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Published on June 30, 2016

You can make your own survival food storage on a budget easily. See here:


The full article links to a page showing you how to dehydrate your own foods. Then you can vacuum seal your foods yourself.

The next step is to prepare your DIY survival food packs for long term storage. This means protecting it from not only the elements, but also from mice, moths and other pests.

Get free food grade buckets from restaurants, donut shops or grocery stores. Clean them out and put your vacuum sealed food packs inside the buckets and seal them away for survival.

Re-use empty juice containers to store grains and rice safely long term.

Store your foods in a root cellar or unheated basement where the temperature says relatively stable year round. As long as the buckets stay dry and out of the sunlight, your food should be good and fresh for many years to come.

Not placing your food in a bucket or plastic containers allows free access for pests to eat it.


  1. dbkguy

    Should you also label and date your items?

  2. I use large washed and sanitized wine bottle that a local bar saves for me. They will never rot and I don't have to worry about whatever chemicals are in the plastic jugs leeching into my rice and beans.

  3. Yes, use mylar bags. Those PET bottles have a shelf life of not much longer than 2 years before they get brittle and start breaking down. We make PET containers where I work. Not good for long term storage.

  4. Doesn't the oxygen absorber kill all the bugs? How can they breathe? 

  5. 1. Take various sized plastic that have different cap and lid sizes and you can make a collection of funnels and scoops.
    2. If you have any more of your flat plastic vacuum seal bags   take a clean or used one and cut it shaped like a triangle and then make a small cut in the corner and you have a portable funnel..  
    Save your cooking fat and grease…
    cooking fat on paper helps start fires … 
    also can mix it with wood ash and it will help get grease off of your hands.  
    Be Safe Contact me I also go Urban SUV camping with my dog in the Feb/Mar weather.
    Stop by Maine some time…

  6.  nice food storage. Sub back to my channel, I promise you'll enjoy my how to make a home look expensive videos!

  7. Even though food companies are better at keeping eggs from various pests from their food, I still put all my long term storage food in the freezer for 3 to 4 days before storing it to be certain any eggs are dead. There is no reason to not do so and prevents unhappy surprises when the food is opened for use later. I also vacuum pack all my plastic bottles JIC something went wrong with the freezing. Eggs won't hatch in an air-less environment and it's easy to vacuum pack the bottles.

  8. If someone is actually starving, who will care about BPA free foods? I won't. BPA's are a very long term effect problem. At least if you eat the food from BPA containers you will still be alive to survive another day!

  9. And I fear for those preppers. I dont fear them, but for them. They will realize that it wont be that easy and the streets will be dangerous.

    And for those who think they will simply hunt for food who dont consider the millions of others thinking the same thing.

  10. in our buckets we put a hand warmer (another kind of oxegyn obsorber). It seals the bucket and we also duct tape the lid to the bucket. Just a little extra security on keeping the food safe. Great job on your vide. Keep them coming. thanks much.

  11. Everything I use is food grade only. Only store food in food grade containers (comment for others out there).

  12. Are those rice containers BPA free?…..

  13. Venus.

    I like the bucket also because you can carry and stack them very easily, which is important in my opinion.

    Thank you, great advice.

  14. Thanks for the sub. White rice lasts for years if it is kept cool and dry. No sealing needed,. But vacuum sealing is always better I think for all foods.

  15. Cool videos you got there mate! I have a question – do you need to vacuum the bottles of rice? Or you can just pack them as you showed on this video? By the way, subbed 🙂

  16. White rice lasts a long time. Many years if kept cool and dry. Brown rice only last a year according to most info I have read. But I have had brown rice two years later with no problem. I think you could keep it a few years if it was cool and dry.

  17. So with putting the rice inside the bottle, how long will that last? I seen other people putting the rice in molar bags then sucking the air out with vacuum and sealing it.

  18. Yeah. I guess one day I will find out. I have a bunch put away in storage. Either it will be good, or it wont.

  19. I do buy the white rice in bulk to put away. The brown stuff only keeps for a year "so they say". Wonder if that is a lie to make us buy unhealthy white stuff.

  20. White rice has been polished and all the nutrients ground off. This makes it shelf stable. Then they add synthetic nutrients back onto the grain so they can sell it as "food"

    Brown rice is pure and natural and whole grain. It has a nice nutty flavor too. I love it.

  21. Well, the trap works very well for chickens anyway. Thats all I ever caught so far. lol.

  22. Raise the trap off the ground put in a tree or a place chickens cant get into but racoons can. Or skunks lol nvr know what you'll get!

  23. Yeah, I know. But I keep the rice rotated out . I eat it every day anyway. White rice has not food value sadly. They grind off the good stuff and leave us with a bleached husk. But I have a bunch of white rice put away for long term.

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