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Published on August 4, 2016

In this after the collapse instalment I share MY opinions about how the fairer sex would fair in a hypothetical collapse scenario. Part 2 will be released in a couple days.

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  1. Might is right, ay? Do you think women wont have guns and then later bow and arrows? Ha, we'll keep em and shoot any musculine male who wants to reslave us, watch us. You are wrong about women.

  2. Wow, controversial to say the least! It is good that someone is talking about this and bringing these subjects to the fore ground. Excellent video as always.

  3. wtf is transgender?? Its created by illuminati and pushed out through media to pollute and confuse young children at very early ages.

  4. excellent topic again Canadian Prepper. fearful yet humbing. eye opening to say the least.

  5. I have a son and a daughter and I feel the same way!

  6. I see the Daughter vs Son argument as ability vs vulnerability I expect my son to be able to stand up for himself and protect himself where as my Daughters are under my protection and therefore anyone hurting them would get extra anger.

  7. S Pol

    darwin was a freek i am a biologist lets skip the darwin

  8. In a SHTF scenario, people will initially keep their traditional roles, but as time moves on ALL people will be judged by their pros and cons. if a woman is a doctor/nurse, cop/soldier, or has prepper skills, she is more valuable that a man who knows nothing. because most people have few prepper skills, we have to look at other issues. men may be stronger, but is that worth the extra food/water they need. It depends on the situation. having tasks that don't require strength might be better suited to women than giving them to a man where is size and strength are being wasted and he's costing more resources than a woman.

    If teams/tribes form, hot chicks with few skills might be added for "entertainment" and then taught skills to ease the burden on others. Average women will have to pull their weight and will be less likely to use their feminine wiles to get men to do their bidding. They'll realize that they NEED men for protection and other tasks that they can't do on their own. They'll end up being more and more willing to offer entertainment in exchange for food and protection.

  9. during famines,, women are built to survive longer,, protection of the species

  10. Funny you should mention ants as a reference to how females are protected in nature, with all the ants protecting the queen. Read up on your biology lesson. Worker ants and soldier ants are all females. There are a couple of males around, but they are only there for providing sperm.

  11. The only reason a woman needs a man…is to protect her from other men.

  12. White women are destroying America and Europe. Shatter the family, they are disobedient her husband

  13. Completely disagree on "extreme femininity" not being allowed in current society. It is quite the opposite. We are trying to change reality to fit women's delusions.

    Extreme femininity = Extreme Neoteny.

  14. CP, Are you kidding me? LOL, Darwin was an asshole, and women are completely useless! I will just take care of myself like I have these past 42 years!

  15. TEST S

    U know If SHTF it won't be good at all but I will love this fact

  16. Gender and sex are the same and a determined entirely by genitalia. Period. Legitimizing mental illness or sycophantic identity politics is not productive.
    Identity politics is irrelevant now for any reasonable, sane person, you can bet it will be completely irrelevant in SHTF,

    People do what they can. Equality is a myth. Gender is binary. Survival will be defined by those who survive.

  17. If a collapse like this were to break out I would trust no one. Kill them all right away is the only way you can be sure you don't regret it later in your sleep….

  18. I think a key aspect is being overlooked: The stronger willed will survive, and based on the current fast track to feminize men in Western Culture, it would not surprise me the least to see mentally stronger women take charge as feminized men sit back in awe.

  19. This is why a lot of people will die in the first 24 hours when things get extreme.

  20. I agree with all he says!! but if someone hurt my son or daughter id kill them painfully I love my kids the same and would die for them!! you don't love your daughter more than your son its exactly the same but your son your more lenient on because he's a boy and you was a boy once!!

  21. Also you make very good points +Canadian Prepper. Love these videos. Learning so much and addressing many questions and curiosities I've had for years. And this is especially useful to me as a 23 year old single guy always looking out for the future Mrs. Thanks!

  22. It's not about domination. It's about teamwork. There is a reason why it started out with man and woman. Are there strengths and weaknesses? Yes. But at the end of the day one needs the other just as much as the other needs the one. At least if you're looking for long term and permanent survival and thriving. And people are starting to lose that view. That's only going to lead to something that is not going to be pleasant. I don't want to offend anyone but that's just an inevitability.

  23. S.A.M.

    I was thinking that maybe things wouldn't be so bad after maybe 2 decades. Whoever needed to die would die, leaving behind only the survivors who had learned to be self-reliant. From that point people would work to rebuild society (this assumes that all nations have collapsed, if they hadn't then someone would invade and then life would get VERY difficult for possibly centuries).

  24. Who are you dude?! love all your videos. your insight is uncanny. your articulation is beyond perfect. you give the parts of my preps that are missing. thank you!

  25. most millennials these days act like women regardless. these people end up dead, as they're unable to fend for themselves. We need men to be men, and women to be women. Eroding of genders is what's destroying America.

  26. Jason D

    The rifle scope at 6:44 is way too close to her eye.. It should be mounted more forward, unless it's a garbage scope with no eye relief! Scope-bite is worth paying a little extra for the eye relief.

  27. Canadian Prepper, I got some suggested historical reading you may appreciate. It shows the tenacity & endurance of men and women under extreme circumstances: Ordeal by Hunger (The story of the Donner Party). Very interesting read.

  28. good information.
    Your basic tips need to be in written form and sold as a book.

  29. I also think women will have to adapt from their current independent mentality, whereas men will have to adapt to being alert and stronger for themselves and their family or/& friends

  30. I agree with allot of the stuff you said. I think allot people have this illusion of most women being alone and easy pickings. Yes there will be a small number of women that are loners – even they will find someone/sympathizer eventually to stroll along with (that person will defend them in 99% of the case) – Sure there might be some abuse in some cases (sexual favour) when the man is alone himself, but overall I agree women will be better of then men. Men will kill each other off, and that's just the sad reality of it looking at history

  31. the only thing I disagree about this video is when you said " a lot of women will have uncles , dads, brothers, friends, in their life so they are not going to be the play things of fantasizing survivalist who think they will have a ton of stuff in the apocalypse". I disagree because if those "men" had any intention of providing for them they would have water food and vegetable and fruit seeds stored away. Since most of them don't the only ones ( for the most part in an urban environment like where I live) who will make it are going to be woman who trade sex for food. So yes, I will have my harem. because men and women no matter how jacked they are , can only go so far and so long without water. So like, let's see here, uh  …….. 3 days? oh , right 3 days!! in 3 days I will not have to worry about the small fry.  Especially since a lot of "men" will commit suicide or get themselves shot trying to "provide for the woman. So I will be king of my cull-de-sac and I will rule my entire neighborhood  , so that when the disaster is over I will have about 500 men who will be my army. ( first I got to break them by putting them through boot camp and then show them who the top dog is, me obviously) and then I will have any woman who is single. by estimates that is 4 woman who are single and about my age (21). and I will build an empire in my neighborhood and crush the u.s. military. and all the guys who are married keep their wives because I am not going to pull a king david and steal some dudes wife cause that is messed up. plus it goes against the whole thou shallt not covet some dude's wife amendment. kinda superstitious about pissing off gods. even though i'm 99.9999% sure he's not real , best not to push the 0.0001%. any who , that's just my 2 cents on the matter. so just to recap    1. tell men that they will have to go through boot camp. discipline them and make my army. 2 get the 4 woman who are single and ready to mingle. 3. be king of the cull-de-sac.  4 destroy u.s. military.

  32. this makes me think of when I see a group of young men and all of them have on skinny jeans, tight button up shirts and hair hanging over their eyes. I'm only 34 but when I was that age guys still looked like guys. it's pretty sad.

  33. Pat Poi

    totally right!! Women will realized that they are more efficient than Men to take care of houses and kids… they will re kick out mans from kitchens…

  34. Youtube search " husband helps wife cross flooded streets using chairs in Chennai." That is a heartwarming example of how a man will care, protect, and provide for the women in his family that he loves! MiF

  35. I think our technology based world is essentially an artificial realm. What I mean is, when you consider our evolutionary past, the time scales involved, and the fact that for millions of years it was a world lit by fire, not neon,it is clear what the world's default setting is. The fact we are discussing a collapse, the collapse of what? Our modern technology based global society.

    This petro-electric world is fragile and must be constantly maintained. If there was some sort of collapse that destroyed the global system, technology would not go away, but it would be almost tribal. Human evolutionary roles would resurface. As always, those who could not adapt would die off.

    So many men today, wait… males, not men, have no understanding of true violence and human nature. Those of us with military, specifically combat MOS, experience and / or law enforcement or emergency services experience do understand it. The criminal element will wash away the effeminate social norms like a tsunami. Soft, males and females will get a crash course in violence. PTSD will be the norm.

    This is the best video I have seen on this subject. 13: 40 You really hit the nail on the head. Well done Canadian Prepper! Family will mean something again. Groups of families will form true, lasting , strong bonds of community. Women will not be subservient doormats… my daughter won't, I can assure you of that.MiF

  36. I do have to disagree with the statement that Darwinism does not apply in this situation. Darwinism is the principle that states as the environment changes so does the population of a species that is best conditioned for the environment. There is physical Darwinism, such as the body and bone structure increased in size during the last ice age to allow humans to withstand the frigid temps. There is also social Darwinism. This is the change in behaviors and actions due to the environment. As I have heard u talk about on ur previous videos u have a complete understanding of biological needs of humans to function as a group. These behaviors associated with masculinity and femininity are social Darwinism. So This is very much a proof of Darwinism.

  37. Great video. I agree with u that many women will underestimate threats while many men will over estimate threats. I think also some men will underestimate threats also due to movies etc. such as one soldier defeating a whole army. The lack of risk assessment is directly linked to the loss of instincts u talked about. I definately agree with that.
    I think ur differences in feelings associated with ur son vs ur daughter is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Survival by either man or woman will be determined by those who will do anything it takes to survive with the tools you have at hand.

  39. In a SHTF/WROL scenario, if the females (and some men) can't/don't want to rely and help others to survive, then they deserve what they get from those that do.

  40. 11:00 minutes in to this vdeo … and you still haven't talked about IT.
    Watching and Waiting …
    20:47 mark: Nope, you never mention of it.

  41. You mean it does not take a village to raise a child! Wow, am I surprised, but I only had 7 kids…Great vid….

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