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Published on July 2, 2016

The Prophetess of Prep shares with you some of the daily tasks that will take you closer to your Food Storage goals!


  1. This coming Spring I want to start my gardening, but I have to do it on my deck with crates and ceramic pots to grow the veggies & herbs I want. I would so love having the help from someone like you to teach me to do so. I see everyone is asking the same thing so, we are on to something here.
    Q. What & How can we do in planting veggies & herbs in a limited space to do this ?
    Wonderful Video

  2. Im loving my dehydrator, it was really reasonable from ebay & has 2 years warranty, Its a Bella Casa with 6 trays. Your such an inspiration and I am willing the universe to provide you with your dream dehydrator, much love xx

  3. Greetings, I just subscribed to your site. Oh my goodness, you are awesome. Wished I had found you sooner. Thank you so much, you've inspired me to get back into herbs, and into my kitchen. Children all are grown now, and I sort of stepped away. just sent your site to my daughters. 

  4. Every homemaker/mother should be trained or able to be apprentices to women like u. I would give anything to live close enough to learn from u! U know so much about so many things and I've got a wealth of knowledge from your videos but I can't even imagine how great u must be in person. I admire u very much! 

  5. I hope you get the dehydrator of your dreams, dear Jacquie. You have preserved your wisdom beautifully xxx

  6. Just stoppin' by to send you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ waves~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    have a wonderful 7 yr….a♥a

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