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Published on July 2, 2016

This is a video highlighting a week I spent in leading a group on a backpacking trip through Allegheny National Forest.

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Music you heard in this video was from the finger-style guitarist, David Youngman. I highly recommend you check him out.
I have obtained written permission from the original artist to use his music in my videos.


  1. Did you get a chance to check out Heart's Content when you were up by Dunham Siding? It's an old growth forest area with about a 1.5 mile trail through it. Rimrock and Big Bend out by the Kinzua Dam is worth checking out too. Oh, BTW the nearest Golden Corral is in Erie.

  2. Whats a good moderate backpacking loop there? Thinking about making a trip in the spring.

  3. Gene O

    That little salamander is called a Newt I found one in the forest while mushroom picking with my dad when I was a kid I kept it as a pet for a few years. It was pretty cool and the 1st time I ever seen one. BTW I live in Pa too. and love these forest I also go to Benezette Pa. quite a bit to see the Elk. GREAT VIDEO! :)

  4. p.s check out my really bad channel I have some vids. lol atb.

  5. I think that "orange salamander" is actually a newt …. I think.. awesome place im watching this cause me and some buds are going in a few weeks. Looks beautiful

  6. Nice video! the ANF is about 1 1/2 hours north of my house….been there several times. I is such a beautiful place!

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