Ray Mears Demonstrations – Cutting with a Knife, Tent Pegs

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Published on July 2, 2016

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  1. Good Video! An other important point: Make sure that the tip is not exactly in the middle. Often a stick has a fine line of pith in the middle. Carve the tip 1-2 mm out of middle & you get a solid tip & the stick is not splitting, when you drive it in the ground.

  2. Is there hazel in the mid Atlantic states, in the U.S.? We seem to be missing out on a great resource. 

  3. i love how calm and clear he is when he does his work.

  4. Great video. Going to make some tent pegs following this method next time I am out in the woods. Should make for some good knife technique practice. 

  5. 1st Ray Mears vid I watched.  I really liked the differnt knife holds explained and the tent peg tempering for hardness.  Do you know what his knife was on this video?  Love the edge… wicked sharp…

  6. Kind of a silly question, but I have a few of those style shirts, in cotton and canvas, but the ones I have have all been discontinued. Is there a common manufacturer of that one, or is it a custom job? Noticed it in the birch bark container video and again in this one. Would appreciate knowing who makes it. 

  7. What brand of knife is that?

  8. I have always loved bush craft and really enjoy watching Mr.Mears. I know it sounds odd, but I found this wee video of him making tent pegs fascinating. I want to go off and try it out myself right now :)

  9. Thank you for this video, i have been searching for this one for years

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