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Published on August 21, 2016

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  1. Dude, new to your channel and I like what I see. Keep it up for us Canadians . Ps what province do you live in? Thanks man ..

  2. "I dont put my keys on here because i dont want anyone who is proficient at key cutting to copy them…" WHAT?! What is happening? What the fuck is happening right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Wow.

  3. I had that wallet card with the different tools. it rusted to hell after I fell in a river lol

  4. The only wallet tool I carry is a plastic magnifier card, great for fine print labels.

  5. Hello! Just wanted to let you know, I like your channel! I'm from Wisconsin and my bugout plan is to go into our northwoods! Northern Wisconsin is similar to Canada in that it gets cold there! I figure because Canada gets colder than where my plan takes me, no problem using your methodology!

  6. Hi you must have used or seen those small packets of Vaseline..? I ask because you may want to add those to your kit. It is an old farmers/mechanics trick for working out doors in cold weather when you need your hands uncovered to do the work they put vaseline or lard on their hands. In the Arctic they rubbed their hands in fat. I have done this myself and it does protect your hands from the cold. The extra touques and gloves always a good idea I would also suggest socks. If you feet become wet from stepping in slush or simply sweating too much fresh socks very helpful. I am just starting all of this (other than what I have always done) so seeing your kits and prep and great help. thank you. R&R g.

  7. The Dollar Tree Store is selling Paracord Bracelets for $1 at this time. I made a review video on them at my channel. Thank you for posting your video.

  8. When you said I never f***ing use this thing u sound just like me 😂

  9. Ok im probably gonna get some neg remarks for posting this but its just my opinion, but im not trying to be rude at all, im just giving a respectful opinion, I REALLY REALLY like this guy & his vids, they are awsome & informative & im sure they have given alot of people some great ideas. I love this vid, I just think he talks a bit much, I dont think it needed to take that long to show us everything. Like I said im sure il get mean responses even though im not trying to insult anyone. But great EDC kit!

  10. From what I understand our laws for self defence utilizing a spray must also say on the canister that It's for dogs / wildlife? Good setup, fellow Canuck

  11. the only thing missing in your winter EDC is a tim hortons

  12. Where in Canada are you from man? I'm from the Ottawa area! I also like to lift (lots of compounds and bodybuilding movements as well), I recently started prepping, and I'm looking into getting my non-restricted PAL very soon (as soon as my finances will allow it, lol). Sounds like we have lots of common interests! Also, love the vids man, keep it up! There are a lot of American preppers out there that I watch here on Youtube, and you can learn a lot from them, but it's nice to have some fellow Canadians out there to relate to! Cheers.

  13. Omni heat gear or more layers on your core? I have never used this product I am curious how well the gloves work. I like the idea of thin gloves. 

  14. Thankyou. Good kit. Very informative.

  15. Good video. One thing I always pack is my moral compass.

  16. Just one note on the Swiss Army.  The lack of a locking blade is a total non issue.  I was a Boy Scout and used them for years with hard abuse and never broke a blade.   I bent a saw blade once but 9 year olds are not exactly careful with their tools and I am still not sure how I managed that.  I personally find a leatherman too bulky and cumbersome and not much more useful.

  17. Just an FYI you can buy or sell pepper spray if it is marketed for animal repellents but it is still a prohibited weapon to carry.  The people who sell it use the loophole to sucker you out of your money by exploiting a legal technicality.  That being said you can still get in serious shit having it on your person and I am talking possible jail not just a fine.  Stupid I know but it is the law of the land.  I used to work airport security and we had to know this.  I would recommend not having it on your person unless SHTF.

  18. thank oh? 15:00  Lol.               don't you play softball? carry your bat and glove in the trunk. Did your watch have a compass?       

  19. At around 5:20 you said that you work in healthcare,Quick question if you don't mind me asking: but what do you do in the healthcare sector? I'm looking to become a nurse

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