Published on August 15, 2016

THURSDAY JUNE 5th 8:00PM EST on the Sportsman Channel

Robotics Engineer, Scott Hunt, prepares for his family’s survival in the event of a Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) in South Carolina.

“Viewers will get a true understanding, through very unique and refreshing stories, of Americans who have chosen to live off the grid and lead an independent lifestyle. Cade Courtley is the perfect host to help us tell those stories.”America Unplugged – host

Former U.S. Navy SEAL/Sniper Cade Courtley will highlight unique and fascinating stories about eight Americans — some with families — who have ‘pulled the plug.’ The series will chronicle the painstaking effort required to live exclusively off the land and the daily struggle to provide food and shelter.


  1. Does anyone know where I can watch his episode?  

  2. They sensationalize and make fun of the reality shows with statement it unrealistic that an economic collapse will happen etc. Ok we will see. Question 13 starving kids arrive at your door the system has collapsed do you send them down the road?

  3. Anyone have a link to this episode?  it doesn't seem to exist if you don't have the sportsmans channel

  4. any chance you can upload your whole episode like some of the others?

  5. you can be self sufficient. but you'll live a lonely life of solitude.  some people could stand to be left alone. some need a little interaction.

  6. oops – missed it!  Hopefully they will re-air!

  7. your show was great… im on the show as well. my episode airs on June 26th…

  8. I watched the show this weekend.  Very informative, no hype, no BS, episode. Kudos on all the hard work and planning, and thanks for all the free info here on YT.

  9. Hello fellow preppers:)
    I would love to watch this show,but ,I can't seem to find it online.I am from Romania and we don't have The Sportsman Channel.

    I would be very greatful if you can help me!

    Thank you!

  10. Just watched A.U.! Your an inspiration. I like the idea of a trash can for emp protection. Is it possible to use military ammo cans as well? 

  11. Thought they did a great job on the show Scott. Congrats!

  12. I've got TWC 🙁 So hopefully I will get to see it some wheres else. 

  13. jbjr13

    Just set the dvr…..Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the series.

  14. KM4KYU

    Awesome. Just set up the DVR.

  15. I was watching the sportsman channel last night and saw the commercial… I told my wife "hey, thats a guy I watch on youtube all the time"…. she said "can I have the remote?"  …   lol  ha ha… she's not into the homesteading as much as me and the kids

  16. Looking forward to seeing this. Just set the DVR to record all new episodes. Thanks for the heads up. Heard about this a few months ago when the film crews were on various sites. 

  17. I really hope that the show is great and not a freak show type production.  All the best.

  18. Congrats, You do a good channel

  19. You have always done well on these shows, I think not acting like a nut keeps you from looking like a nut. Creative editing only goes so far, and a lot of people feed the fire just to get more air time. Looking forward to the show.

  20. Hollywood is Bi-Polar; They preach being green, but when you ACTUALLY are, they mock you?!
    I hope this time they show some respect Scott.

  21. You are a logical choice as the first individual to be profiled, to my way of thinking, at least. Unfortunately, The Sportsman's Channel is not one I have access to at this point in time, so I will not be able to watch. Perhaps the episodes can be posted to YouTube at some future date, so we can all watch them. Does this make you "Show Biz" enough to say "Break a Leg"? Thanks for sharing.

  22. Already set my DVR to record. Wish they'd done the whole episode just at your place. You've been a wealth of knowledge. I'm glad it's on sportsman, because I agree other channels have made this lifestyle seem like we're fanatical crazies on water towers. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family in the future. 

  23. Post the video when you can, I don't receive the sportsman channel!

    DISH Network 395(HD) & 395 AMERICA'S TOP 250 or OUTDOOR SPORTS PACK
    Time Warner Cable 193 DIGITAL CHOICE BLUE

  25. dont get sportsman channel how can we buy/download the show?

  26. That's smoking!  I can't wait.  Verizon channel 308 in my area (FL).  Blessings and much success to you and family!

  27. Boy, you're popular – this is the second TV show you been on :)

  28. I can't wait I set the dvr up about a week ago!!!

  29. just checked my channel line up.. Dont have it and would cost an extra $20 a month to get it.  Torn right now and waiting on the Wife to give the go ahead.

  30. Less dependent?   Robotics engineer?  You sound pretty dependent to me for your job and all that infrastructure to be able to afford all that land and those structures on your property.  You already have what you need so I don't understand why you think you need to say you are self-sufficient, because without all that you would be in the same boat as all those "entitlement mentality" people you refer to.

    Not everyone can be a robotics engineer, and if they could, then your skills would not be as valuable to allow you to buy up all that land.  I don't disagree with anything you are doing, but you sure seem to have a whole very negative attitude about everyone else.

  31. I think the self-sufficiency thing is great and I salute you for the videos and your efforts, but when you start to drone on about entitlement mentality it makes you sound foolish and it is not relevant.  Stick to concerning yourself with yourself and your life, and stop making up stuff about other people you do not know anything about that have enough problems.

  32. Hello Scott, thanks for the video and the Annoncement for the upcomming show. Your field there looks great, what kind of plants did you set?
    The Topsoil looks great, did you use any natural fertilizer?
    Would love to plant something on this great dark soil…
    Have a great day and take care

  33. Hello: Nice Garden. I would like to watch but I cut off the dish almost 2 years ago.

  34. Your on channel 736 via Comcast in Southern MD, and you are already on REMINDER so I will be sure to see it.
    The preview looks pretty good. wooohooo!
    Your front page on sportsman when you search by zip code
    YOUR OFFICIALLY FAMOUS!!! lots of channels cover it.

  35. hjr192

    That is awesome!!! I love your YouTube channel. I got rid of TV in my house after the Super Bowl so hopefully you can upload it to your channel!!! Bravo

  36. I must admit that I am baffled by anyone who would think being self-reliant is anything more than just common-sense.  In the movie City Slickers, Curly, the tough trail boss, played by Jack Palance, mutters the line, "city folk." 

    That phrase may well apply to many who don't see the advantage of having at least minimal survival skills.

    When I was a kid in the '50's I had a chance to know my maternal grand-father pretty well.  Born in Missouri in 1886, he often told me about how  things were done, back in the day.  Back then self-reliance wasn't a choice for many, it was a necessity.

    Later I got to know my friend's grand-father, a true Yankee farmer from Maine.  He was also full of stories and wisdom from the old days.  It's a sorry commentary to think that having the desire to live simply, or to be prepared for what may happen to deprive people of basic services, would be the stuff of sensational TV. 

  37. South Carolina?  You are playing with fire not testing that soil.  If you did you wouldn't have planted your food in that exposed area.  If you were in Florida they would FORCE YOU BACK ON THE GRID.  Chances are South Carolina will adapt Florida policy of control over the SLEEPING DEAD.  Better be willing to shoot to kill because they are peeping to take your shit.

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