Crazy! BEST Survival Knife for $50 U.S.? – Schrade Extreme Survival Knife REVIEW – SCHF9

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Published on June 30, 2016

NEW – Best Knife for Survival – UNDER $50 US – Schrade Extreme Survival knife Review from We’ll do some bushcraft, start a fire, chop a tree and throw this knife. We’ll see if it’s the best survival knife for the money and the new ultimate survival knife…

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Here Are the Knife and Gear Links Mentioned in the Review:

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF9)
Fixed blade with fine edge. High carbon 1095 steel. Great knife for bushcraft tasks like batoning and best $39 survival knife:

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF3)
Fixed blade fine and serrated edge knife made of stainless steel. Great for hunting, camping, bushcraft.

SCHRADE Extreme Survival Knife (SCHF2)
Military styling fixed blade knife in fine and serrated edge blades.

SOG Seal Team Elite:
YouTube Review:

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber LMF II:
YouTube Review:

HERE’s the GEAR I Stuffed Into the Sheath Pouch:

SOG Knife Sharpener / Fire Starter – It’s a helpful little diamond sharpener, a fire starter rod and ceramic sharpener.

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi Tool:

Bear Grylls Micro Torch

Okay… then I grabbed the rest of the gear (sewing kit, fishing gear, matches and such) out of my Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Pack:



SOG Seal Team Elite – Excellent Large Tactical, Military and Survival Knife
YouTube Review:

Gerber LHR Combat / Survival Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
YouTube Review:

Gerber LMF II – Great American-Made Survival Knife
YouTube Review:

SOG Force – Excellent Larger Survival Knife
YouTube Review:



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  1. congratulations fy the video, and very good knife

  2. AFTER watching (approx.) 10 VID's on this knife alone – – I was all but sold on it. I was also deeply disappointed to find it made in China! Am I the only one that's that superficial not wanting to buy one from there? Am I to believe there's not one, that's comparable to this but made in USA?!!

  3. nice knife I wish I could afford one. fixed income sucks for getting any extra things ever. is there any good knives that are cheaper. I am a disabled vet and I am interested in learning survival techniques but money is very tight. so I was hoping to find the best of the very cheap stuff. the outdoors helps quiet things down and makes life easier to take. well I am rambling so I should stop now. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I reckon that this guy shouldn't give survival tips, unless he's been in a survival situation

  5. The blade is to long… We can only use blades up to 12cm in Germany outside of our flats/houses.

  6. bad hat

    Okay so its a strong blade but how does it throw sparks from a flint (chert) rock?

  7. SCHF36 may be better I don't own em yet but the reviews

  8. I have a request. Could you make a video on how to survive being attacked by a bear with only a knife to defend yourself. Like if you are able to reach your knife and the bear hasn't already ripped you to shreds. Also the vital areas of a bear. Where you should strike if you have the chance. I'm not planning to fight a bear. But if I encounter one I would like to be able to live through it. I know about wearing bells while hiking and bear spray. I also own a gun. But I'm talking about worst case scenario . If a video like this already exist. can someone give me the link. Thank you.

  9. The knife throwing comment is laughable at best. Anyone here ever try and actually throw a knife at something that is alive? I use the no spin technique as well and I'm here to tell you there is a reason why no single group of primitive humans ever threw knives at animals large or small. As a matter of fact the closest thing I can think of is blunt force trauma with a large oddly shaped piece of wood (can't recall the name). Animals (including small game) are a lot different than wood, archery targets, or whatever else it is you throw at. The only time I ever successfully killed throwing, the blade had nothing to do with it as rabbit hide backed by guts or the down of a game bird is pretty hard to pierce even with the best of throws. You throw a knife at an attacker and you have just armed him.

  10. Great showcasing the knife.
    I was very impressed.
    Rugged & durable.
    Even has a pouch for extra gear.
    Really a good buy at $40.
    Now to find a shop that sells them so I can get my own.

  11. I have a question about this knife. You said this blade is for right hand only, but do they make a blade just like this for left hands? If not I think they should. This is a very cool blade. Please get back to me when you receive this comment. Great video. Keep them coming.

  12. In my opinion this knife does not hold an edge and has poor fit and finish. Pay extra and get an ESEE 6 knife. I do not trust cheap Chinese made knives. The heat treatment and temper is garbage. You get what you pay for. Do not believe you can get a quality survival knife for less than $50. I have knives from $20 to $500 and I can write a book about this subject.

  13. Could you review the Blizetec 5 in 1 survival knife?

  14. I just got this knife and I must say it is a great knife.  Thanks for the review.

  15. Anyone know any good knives for teenagers for camping?

  16. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife, is definitely the best knife for under 50$. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade, is best for under 20$

  17. wish that evil cold would come back…..

  18. this, bk2, or bk16?
    I haven't yet found a knife to suit me.
    I want a fairly mobile knife

  19. I have the gerber LMF II and want to get a secondary bushcraft knife as a back up. I have narrowed it down to either the Becker BK 2…Cold Steel SRK… or the Schrade Extreme survival. What do you think is the best overall knife?

  20. I'm thinking of getting this knife but I don't have a knife sharpener do you have any recommendations of cheap knife sharpeners that would work well for this knife

  21. I love mine,the small compartment in the front is perfect for some hooks and weights,I also wrapped a ton of fishing line beneath the twine holder.

  22. small knives make more sense. No real woodsman uses bowie knives that large.

  23. bear grylls gerber products suck and I stand by it still .

  24. get rid of the shell anoying ad

  25. very good video very informative- Thank you for making it

  26. also can anyone tell me were i can find a nice backpack, durable, also under $100.00 if possible???

  27. I got an Xtac xtreme Zombiekiller knife.

    love it

  28. I'm sold. I just wish there was a local shop I could get some hands on knives like these.

  29. Waste of time. This is a bushcraft knife. Not a hold in front of a light table for 15 minutes gripping it or throwing knife. Go out in the woods, use it for some real bushcraft and then come back here and make a video.

  30. Great video! Keep it up, man!

  31. I saw this about the SCHF9 and looked into it and found a deal for the SCHF10 (a little bigger) under $50 LOVE IT. I am even thinking of buying a spare. The blade and tang are a solid 1/4 inch thick, you could run over it with a car and nothing will happen to it.

  32. Seb L

    What firesteel do you use in this video and so you recomend it?

  33. Someone tell me what I should get
    Gerber Strong arm
    Bear grylls ultimate pro knife
    Gerber LMF 2

  34. You'd rather have stainless steel in a survival knife than 1095 high carbon?  That's really unusual.  It goes against every bit of survival knowledge I have.  I don't even like stainless steel in a camp knife, let alone a knife my life might depend on.  Do you not care that the knife can't be used with flint?   I simply won't own a stainless steel knife for use in the wilderness.

  35. Excuse me
    these comments were meant for the previous review I saw… :-)

  36. wording in the early part of the video had me suspicious but i continued to watch

    then the fact that you buy or use bear grylls items lead me to totally disregard what your saying

    this is just a commercial

  37. Would you recommend the Schrade SCHF9 or the Cold Steel SRK as a camping/survival knife? 

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