Cool NEW Gear – Finally a Modern “Take Down” Survival Crossbow – from Kodabow – Made is USA

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Published on July 2, 2016

I’ve been looking for a take-down, survival crossbow that I could “pack and go” for sometime. I’m pleased to say that I finally found one at the Great American Outdoor Show. The Kodabow. Check out my interview with Chuck – inventor of the Kodabow as he demonstrates what makes this crossbow special. ~Enjoy!

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  1. they are not arrows they are bolts just saying !!

  2. I like it but that thing is huge and looks very heavy. I wouldn't carry it in a SHTF or survival situation. There are 80 lbs mini crossbows sold for 50 bucks folks could be better suited to in a survival situation IMO. This thing looks to me to be better for regular hunters.

  3. Damn it I can't stand this guy talking.

  4. hm. the most important features can be done with most recurves/if not all recurves and even some compounds that have an anti dryfire system, like excalibur crossbow with that rail, too. you dont even need a decocking rope necessarily to get the string of. at least with weaker crossbows that have not much power. lay it on the ground, step onto one arm firmly, pull the other crossbow arm to u. voila.
    – also you can decock the arms with a rope cocking device on each recurve/compound pretty easily, though the pistol grip style ction here is more elegant. no need to shoot in the ground, target, whatever.
    – anti dryfire on this wont let the string go forward, but i think it wont be a big difference if the string goes +-3cm and stops then. u sure dont dryfire each day. maybe… 3 times a month. at most.
    – the folding stock is a fine feature. though the question is how sturdy and realiable it is made, how confortable, and how it will work under the constant pressure of the rope cocking device. as its an ar15 stock, it will wobble a very lot even in brand new state, which i for my part would surely not accept for such a pricey product. maybe on a 200euro crossbow.
    – the disassembling mentioned seems very nice. though it wasnt shown how (fast) its done, and into how many pieces. excaliburs can be disass. into at least 3 pieces too pretty fast, (bow, rail, stock,..), its surely just not meant for constantly doing this.
    – the split arm design is questionable, as very most recurves dont use this system. its common on compound bows, but on recurve crossbows? time had to tell.
    – very nice is the chose for the 125lbs. but why the step to 200lbs then instantly?
    -125lbs is very very weak for such a huge recurve crossbow. why not used much smaller limbs if only 125lbs? seems technically outdated too much.
    – as the stock and trigger group seems to be ar15…. well… history and comparsions to other rifles give me the strong impression, that this isnt the best system to work with. surely not. must be a north american fetish and pride (and most mainly money point) to set on this.
    – the price is very high if u compare it to other recurve crossbows, even to the strongest compounds. i cant imagine its so pricey, only cause its completely (?) made in north america.
    – the rails are fine. though… of coures such rails can be attached to very most crossbows.

    etc etc. my conclusion: its for sure not the "new" idea monster that its being marketed. if they had chosen a much much smaller limb design for only 125lbs, a smaller overall length, a trustworthy trigger group (i doubt the ar15 system), an "unwobbly" folding stock…. ok… yes, too many "if"´s already. it will sure find its fans in mainly the usa, as its ar15 design.
    other customers wont have a reason to buy it, except some childs/women, as its only 125lbs pull.

    > big big thumbs up though, if the product is really made in a place, where workers are being paid, treated fair and like human beings!

  5. Ahhhh its an ok looking bow but the guy uses the words "most other bows don't do this" way more than he should! Maybe he should get out more?

  6. Looks like a cheep Excalibur knock off

  7. I don't think you can take a cross bow on a plane

  8. Mr. pirateojimmy my comment had nothing to do with downing crossbows. This is what sucks about texts. You don't really understand what's being said. My comment referred to another's comment about the string cocking device being old style. in which I felt it was quite versitile not old style or out of date. I have quite a bit of age on me and I know a thing or two about spring type killing weapons. I think you might want to address the gentleman that complained about the string cocking device. Not the one that actually liked and agreed with the original video. Have a good Christmas pirateojimmy.

  9. it's a cross bow, it IS a medieval weapon. You could pull it back by hand? I'd like to see that on the 200 lbs bow. One man made an electric cross bow that shoots arrows like a machinegun one after the other maybe shooting an arrow a second. This all requires extra wait and equipment that if it fails, your stuck. If your cocking string breaks you can usually do something about it. They've also taken arrows and put gun powder behind them. No strings no wide bows. But now you have a gun that shoots arrows not a bow or crossbow. It's a medieval weapon that has some modern takes on it. You need to stay within a perimeter to be classified as a crossbow. I think for a crossbow the cocking and uncocking string setups are simple, light to carry items that make very good sense. Of course that's just my opinion.

  10. coup de grace [ku: d(e) gra:s] – ends in [s]!

  11. So in a home invasion situation, I don't want to find a string to put on the buttstock to recock the bow. Can you pull up with both hands on the string like crazy hell on the 200 pound model to reset the bow?

  12. seems like it might be a little overly complex for a true survival situation…but I'd definitely buy one. Thanx for putting this video up.

  13. Great crossbow I find it would be good for combat. But I guess that's not the case here…

  14. Would love to get 1 if WV would pass the law to make using 1 legal

  15. ZerqTM

    you cant go anywhere in the world with that thing…

    if you take it to Sweden without a license you would be arrested for unlicensed possession of a lethal weapon.

    crossbows require the same kind of license that hand guns and rifles do.
    bows are fine though as the don't store power and are considered a sports instrument.

    claiming you can take that thing anywhere in the world is highly erroneous unless your walking there X3

    that being said that some very nice features for a crossbow and very interesting functionality.

  16. The best feature of this crossbow is the $14 decocking string? Without that thing I would still need to shoot it like a regular crossbow?

  17. The Bow is to loud and way to heavy

  18. looks cool, but also looks big and chunky for a survival bow.  plus 900 bucks, ouch.  made in america indeed. playin off the "tacticool" crowed i think, not really survivalists.

  19. There has to be a better cocking system by now, honestly… Doing it like they did it in the middle ages is just so impractical.

  20. This is really cool, no doubt about that, but at $900 is is well beyond the budget of many survivalists. The 175-lb Jaguar is about $150, not as cool for sure, but at 1/6 the price, it's probably accessible to more budget survivalists. For the Rolex and Ferrari crowd, this is a nice overpriced bow. For the rest of us, a Jaguar will do fine.

  21. Try adding the "go primal takedown bow" to your playlist

  22. Thank you for the video but my Excaliber with my four interchangable limbs from 75lbs to 250lbs will do everything his does even takes down just as easy. Excalibur has over 30yrs of proven reliability and durability, they are the original recurve crossbow. for around the same price. I even twist up my own flemish strings for all my bows.

  23. Great crossbow, well thought out but $900…. Sorry cant even come close to affording that. My crossbow cost me a whopping 300 bucks and can do 99% of what that bow dose. 

  24. In a wilderness type survival situation, I would prefer a normal Long Bow. Homemade bolts are great for them as opposed to crossbows which are just too powerful and destroy the arrow on a miss as well as having accuracy issues with them. Also, if your crossbow breaks, you are out of luck. If your bow breaks, you can make another one (which is a skill I want to acquire). You can also rig up some string and bowfish with a long bow. Such a great survival tool / weapon.

  25. I love u and my friend zac and my brother loves u soooooooooooooooo mutch Keep making videos 

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