to watching more of your videos

  14. MrRakah

    The statement you made about a community of specialists being better than some jacks of all trades trading every once and a while is contingent on the fact that the "community" is specialized. Specialization is a key to basic economics, and that alone is the reason that a "community" of specialists would be better. It has nothing to do with this "community" idea. And furthermore, why is a group of people who trade every once and a while not a community?


  16. It is either them or me. I'd prefer that they go first.

    Excellent video! How do I direct this video form my channel? I'm new to YouTube.

  17. I am thoroughly impressed with this site.

  18. Sheep don't team-up to defend against wolves.They scatter and run.
    Wolf dogs are what's needed … but they have been disparaged and demeaned by society for far too long … to expect them to simply come to others defense in a WROL scenario. It just may be that for many-a-sheep … a lesson long-time in the making … will be delivered with brutal efficiency.

    What you describe, the level of organization, mobilization, collaboration and fundamental trust required, is most possible in rural areas and very small towns where people already know each other and what they bring to the table.

  19. I'm going to be honest here : Most of the people in the community I live in are either sheep or dumb people who think they know better and wouldn't ever listen. I do what I can to protect them and would continue to do so, but knowing from experience how these people go about stuff, sooner or later the ones who are allowed to be in charge would suggest something moronic that would be equivalent to leading the rest to slaughter.

    I'm better off bugging out with my family and the few friends I have.

  20. Ever heard of The Zednoughts and Zednought Alpha/Eli

  21. I'm a "sheep-dog", so I'd absolutely be involved in restoring rule of law.

  22. I disagree I,m very altruistic but not insane!

  23. Community is absolutely essential…in the past, now, and in any future. Insightful for a SHTF scenario, absolutely.

  24. Josh O

    Great video, I especially appreciate the disclaimer in the beginning.

  25. perfect analysis. but in the end we wont ever met each other.all the real preppers?all the truthers?all your creatives?all of your diy'selfers? we are all completely or partially isolated; all of us suspiciouslypoor; already watched with vicious scrutiny; untrue or slanted reports on all of us since infancy you may be sure CP…in the last analysis we have all been PUT an KEPT in such circumstances …even knowing what to do and telling other CANNOT do much good.its just excusing the monsters coming violence at us.. i think we were all foreseen named and numbered and sabotaged many many years ago. the only thing anyone can really do now is sort out what you got and i mean in the way of friends ..a means of getting to them or them to you…knowing in advance that the crocs will look for any whites so much as passing by each other =terrorist …we can only take out with us as many bad guys as we can..incidentally stop quacking on about the emergency response teams..even the goddamn ambulance drivers appear to be into this satanist kill em all /snatch the kids shite. if you see a fire even put it out yourselves..if you call the fire brigade…they will likely stand around masturbating watching you burn mate. they are all satanists because the devil is in town…its why they do it and why they are absolute enemy my dear.

  26. I think I would start a militia. You join up, or you are crushed under the foot of it. Anyone who joins would receive protection. I'd try to reform a small society inside a town and have a society of sheep and sheepdogs and the wolves are outside. You can choose one of the three. not anymore than one.

  27. have you thought of putting ALL this info into an ebook? I think this would be a good idea?

  28. Poll: if your neighborhood was composed of ONLY preppers, do you think you could effectively establish and maintain some resemblance of order to a degree, or do you think everyone would kill each other for their supplies?

  29. anarchy isn't that bad once suburban and urban preppers grow enough food to start trade we can start anarchy capitalism and never set leaders

  30. +Canadian Prepper What are preppers' plans for large groups of people who kill indiscriminately not just for supplies, but for the fun of it? What do they do in the event that several dozen heavily-armed psychopaths roll through their town killing literally everyone, continuing to the next and so on? In my opinion, this would definitely be the best survival strategy, all morals aside. No amount of deception or intimidation will scare these people away. Bear in mind that this is entirely possible in a SHTF scenario, and everyone should be prepared. I would like to hear what the rest of you think. Thanks.

  31. The term "Law And Order" is propaganda. Using that term is promoting the status quo that has brought the world to ruin. I remember hearing that term in old black and white movies. It was always said by some character in the movie that had status and was appealing to other people that were successful and had a lot to lose. Replace the propaganda term "Law And Order" with "We Need Justice" every time some politician is on his soap box crying for "law and order" and the difference between the two terms becomes abundantly clear. The words "We Need Justice" don't fit in a blowhards mouth. I listened to a man the was trapped in the siege of Sarajevo describe what life was like then. Tank, and artillery barrages, interspersed with lots of small arms fire. Snipers, and a city without law. The name of the game was survival. He said you did what you had to do, and right or wrong didn't play in to it. Laws and there enforcement, as well Justice, are constructs created in order for people to live in a civil society, and they don't apply when society dissolves in to the kill or be killed law of the jungle. I wish I knew where I heard the Pod Cast of this guy explaining what the priorities were in a real world, modern, WROL event. I remember he said you couldn't have too much ammunition, and he was real big on disinfectants. All the services of the city people take for granted, garbage and sewage disposal, electricity, clean water, and all the things government provides, were gone. Medicine for pain and antibiotics was gold, and so was ammunition. Bartering was extremely dangerous, and where you lived was kept secret so people wouldn't be tempted to rob you of what their life might depend on them having. Reliable people to barter with were rare finds.

  32. -When they came for my co-workers, I said nothing
    -When they came for my neighbors, I said nothing
    -When they came for my brother, I said nothing
    -When they came for me, I spoke to no one – they were already gone

  33. I've watched many prepping videos now and I'm yet to find one with a vigilante preemptive attack. in a small town you know who all the undesirables are in a city you know where the gangs live – why not get in first and do the residence a favor.

  34. No thanks. My responsibility in WROL ends with myself and family. You can dream all you want about getting along and working together, but the truth is people will take advantage. I prep, and I have been working on it for over a couple of years on a limited budget. I have enough food and supplies for myself and my family. Why would I take the food out of my wife's mouth to help someone else? Also once I give that person supplies what is to stop them from getting a posse together and attacking? Nope, we have our plan which is to hunker down and remain low profile, and kill anyone that would threaten our safety or survival. And living up here in Oregon where the majority of the people expect the government to take care of them, I dread to see these hippies when the food and weed run out.

  35. I'm going to do what I have to do to protect my family and immediate community – period. If means taking some scumbags out – so be it.

  36. Tribalism will ensue. There are no "kings", no royal blood to unite anyone. No person gives up the few perks they have within their clan to be just one of the multitude. Your idea that ROL will reassert itself has no basis in history. Once it's gone it's up to "warlords" and bloodletting to work through it and establish SOME productivity. The most you'll get is feudalism…and that, only after decades. You can't rationalize with feral humans. And thats exactly whats going to emerge once the entertainment (programming) culture stops. It's nice to think about it in romantic fancy, that shits not real however. You'll be as strong and ruthless as possible within your group, or you-be-dead. I do like the way you think through it. I watched a lot of your vids. Took me a while to have it dawn on me, so bravo for that. But your clinging desperately.

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