Ameristep 3D Leafy Poncho Overview

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Published on July 2, 2016

Find out more about this awesome poncho here!:

In this video I take some time to go over one of my favorite pieces of camo; the Ameristep 3D leafy poncho.

This poncho is great for hunting and is very versatile. In the video I even put it on to give you an idea of how it fits on a 6’1″ 260lb man. I love the versatility of this thing. It does a great job of breaking up the human form. Enjoy.

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  1. thanks man, that was good. im fixin 2 order me one of these. i have several ghilliesuits of different types but none of them have what ive been wanting for the winter when everythings dead and i just want to lay on the ground in the dead leaves and blend in. nice review

  2. This was nice, I just bought one after watching. Very helpful even the blind idea. 

  3. Great review. never mind the Poison Ivy,My worry when hunting are the "TICKS" Even though I spray my clothes etc.They are all over in my area.

  4. This guys video has helped me out so much to make me want this product. Nice positive review.

  5. im 5'4'' will this fit me comfortably

  6. thank you! this was very useful

  7. That's a great thought. Here in Michigan, it's perfect, but I can imagine the need for different colors in other various environments.

  8. Perfect! Thank you! I'm about the same dimensions you are… 6'1" and about 280 lbs and can see the fit would be great. Only problem is that here in Oregon we deal mainly with fir trees, so wondering if there is a version that might be a little more towards green/yellow in color?

  9. It's truly a great piece of gear for the price. Very versatile.

  10. Jeff B

    Thanks for this info. Gonna get it for airsoft.

  11. I think this would be much better than a ghillie suit for that very reason. It's much more versatile.

  12. Bought this for when I play airsoft and use my sniper rifle plus for when I hunt and I'm looking forward to getting this! Looks like it has a lot or practical uses plus many great features. I wasn't wanting to buy a full ghillie suit because I didn't want to continually get in and out of it. This should be much better! Nice review!

  13. This is the solid mesh version I do believe. The material looks to be the same netting material that makes up my fly fishing net if that makes sense. I'm not sure what it's called.

  14. yeah, I wish more companies would take initiative in presenting their products in such a way as to show their "real-world" usefulness. I was a bit nervous in ordering it due to the fact that I am a bigger guy, but I took the chance and it paid off. Thanks for watching! 🙂

  15. Thank you very much for the video, very helpful.

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