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Published on June 30, 2016



  1. when u dehydration for food emergency in a crisis how long will these dehydrated foods last??

  2. Did you have to disinfect the jars? Did the dehydrator have a cover to seal in the food?

  3. this might be a silly question, but after you dehydrate the mushrooms, how long do the last on the shelf?


  5. So when dehydrating a few different vegetables at one time, what is the best guide to know how long to dehydrate all of them for? The manual I have for me Nesco says 6 to 12 hours. What a large range!! since you have been doing this for a while I figure maybe you have your own guidelines.

  6. You should check out Starry Hilders channel. She shows you an easy way to remove the stem from the kale leaves. She makes kale chips with it. Pretty helpful.

  7. cabela dehydrator is beter 24 rack 419 dollars  new Excalibur 1000  dollars…. trybest Sedona 500 dollars

  8. Hi Linda, so happy I saw this Video again, I have been thinking about a new addition for my food Storage and I feel Dehydrating in addition to my  Canning is a good way to go! I will purchase my first Dehydrator. Would the machine you have "Nesco" be good for a novice like me LOL, you are a Pro, but I do need to be mindful of my budget yet I like to do my Prep work, baking and cooking in larger quantities. I helped to cook for a family of 11 growing up as the eldest of 9 children, so I do things big, lol. Any tips you could share will be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much in advance!

  9. great video i watch this wish i had a woman like u wonderful idea i will be doing this

  10. Tera B

    How long can we store dehydrated foods fruits and veggies?

  11. rubbing a wet Alum Block over your fingers after handling Onions/Garlic get rid of the smell.

  12. I did not see where you said at what temperature and for how long to do the garlic. Also you should tell people( especially for people new to this) that you need to use the mess screen.

  13. Hi Linda .. … You do great videos .. I got a new dehydrator and having fun dehydrating fruits and vegetables…I 'm going to try your garlic power and chopped …but I have one question .. How can I Store for long-term… I just been dehydrator since Christmas ..
    So I do little at a time … But ready to put up more spices … Thank so much for your help.. And keep your great videos coming I'm learning…and enjoying them too… Thanks …

  14. there grown in horse chicken and cow manure, just want to give you aheads up.. beautiful demo.

  15. You should really really wash your produce.

  16. thank you for sharing this….. I should tell you though that garlic is not toxic for dogs except maybe in really large doses….. onions are very toxic , but garlic is actually added to dog products all the time….. :-)

  17. Always great videos thanks ! Do you see the need for oxygen absorbers for long term storage or do you think dehydrated foods would be fine with out ?

  18. Mo Rob

    Awesome channel, sub'd been looking for reasonably easy ways to do food preservation for my garden produce, etc. thanks so much.

  19. Can any of you tell me what you use to turn chopped garlic into powdered garlic? I did a lot of pressure canning this year. Next year I want to use my dehydrator and try this. TY in advance!

  20. You are Awesome! Thanks so much for the tips. I am working on a food storage supply and I will be able to dry veggies for emergencies.

  21. g mac

    LOOOOVE the eggholder

  22. Hi Linda, Your videos are great. I just bought a stackable food dehydrator and was wondering, If you only want to dehydrate a small amount of food say one tray full, do you have to use all the trays with the food on the top tray or can you just use one tray without the others? Thanks for your help and videos!

  23. Love this video, new sub – thanks so much. Keep um coming!

  24. The Excalibur 9 Tray is great as you are able to adjust the temperature so if your interested in preserving the nutritional value in your food. I dehydrate at a temperature of 115 to save the raw nutritional value. I have dehydrated fresh dill, parsley and turmeric. and have had great results.

  25. Great tip! Also, where did you get the egg holder from that I see on the kitchen counter? Love that.

  26. I use my dehydrator and vacuum-canning to preserve those unusual veggies and fruits that either are not available in the #10 cans or are just too expensive to buy from those food storage businesses. Things I dehydrate and store include canned Rotel spicy tomatoes, bags of frozen sliced okra and diced mango, big cans of sliced mushrooms, sauerkraut and fruit cocktail from a restaurant supply store and bags of fresh-roasted green chile peppers. I even make "sun-dried" organic Roma tomatoes in my dehydrator.

  27. Robbie

    You got me laughing with the garlic breath comment.

  28. GIRL , YOU NEED TO MAKE A BOOK! luv, nyc-

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