Basic Long Term Food Storage Tips PT 1

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Published on June 30, 2016

This video is the first of a soon-to-be series on basic tips, tricks and suggestions on long term food storage. Whether you are a self reliant prepper type or just want to have some food on hand in the case of emergency, we all need the knowledge how to construct a workable plan for our particular situation. These videos are for the beginner who wants to get started.


  1. Years ago, a friend decided to begin prepping by buying 20 lbs. of whole wheat berries. She didn't have any way to grind them into flour, nor had she ever eaten them in any other form. She supposed that, in a pinch, she would boil them up, like rice. I think it would probably take hours to get them soft enough to chew, and then they would probably feel and taste like plaster of Paris. Your number one tip, "Buy what you eat" is right where it should be — at the head of the list.

  2. I have some dried beans & ramon noodles, in my storage, it is what I will pass out if someone comes to me for food in a disaster. So yes store what you eat and make sure you store things as treats. especially if you have children. :)

  3. Thank you Brad. I'm doing what I can. I always seem to have a lot of food. I need to eat 3 meals a day. I usually skip breakfast, I'm lucky if I eat lunch. I'm usually really hungry by dinner time. I'm a night owl, and my schedule is usually off. It's almost midnight right now. Go figure.

  4. I was LDS for awhile, I thought they were crazy until now. Food storage and prepping makes sense now. I'm female and thought they were homophobic, racist, and and against women's rights. I didn't even mind the Book of Mormon. I'm a feminist and left for those reasons. Also I got divorced, and I'm still single because I'm really for woman's rights.

  5. Also, view Wendy DeWitt's video. She's one of the leading LDS prep. experts… I wish most churches offered what Mormons provide.

  6. I really appreciate your videos, and your particular brand of humor is very entertaining too! HA! Do you ever can butter? The stuff on amazon is ridiculously expensive, and if I store stuff to make bread or pancakes, it sure would be nice to have some BUTTER with it! 🙂


  7. Great resource! I look forward to your other videos!

  8. MJ NM

    Thank you for your generous tips! Loved your sense of humor. As a single individual prepping for self and a senior parent, prepping (self-reliance) is an embraced life style. It is reassuring to know there are like minded people that understand the value and need for prepping.

  9. Great tips. Thank you so much for the tips, I agree with you about the LDS. I have some LDS friends and I was so surprised and happy about what they teach and how they teach preparedness.

    And I literally laughed out loud about the food thing, I think when you start prepping all peppers start with crappy food to begin with. Stuff that I would never feed my family LOL.

    We live in the desert and gardening has been tough, I'm trying to get there. It's more expensive here by a lot. And our families are here so we have to stay here and figure it out. :-)

  10. Hey! Just found you all on here. Love your videos and you guys. We live in southern ky.We have 1 acre and live in a rural area,we have few chicks,ducks ,dogs and we grow a nice garden,some in containers.I am hoping to learn from you all.Darla

  11. Good tips for basic long term food storage from Brad of Big Family Homestead.

  12. Youtube has been so resourceful for learning homesteading skills and meeting like minded folks like you. Thank you Brad.

  13. Rhoda

    Thanks for the information. I enjoy watching food storage videos because no one in my network seems to enjoy the topic as much as I do. As a result I don't discuss it much openly to avoid seeming flakey. So I am quietly amassing a stockpile. 

  14. Good tips even if its just a reminder.

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