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Published on August 20, 2016

How to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag over an open fire. This old campfire cooking trick makes for a simple and delicious camp meal without the hassle of after dinner clean-up. All that’s required is a bit of fresh bacon, a couple eggs, 1 paper lunch sack, a fire, and a hearty appetite 🙂
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 34
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  1. Watch out there's science in this video

  2. I never thought of using a paper bag that is extremely creative I have never seen anything like that, I think it's amazing, I will have to try this next time I go camping :)

  3. Survival situation I'm eating that shit raw as I probably haven't eaten for days.

  4. esspee

    You could weave the bacon too.
    By the way is that halal or kosher bacon? LOL

  5. before going camping peel and cut up some potatoes, onions and mix with ground beef and seasoning salt make serving size balls of raw ingredients wrap each ball separately in foil and putt in a plastic bag in your ice chest so whenever you get hungry while camping you just throw a foil ball in the hot coals and let it cook and you'll have cowboy potatoes

  6. Try a plastic bag next…people will do whatever for views on you tube…

  7. I guess if one wants over cooked eggs and under cooked bacon…..

  8. You go ahead and keep saying go ahead so that people that go ahead will go ahead and go ahead.

  9. I don't remember how to do the biscuits, but my father used to core apples put Cinnamon and sugar wrap in foil and awhile on the fire some good biscuits and apple sauce

  10. I put bacon on my sack too!

  11. What's wrong with just cooking it on a hot rock?

  12. I'm going to go ahead and NOT eat this off-camera because I'm seriously concerned about food poisoning. Way to practice what you preach. FAIL.

  13. Neat trick, but total BS on why it works. The reason for getting the bottom of the paper bag soaked in bacon fat wasn't to keep the bag from burning, but instead so the bag could withstand exposure to water and not be turned into weak pulp… then when he cooked the bacon and eggs in the bag, the moisture in the eggs and the fat being rendered from the bacon kept the temperature of the bag below the ignition point of the paper.

  14. in the german military we grilled Fish in Paper, just take the cleaned Fish, but let his skin normal as is was, no stripping ore soothing, it is a wast of time, even on Perch.
    Than rap 3-4 Layers of milliary Toiletpaiper or 2 of normal quality around the Fish, make the paper wet and lay it in to the glowing cools.
    15min on both sides for a Trout is the best time.
    If you have some spice you can use them in the Fish, this is an amassing way, i do it like that ever since, the fish never gets dry, nothing is falling down salt and spice gets to the hole thing.

  15. Love the cigarette butt next to the hanging bacon

  16. I have to tell you, I bought a book at a book fair with this recipe more or less. This was 1969.

  17. Another good trick is to put a prime rib roast in a sock and dangle it over the fire with suspenders. And bake potatoes in your wet hiking boots for a nice side dish! see MY channel

  18. You gotta knife that had a hard time cutting bacon and poking a hole in a paper bag, Hope you don't need it for real.

  19. Its funny….There is a realitively new invention….I looked it up….its called a PAN

  20. Ray M

    the trail behind him leads to a waffle house

  21. SciGuy

    I would have liked to see the bag straight from the coals. I've never been able to cook the bacon this way without having it become part of the bag…

  22. bacon fails…tbh. he know this, she knows this, trichinosis!

  23. Bacon is not raw to begin with it's smoked and cooked perfectly edible as is even if it is a bit chewy and yeah one small skillet is easier than packing around a bunch of paper bags. Ok for an emergency but for a planned trip well you didn't plan very well if your cooking like that.

  24. i kinda wish you recorded you getting the bag and cutting it open after it's cooked.

  25. is it wrong that I jerked off to this video?

  26. also you can get a paper bag from the grocery store… you just have to ask for one at the checkout

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