Beware of Liars, Cons, Backstabbers in SHTF

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Published on June 30, 2016

Don’t get swindled after the collapse… Keep your guard up always! Things are not always as they seem…

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  1. Dont forget some people believe their own lies, they justify it and that in my opinion makes them dangerous.

  2. Man you are so right, placing trust in people can be a hard lesson when we get it wrong. I like people and I try to see good in all, but man, when TSHF no way.

  3. Great stuff. I've usually adhered to the practice of throwing in baseline, seemingly run of the mill questions and watching their reactions when they respond. I slowly up the ante and follow their responses from there. One poor practice in my opinion is that believing other people will respond a certain way if you haven't built rapport with them. Without rapport and a baseline, you have nothing. In a grid down situation, you will also not have the benefit of knowing someone's background like you would in a clinical setting (mental health diagnosis, substance abuse, etc.). Sociopaths may not exhibit any discernible changes in behavior when they are lying, even for trained professionals. Desperate people can be good actors, especially if there is a some truth to their stories as you mentioned, but not as good as sociopaths, who feel no moral obligation to be truthful. People with substance abuse problems have often basically trained themselves to be sociopaths, however. Both they and the sociopath are only after getting whatever they want / need. Keep up the good work!

  4. If you are living in a culture of freedom, no worries, and lots of trust for those in control – then you have been enslaved. Critical thinkers are not rewarded, they are fired, profiled, jailed, attacked by the IRS, and many security departments which profile those who think for themselves.
    The life of a critical thinker, a leader……. is often attacked by the subservient enslaved who have been conditioned to conform for a reward of money, job, resources.
    Religion and Gov work together to deceive and manipulate the masses to believe something is is not real – in order to control and take resourced from the subservient cows – hooked up to the milking machines…taking all the chemical and biological injections.

    The key for surviving in the world today is to play the game of subservient while prepping for yourself and family – and keeping your mouth shut about your prepping activities.

    I believe in community prepping over single person or single family prepping – because large gangs can easily take-out the single prepper.

    A FORT with walls and security around a neighborhood is best.

  5. I guess I have a bit of an advantage here, due to my "upbringing" I learned not to trust anyone, not even family, unless they earned it.

  6. I must say, you claiming that the power of "Intention" is wishy washy pie in the sky is SO wrong. Intention is EVERYTHING.

  7. My greatest piece of advice for anyone, is, if possible, live around like-minded people. Idiots are around idiots and if that's the environment you're in, you got problems if shit goes down. Unfortunately for me, that's my situation right now and I'm trying to figure out ways of getting around that. I'm stuck in an outer borough of NYC and its not a good place and I would advise people in a similar situation, if you can, get the fuck outta there…..I can't right now, so I'm in trouble. Why are these places bad? The biggest reason, I believe, is the thought process of the people. Most likely, these people are total fucking idiots who've become weak dependant types, who most likely will do all the wrong things that will jeapordize everyone's safety. These idiots around me are totally clueless idiots, liberal-minded, "authority" trusting to a fault. I'm telling a few people around me to NOT trust police or military, because in a shtf situation, they are NOT your friend, they are the friend of whoever is sustaining them and if that means them being told that "you are a threat and are the enemy", then guess what? YOU'RE THEIR ENEMY! Remember Katrina, I tell people not to open doors for anyone for bullshit " wellness checks" and such, because your house will be searched and raised. Get out of cities if you can.

  8. an old guy once told me, Don't believe anything you hear, on only half of what you see.
    All people in power, politicians, police, etc. all have an agenda.

  9. You have to listen to the story.
    Make sure he repeats his story by asking questions from time to time.

    If he tells you everything in the exact same words he used the first time you found yourself a liar.

    If he stays calm and silent after asking him questions all the time, you found yourself a liar!

    Honest people repeat their stories in same lines but with different words.
    They also get mad after constant questioning.

    This was told by my uncle about his work as an interrogator for the Stasi in East-Germany.

  10. You have to trust someone, in order to get betrayed.

    And I never trust anyone!

  11. One of my practices is to ask questions I already know the answer to, this really works good with salesman. Their response gives me an idea of how desperate they are to make a sale.

  12. Edo P.

    To assume that there is a full proof way to know when someone is lying is deadly….the best way is to not drop your guard….and over time, if a person keeps proving over and over that they are trustworthy, they will earn your trust…..Trust is earned, not just given….Although we just give it away in our world….

  13. fpopee

    Fuck wasting energy deciding who's lying…kill everybody and everything you see and take whatever you can from their bodies and homes… gonna spend days / weeks/ months deciphering who's lying so you can get fucked while bartering?… no way ….

  14. b3rtne

    Check out Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  15. Wardo

    Great video, new sub! I am not new to the prepping community however and there is one thing that I would like to propose, dealing with trust in relation to the vid. As a mental exercise I suggest that everyone who has; imagined interactions with unknown people during SHTF or scenarios similar to those mentioned in the video, consider the following. Take your moral/survivalist/tactical mindset and apply it to your virtual self in these various scenarios. Now imagine that the person that you run into is Identical to you in all but form (You both don't remotely recognize each other). Ask yourself how the interaction between the two of you (literally) would go. If there are foreseeable scenarios where your 'understanding' and 'mental methodologies for dealing with these situations' end up with you two in a firefight or someone dying, I would simply ask for you to reconsider your views. My opinion is that if you cannot peacefully resolve conflict with yourself, then you will find conflict everywhere, especially when tensions are high. I won't get into moral reasoning since this video deals with trust – which is an abstract concept to say the least, but I will propose a couple suggestions to lessen the number of reasons other people might have for shooting you. 1# Develop valuable knowledge/skills (Medical, mechanical, electrical, defensive, survival) and proclaim these skills when you meet people, #2 Express to randoms you meet the value of numbers (ie: join us), 3# Blame the situation on the government and express how "we we're all good ol americans/canadians not that long ago being good and stuff". Sorry for walltext.

    TLDR: What would you do if you ran into yourself in SHTF? If dead – change ur views plz.

  16. you're correct the way i see it. There is no way to define with certainly a person motivation and especially position at the moment and time of encounter…whatever that may be. Only the Rules of The Society or Tribe will establish the parameters of what that individual may consider…knowing such actions will be scrutinized by such members-without going into alliances that may develop…always a watchful eye, as with natures survival parameters…deers will defend to a point, but will move to the greater numbers cancelling the one that has move beyond their parameters-this is my interpretations…again it comes to consequence of action…not every decision will be correct in hindsight, but it must be correct in survival of the tribe.

  17. Rule Of Acquisition 190;
    Hear all, trust nothing.
    This has been my motto since I was a teen.

  18. If their lips are moving, they are lying. Everything is a lie and everybody is a liar. The question is whether or not you wish to be seduced. Sometimes getting fucked is pleasant. In Ex Machina, Ava seduces Caleb and then leaves him to die after she gets what she wants. This is pretty much how it is. Life. Love it or leave it.

  19. Randar

    Be a skeptic!

  20. liers avoid eye contact normaly…the PNL eye movements can help but tough sometime to see…movements of eyes can be split second f a lie.and we cant alwasy catch it unless we look at the person in the eye all the time as he speaks to us.
    intuition, ask GOD to develop your intuition…and learn to ask for dreams and visions at night…many times I got dreams of a sheating girl friend, or dreams of people who show their real intention in the dream….go to sleep praying and focusing on this person. but n technique is so reliable 100 per cent…because many things come into play…karma gods will tiredness of a moment when you re less alert and concient etc….
    exemple: in army in a country where I did my miitary service…country at war. our officer who went through 2 conflicts really tough ones…alwasy carrying a gun and alert and trained to fight. we learnt he got wacked, his throat slit by guys who took him in a car when he was hiking…he got surprised and end up dead…this story gave me the chills because how some unexperimented people, not trained to fight for life or death, unarmed etc how the hell will they make it!

  21. your comments are excellent! again in naked and despair season one…we see one guy who maange to get a big eal in the lake…they all starve around…the two guys wh did the job and got the big fish as good guys and christians share most of it with other 5 people who did nothing…then later on they starve, and the 5 team catch a ray. they eat it furtively without sharing with their benefactors…they forgot immidiately their help and ate the food without sharing not even a bit…it shows how you re right…the good ones will get troubes…and will have to learn fast or die!

  22. good or bad is realtive…in despair, when people cant take it anymore they could do anything! and even get mad..then th eline between good and evil will blur rapidly oh yes! only societies like japan where peple act very civicly all the time and even in catastrophies like fukushima…stay calma and strong relatively…but in our societies who are eterogenous, the black and muslims and diferent christian factions who hate each other during peace time…what will happen when all is gone, no police, no army etc…well…..birds ofa feather flocks together! people will join their likes…and form groups of survival…

  23. weak people are the worst…some people can stand 9 days without food and feel ore or less ok…other cant stand a day and get mad for food! food is the ultimate drug, sugar starch and proteins…in the naked and afraid the stupid veggie girls after 20 days…of eating nuts…get mad and eat joyfully squarells eals and even inects…all the crap and mumbo jumbo thinking colapses and they go back to naturla rules…eat or be eaten or die of exhaustion! there who can you trust?
    In israel I passed my diving cmas license and under 30 meters of water when they take your respirator for a few seconds…you get mad and woud grab it from your own mother to breath once…just to breath and survive…you would let your mom die under the sea…thats how i felt and saw in people…we re not jesus all of us able to sacrify our lives for others may live and help us god to find good people in time of disaster…

  24. ive seen the show naed and afraid and it was so crazy how people were selfish, bad arse and it was ony a secure test of 40 days…after 20 days no food…they start to colapse and think…me first! the hell with others…
    you see in the grup all kind of behaviours who gives you the creep…in a real case it would be terrible….

  25. I would probably use my instincts i have learned about people on this journey..I would want to hint at their job pre collapse,political views,study there physical features to see how they took care of themselves..Mind you it would depend how far into the collapse..Their abilities post collapse..Etc…You would have to profile them pretty quick but after the collapse your gonna have to be pretty damn convincing to get me to trust you!!Drug dependent people i would pick up real quick..

  26. If your handshake is no good, than neither are you!

  27. for me personally, i pay close attention not just to a persons words, more so, to their actions and whether it is all consistent or not. i'd say trust all of your senses, officially recognised and otherwise, trust your intuition its meant to keep you safe. look very closely at a persons actions, do their words put you at ease as they maneuver into a position of advantage to attack you in some way or take something? if they truly want to be your ally and friend their priorities and actions will prove this. theyll care about your needs too, not just their own for example and their actions show the proof of the truth.

  28. quercus

    When we are on edge we are the top predator. People tell the truth when they don't need anything "maybe".

  29. I found that people that you do not know, that are lying to you, will tell an entire story, usually a sob story, even though you didn't ask them. Rather than to simply ask you for 5 dollars, they will create a reason, through their detailed story, for you to feel sorry for them and THEN ask for the $5. I've dealt with thousands of situations like this and learned much. The video author is correct.

  30. Wow you nailed this one! Awesome job. I have been look for one of these types of videos for a long time.

  31. Or you can always use a lie to uncover a lie but I don't know maybe in your line of work you have to have a certain approach with your questioning but two liars can figure each other out just like two criminals can figure each other out two Lions can smell each other out, you catch a liar with a liar just like you fight fire with fire, you catch a criminal with a criminal same line of mind manipulation and psychology

  32. The test for lying is super easy to administer all you have to do is use bait if the person goes for the bait and then they say that they didn't go for the bait but you know the bait was taken then you know the person is lying in your example of a drug addict if you put a needle with heroin on the table and say oh you know what I'll be right back don't touch that needle I'll be right back but it'll probably take me about 30 minutes before I come back so just hang out right here and I'll be right back then if the heroin is gone you know who injected it the easy way to test for a lie this works with money with bullets with any commodity any material possession even child kidnapping will work if you put a child for bait in a room with a child kidnapping or a pedophile or anything and say hey just don't touch this kid I'll be right back don't touch, oh by way the exit doors right over there and there's a car filled with gasoline park right outside the door engine is running and the keys are inside but don't go anywhere I swear I'll come right back then guess what you have just uncovered a secret people always reveal their true nature behind closed doors behind the black curtain when they are alone when they feel there is no retribution at hand they always reveal their true nature and the masks always come off, that's how you can easily uncover a liar very easily almost like child's play

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