Chicken Nest Box How to Make Your Own

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Published on June 30, 2016


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  1. How many eggs can fit in one box

  2. This is GREAT INFO!!!Thank you. If I get 3 chickens, how many nesting boxes should I make? would it be three? Mind you my city backyard is kinda small.

  3. Neat idea but it's ok to get your hands dirty, you seem like your from the city lol thanks will try

  4. kaszazz

    Hi I made a few of these boxes after seeing your your tube clip. Thank you for the idea. I did find with the plastic boxes I used that the plastic was thicker. So I used a cordless angle grinder (small one) and it cut the hole in seconds. Made it really easy and no chance of cracking the plastic. My chooks really love them. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Could be an easier way to gather eggs. Now you have to take the covers off each time. Should have built something where you can raise the whole top and gather at once.

  6. how to do pigeon nest box same like this

  7. If you don't object to using feed from the store, you might want to try using what they call laying crumbles. This will help your hens lay eggs once a day if they are old enough, and not too old

  8. These would be easy to clean-LOVE it!

  9. When it is up on the cinder blocks, how do they get in? Would they need a ramp or do they just fly into it?

  10. good idea! thanks my coop needs serious help!

  11. Would this work for a nesting box for ducks? If not what mods would i have to make for it to work?

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