Asaklitt – Double Blade Ceramic Knife Sharpener.

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Published on January 28, 2017

This is a really cheap double edge ceramic knife-sharpener from asaklitt, which fits perfect in your backpack and is great on the bushcraft trip to help you keep your tools for example knife and axe in good condition.


  1. Why people use other methods?? I mean, that little thing its most accurate

  2. I think it is stainless steel in this axe.

  3. hey thanks for the awesome videos. Curious is your axe carbon steel or stainless? And what kind of steel do you prefer being in your climate (I am also in a wet forest climate, pacific northwest USA) personally i go with stainless on my knifes but i do have a carbon steel GB axe and i love it!

  4. is there a website on were to get this i cant find it on ebay

  5. It is good to have in your pack for trips out but at home i always use a sandstone to sharpen my knives.


  6. so the wider end is for your axe and the narrow side is for you knife right also does the sharpener ware down and on a scale of 1 to 10what would give it

  7. Macovic

    Works fine for me on small knifes. Problematic making a proper sharpening with a convex egde for an axe like that. For the axe I simply sharpens one side at a time, but with the same ceramic tool.

  8. Den fungerar okej, men jag föredrar en slipsten.


  9. Funkar den bra? Blir det riktigt vasst?

  10. Yes, and it doesn't take a lot of place either.


  11. That would be nice to have at the EDC kay chain!

  12. You are welcome, i am glad i could help, have a nice day too.


  13. mossmon

    i have the very same tool, but didnt know how to use it correctly. thanks for the advice.

  14. Yea i agree, i have a "Wetterlings 232 Swedish Forest Ax" and it is by far the best ax i have own.


  15. Bob Ey

    Nice! I just bought a Wetterlings large Hunting axe and its the best axe that I have ever used.

  16. I have not actually grinded the ax since I bought it in December, and it is still super sharp.


  17. Bob Ey

    does it keep your axe really sharp.

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