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Home Water Carolina Water Tanks Shoutout
Published on July 2, 2016

Need a tank? Above ground or below? Rain Catchment? How about a patented spring box system?
Tell Stanley and Kelly we sent you!


  1. I contacted Carolina water tanks and have spoken with Kelly and Stanley both of them are very nice, and I will be purchasing one of their tanks in the near future hopefully by at least tax time maybe more tanks later on.

    I am thoroughly impressed with how they handle their business it seems like they have the ability to make what the customer wants without a problem and the freight charges are reasonable and no complaints on what I was quoted..

  2. I'm looking at putting a thousand fifty gallon tank or maybe one or two of them behind my garage in my local town here where I live,but also looking at putting a hundred twenty five gallon on the other side of my house and maybe in the basement for possible use of flushing the toilet or moving around water to use for other apparatus..

  3. How does one determine the size tank they need? I have a spring that has been supplying my home with water for 50 years. The cistern is very small, yet I have always had water available. I want to expand by putting in a larger tank so that I can irrigate my lawn. Any ideas?

  4. Do you have to worry about your water becoming stale/bad in the tank?

  5. If you haven't already seen heard of them check out plastic mart too they have tanks and the plumbing hardware for them.

  6. Thanks for the info on the tanks, needed it, lol!

  7. Wow, a lot more expensive than I had expected. Thanks for the vid, stay safe!

  8. will be getting some as soon as i can afford

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