Best SURVIVAL Kit? GearPODs Survival System – REVIEW – Pre-Made & DIY, Survival & Emergency Kit

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Home Survival kits Best SURVIVAL Kit? GearPODs Survival System – REVIEW – Pre-Made & DIY, Survival & Emergency Kit
Published on July 2, 2016

NEW – GearPODs Survival / Emergency Disaster Kit / System – FULL REVIEW – from – Could this be the best Pre-Assembled, DIY and Upgradable Survival Kit ever?

Let’s take a look and see…

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit:

Bear Grylls Scout Essentials Kit:

SOL Origin Survival Kit:

Henry Survival Kit:


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  1. Is it waterproof to, say 1 metre under water (not rain proof). Can you use the pods to hold water?

  2. Can you do a review on the GearPods Frontier

  3. Man you guys are picky… This is a very great survival kit. One could go in to the woods and have the best survival kit and still not survive. It all depends if Mother Nature want that one person to get out alive or not…

  4. HeHoZy

    For such an all-round survival kit that razer blade "knife" is quite pathetic.

  5. theres a new movie out its called: the survival kid

  6. May as well carry a small hydration back pack, you could just stuff that stuff into the pockets. It's a bit big yo fit in your pocket.

  7. why does this guy look like ben linus from lost

  8. Hey David, Is GearPODS still in business? I tried to contact them to ask about the carry cases and they never return phone calls, you only get an automated system and voicemail. Their website shows that they are out of stock.

  9. That's pretty freakin cool

  10. TTT 1

    i dont like that first aid kit, too small, i got a molle kit with everything from quikclot to compression bandages, and i never go into the woods without it, its second to my knife before i go into the woods

  11. His eyes are too shiny and his teeth are crooked other than that decent stuff I suppose.

  12. I would have to give it a five. You cannot fault it for being bigger than a pocket 😉 That hardly seems fair. Clever, innovative and pretty thorough, plus room for what you think you need to add to make it perfect for you. The carrying options for attaching to a pack, roll bar or belt is also a great idea. Skill with a minimalist kit lets you know you can succeed, but it is nice to have those extra few items to make is easier. JMHO

  13. Toe intro is too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

  14. this is really cool, so i go to buy it and in the link its just a pic of the tops for 129.99, is that right? maybe the picture is wrong or something but could you please get back to me. thanks for the vid

  15. The gearpod case like the camo do you have to buy the extra and I can't find it on the website can you get me the link thanks

  16. I don't know if it's the cadence you use while speaking or the way you emphasize every 5th or 6th word but it's truly worse than nails on a chalkboard. With CC and mute,the videos are ok though!

  17. That quality whistle you were impressed with is the Fox 40 Micro. It's my absolute favorite signal whistle. The Fox 40 pea-less whistle is the official standard referee's whistle for most pro sports. The Micro is even louder than the original. The same one that goes camping with me is one I used for years coaching roller derby. They come in at least 7 different colors and last forever.

  18. Hi I'm the new subscribe and I want to buy the gear pot survival kit but you need to have a coupon to get the price of 129.

  19. Jesus these are overpriced! Cool Idea but a basic kit cost $89 waaay too over priced. You can get the pvc pipes for a total of $3 and all the supples for $15

  20. You must have a blast trying out all the new survival gear. You definitely have some cool videos.

  21. Where do you get your bug out bag stuff?

  22. I want one how much is it 

  23. Can you please please please please please please please do a review on the gearPODS Frontier kit and comparison with this kit(Wildernes)!!!????

  24. I would definitely add some sort of ration/energy type food to get you by for a couple days and some sort of flavored packets i.e. chicken broth bullion, coffee, tea, and or Gatorade type single serve packets. Overall, nice idea for those who don't want to build their own EDC or emergency type kit as shown.

  25. if you want i can add stuff becuase i work with GearPOD

  26. USTor Anyone  – what are you thoughts on the nebo redline ?? And Sog trident . – I live in NY so I'm on my bike most of the time with the Camelbak Linchpin/ Ops core base   – Just askin . Thankyou for the great work – Seriously !!

  27. you compare little kits who are ready to go and to stuff in a pocket versus some ugly plastic cylinder i couldn't carry on me any time of the day…

  28. Sub to ultimate survival tips and blackscoutsirvival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They both have great vids that can make $40.00 turn in to $20.00 for the same exact thing!!!

  29. Great kit but seems like the "pods" could be replicated with a little PVC 

  30. You could turn this vid into a drinking game.every time he says kit you drink,you'd be hammered b4 the 5 minute mark

  31. How do I purchase this kit Ultimate Survival? I can't seem to find it.

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