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Published on July 23, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: “Choosing a Handgun”.There are so many handgun choices on the market and for the first time buyer or someone wanting to buy an additional handgun, i can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips that might lead you in the right direction.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00


  1. how much amo can be held in a kar cw 45 9 mm

  2. great info, and definitely Great Collection of Handguns!

  3. nemlol

    Any moustache like that makes you look like a sex offender LOL.

  4. Obviously, you buy 2 guns.
    A .50 BMG Thunder handgun, and a .22LR Ruger revolver.
    Never will you have excessive force or insufficient force, you'll have both.

  5. nt183

    I like how you say recoil – RE-coll.

  6. Just purchased a FNS40 cant wait till it comes in!!!

  7. quality is certainly subjective in terms of price, so I don't fully agree with this video in some senses. Some good tips, but still.

  8. Damn, i live in the wrong country if its up to having pistols and concealed carry.

    If the law here would allow it, i guess i would go for a glock (or an other one wich is build in the same way), because of the safety system.
    I am sure, if have to pull a gun, i would forgett to put the safetylever on fire. Not so on the glock, slide the mag in, cock it and you are ready to go/shoot. But thats just my opinion

    Greetings from Germany
    And thanks for this informativ Video

  9. I'd go for a 40 s&w because I can handle it and not a glock because you have to register it

  10. I'm about one hundred percent sure The Patriot counts as a legal handgun so I think I'll get one of those

  11. is that the song from napolian dynomyte

  12. I'm leaning towards a glock 17. I have a 380 but I can handle bigger rounds such as the .357 no problem. I want the extra load count and stopping power.

  13. everybody always mentions fun, home defense, and concealed carry. What about a car gun? im not old enough to get a ccw and i dont what things i should avoid when picking up a gun for that specific purchase.

  14. I like Glock But, i decided to go with the Walther PPQ
    Awesome handgun

  15. O4 HEMI

    some beautiful cz's glad to see someone showing options other than the big 3 love my sp01

  16. McQ

    Do complete research on firearms before selecting one.  Stay away from really cheap firearms.  Once you select your firearm, make sure you know EVERYTHING there is to know about that particular firearm.  One last thing…… Get PROFESSIONAL training in the use of that firearm.  Train, train and train again.

  17. Im about to get my level 3 guard card, but I need a handgun first.
    can someone point me in the direction of where I can find the cheaper handguns on the market, even used.

  18. I think the Glock 18 would be perfect for the new shooter.

  19. Oh well, so long kids – Sootch00 2013

  20. hell it took me 8 months of research before i decided on the p-09. i wasnt in a rush to buy something that wouldnt fit me.

  21. I went with Glock, M&P, XDM, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Bushmaster and Winchester among others…..super happy. :)

  22. revolver reload faster or handgun for second clips?

  23. I don't understand how people feel like they have some special qualities when they can shoot a .45 It's not a big deal guys, really.

  24. So Magnum 500 is not ideal weapon of choice for a person that never shot a firearm before?

  25. Nice vid & info! How long would say a Glock could last with proper care?

  26. Rule to choosing a handgun?  Does it say "Sig Sauer" on the pistol?

  27. OK people.  It is time for me to step up on the soap box and offer my opinion, and it is only MY opinion.  For me the best concealed carry is the full sized Glock 21, Gen 4. Yea, I know, it is huge, but I go 6 foot 1 and weigh 220.  I can get away with it.  But I also live in New Hampshire, and our gun laws are very different.  My open carry, and here it goes, is the Smith-Wesson 500 Magnum with an 8 and 3/8th inch barrel, and 400 grain rockets. Everyone has their preferences.  I want to be able to shoot through cinder blocks, not chip away at them.  Oh, and we have lots of bears around here.  Study the various weapons online, and youtube them also.  Try and fire a few of the various calibers, and NEVER forget, these are not toys.  I spent 17 years as a military brat and 20 years in the Army.  Find something you are comfortable with, not scared of, but ALWAYS be wary..  Be well, be safe and always make sure you have a clear field of fire.

  28. .22 for pest control AROUND THE HOUSE?! (2:10) You must have some big spiders!

  29. What would be the best polymer striker fired 9mm around $600?

  30. What is the song in the intro called

  31. I'd go on:
    1. self defense
    2. intimidation
    3. multicompatibility
    5. ammunition easy to find

    If I find somewhere a .44 long cylinder sort of hoof cannon revolver, I'd buy that, I don't have problem with big kicks and a gun is forever. I found the 6" Taurus Raging Judge, but I don't know how long it can last, if somepony here had long experience with it, I'd be happy to get your opinions.
    As shotgun I also wanted to start hunting so a hunting-type shotgun with standard 12 gauge rounds, maybe pump action, can easely go.

  32. GI model 1911 feels best in my hand.  The Sig 2022 feels pretty good to.  I really like the Springfield XD-S as well.  It's a smooth shooter.

  33. I've got a M&P 9mm for EDC I was curious how it would be going to a glock 19 for a all hell breaks loose moment with the super capacity magazines if I need them? I know the triggers are different but is shooting them that big of a difference? 

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