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Home Preppers DIY “Being Creative” – Cheap Outdoor Gear
Published on July 2, 2016

Yet another example showing that enjoying the outdoors does not necessarily need to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, in many instances gear and equipment can be acquired and/or made for cheap… or even free. This video illustrates this belief by utilizing items found at a local thrift store to make a durable, lightweight cook kit at a total cost of under 4 bucks. This DIY cook set contains:
– Stainless Steel Cook Pot (3 1/2 cup capacity)
– Custom DIY Cook Pot Lid
– Nested Stainless Steel Cup with Lip Guard (1 cup capacity)
– Homemade Double-Wall Alcohol Stove
– 2oz. Fuel Bottle
– Windscreen
– Ultra Lightweight Stuff Sack
By simply using a bit of creativity and ingenuity this concept can easily be adapted to pretty much any type of gear for nearly any outdoor activity, whether it be backpacking, hiking, bushcraft, etc…..

* This video is in response to a “tag” by YouTube user BushcraftGeek. He issued the challenge of finding items at a local second hand store, garage sale, or even your own basement, and then using a bit of creativity to “re-purpose” them in a manner other than their original intended use… all for as inexpensively as possible. I’d love to see what you come up with my friends!


  1. wore just nylon panty hose knee highs not full length

  2. I wore panty hose under wool socks in army to help prevent blisters on feet

  3. Didn't you have enough material left from the red bottle you cut to make your cup out of ? It seems you could have saved even more money =D Good job there anyway

  4. Might be a bit painful to drink hot coffee from a steel cup but I liked the cooking pot.

  5. hay what ever works snicker snicker 😙😝😜

  6. don't knock panty hose I wore them under my long johns to keep my legs warm

  7. So refreshing to watch an upload that encourages us NOT to spend money on over priced gear. Excellent video!

  8. This is weird.  I have that same pot.  Picked it up at Goodwill.  I made a lid from the bottom of a coffee can, put a bail on it, and it's now my favorite bushcraft pot.   I also have a water bottle I'm turning into an alcohol stove.    I don't, however, have a pantyhose stuff sack.   You have to draw the line somewhere.

  9. Wish I was smart enough to figure out how to put something on here for you. I made a cook pot out of a empty coffee can, a cup out of a diamond almond can, and an alcohol stove out of a beer can and a condensed campbell's soup can. a handle for the cook pot can be made out of a coat hanger.

  10. Gooosshhhhh impressed!!! Geez!

  11. Their is no shame man it works.

  12. lay off apologising for the hose.
    they were originally menswear anyway!
    plus, if you ever REALLY had to survive in cold weather, the pantyhose might just save your life. They're really warm.

  13. You could keep the clamp part and fashion a handle for your pot.

  14. use the pantyhose to pull over your head , keeps the bugs out of ya mouth ears at night works perfect

  15. Judalu

    Check out my $10 dollar tree survival video…judalu

  16. loving the stuff sack. You can use it to filter water before boil purification as well. I also love pantyhose when used for more conventional means :-)

  17. This is some great stuff… I pride myself on thinking outside the box and this was great! Thanks for the video… I may consider something like this for my AT through hike with a little tweaking. (just because I tweak everything)

  18. Great little cheap cook kit. I love making my kit. I think part of bushcraft is making stuff. Save your money of little stuff and spend it on stuff like a nice sleeping bag or tent.

  19. Pantyhose have 100s of uses you men are just catching on Kudo's young man on your ingenuity

  20. "Make do with what we can," perfect!

  21. Im Jealious ,, my cook set  curtails  of a 3 pound coffee can and go's down to the small coffee can  with wire hangers ,,  my knife and fork set came from yard sale military knife fork and spook  20 cents each , every thing ells  I made ,, . my stove is a cut down coffee can  I call a pitch stove made for burning pitch or  resin ,  .. and  my cook set container bad came from a bag of clothes that blew out of someone's pickup going down the .road  and so  did the lock box that has 10,000 in it as well .. gotta keep watch on things that look sealed or closed laying along side the road ,, never know what you find .. fishing pole tubes ..  metal detectors  . lap tops ,, old vintage play boys worth lots of money ,,  Jewelry Boxes full

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