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Published on June 30, 2016

If you have been procrastinating in preparing an emergency food supply, here are a few food items you might want to get started with. They taste great, are currently at bargain low prices and are quite easy to incorporate into a regular diet.

Many of the food items you find in Dollar stores like the Dollar tree are not that tasty nor are they that nutritious. You don’t want to stock up on junk food. The items in this video are very healthy, tasty and nutritous and have a long shelf life. Get them while you can.
the link to the dried vegetables on amazon is here.

I add new videos every week.
here is my recipe playlist where you can find some great recipes for canned mackerel.

My favorite way to cook them is to grill them until they are dry and then chop them into flaky parts and use like I would tune in salads and casseroles. Mackerel is also good in small corn and oat muffins with vegetables and spices.
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I add new videos every week.
Robb Moffett
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  1. Telling us the shelf life would of been nice….. the whole prepping thing you know.

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  3. my question would be super meals the ones that come in a bowl how long will they last, the one you just pour hot water in?

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'd like to invite you to view my video.


  5. Holy mackerel I got at least 20 cans of mackerel

  6. it's very easy to dehydrate your own mixed veggie. Start here dehydrate2store. it right here on utube.

  7. You can order this milk by the case! It really taste good & does not need frig so great for storage! Has about one year shelf life. Dollar The famine is coming😇😇😇

  8. inkey2

    meow…..HOLY MACKEREL

  9. I live by shelf stable in part of my food storage plans. Long life with rotatable to keep from becoming food fatigued. Good job!

  10. Gd vid thx. Always looking for a tasty recipe for the canned fish, so I'll be checking out yours. Way to keep the food prepping concept fresh, thanks again.

  11. great thanks for the tips Robb !

  12. Hey Robb! Long time subscriber first time poster….My mom is a Dollar Tree fanatic. I saw that she had a can of the Hanover beans on her countertop and told her that is recommended as a good value from Robb Moffet. I told her to check and see if they had a lot at the local store and that I wanted to buy as many as I could. It's funny because the DT website does not show a lot of things that are at the local stores. Including the Hanover Beans. The website does show the really big cans of hominy so get that while you can. Also, Dollar General has sales. The other day I bought 39 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup the premium kind in the big cans and the pull top for $1 a can. It was 3 for $3 so you had to buy in groups of three to get it for the sale price, otherwise it was regular priced.

  13. great video the set up well worked out robb ill look into that soup looks good..

  14. I've never had Mackerel…soooooo I'm checking out your videos on this. Thanks.

  15. If you happen to have a dehydrator you can save a lot of room with many canned goods. We can fit 8 1/2 cans of corn into a single quart jar once it's dehydrated. Green beans and peas too, (nothing with meat in it).

  16. Thank you for this. So appreciated

  17. Great info thanks for the remind/tip nice… plumloco haha never heard that also

  18. I love Dollar tree for preps. I have a bunch of that boxed milk that has expired so I'm going to see if I can make cheese from it.

  19. Them powdered cheese packets from cheap mac-n-cheese go well on fresh popcorn for an added treat. Aldi's had boxes of cornbread ya just add water to for a buck, last week. Canned or dried fruit is good to keep on hand. Something to look forward to after yet, another bowl of beans. lol

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