Bear cubs playing in the forest.

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Published on January 29, 2017

3 bear cubs was playing in the forest.


  1. This gets a tumbs up from me!

  2. awww……. dinner is served!

  3. Aww are u at a zoo or no

  4. Thank you. No, it was at a zoo. But still pretty cool to see.

  5. hey great video, but im just wondering were these cubs actually in the wild cause you were pretty close to them when you are next to the river, was it scary though?

  6. My aunts friend was camping and tried to take a picture of a bear it chased her and she has pictures of it chasing her

  7. Juan

    So cool

  8. TzunSu

    It's not so very hard to see a wolf if you want too, in some parts of Sweden they're basically wild dogs and are starting to enter the cities. About 120-140 pups are going to be born this year alone.

  9. TzunSu

    Hm, this is from a zoo or preserve, right? I can see the fence 😉

  10. It is fun to see them play, and cool story my friend.

  11. Wow. What a sight! They are beautiful! My sister lives in the north Georgia (USA) mountains, and she has a little bear come up to her porch sometimes. Here in Atlanta, I've not seen any bears aside from the zoo, lol.

  12. Yes, it was cute and fun to see them play.


  13. That's just an awesome video! to bad there are no bears in Belgium 🙁

  14. Thanks, not so big chance, it is most bears in the northern part of Sweden, above Stockholm, i can tell you right now that you are not going to see one wolf, there are just a few of them left. Take care and you are welcome to Sweden next fall.


  15. Nice video, I'm from The Netherlands and planning a hike in the south of Sweden in September / October next year. What are the chances of running into bears (or wolves) in the part of Sweden below Stockholm? (Near Skavsta airport)
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Ps. I really liked your video on wild edibles.

  16. They are very beautiful but you should pay them respect and only observe them from far away, they are dangerous for you and they might regard you as a threat.
    They protect their survival and their offspring fiercely, just as we do. so make sure to be respectful and don't interfere with them and they won't interfere with you.

  17. I like them too, and the cubs are really funny.


  18. my favorite animal. i cant believe some places could harm these adorable fury creatures even when their adults they are adorable id love to have one as a pet

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