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Published on August 23, 2016

Gotta have a robust “Plan B”


  1. Jade Helm warriors now know you have food storage if they didn't already.  They will be driving their Strykers out to the compound to confiscate.  Might as well plaster it up on facebook too. :)

  2. Two questions, did you order anything besides wheat, rice and oats? If so , what? Second, what is red wheat used for versus white wheat ?

  3. how do one prepare them self if they are young (18-21)

  4. It's now 3:59am and I just finished watching your video after surfing YouTube looking for things to watch and it felt sooo good to here someone talk about Yahweh. He pulled me from Christianity a few years back and I didn't know why exactly until later and I'm glad he did. It is kinda difficult being around people that don't know the real truth, well as much of it that Yah has given me. The thing that makes it hard is that the people u know believe in their hearts that they are in order with Him and u know they're not and they won't listen to a word u say to them. It's kinda hard for me still because I'm still used to some of my old ways and that also deals with the weekend day 6 and day 7, and that's because I'm used to doing things that I want to do on those days but I'm getting better at it though. I don't care about Sun at all that's just another day to me. I'm going now I pray things are still well with you guys don't want to ramble on. Shalom from the believer. May Aba Yahweh keep u.

  5. Very cool, so I assume my pallet will be shipped here soon 🙂  lol 

    I have used Emergency essentials, good stuff, I don't buy it by the pallet, but a little bit at a time and have a decent stock in my store room.

  6. excellent company i do all my business with them

  7. what brand is that? Where can you find it?

  8. What is the best way to go as far food storage on a tight budget brother? 

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