Dental Floss Survival Hacks 20 + Uses

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Published on January 29, 2017

Sensible Prepper Presents: Dental Floss Survival 20 + Uses. Continuing our series on using common everyday items for Survival. You need to “Improvise to Survive!”

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  1. Navy boot camp we used dental floss to reinforce the loop on our pea coat. Don't know what they do about it now. Maybe just cry in their safe space.

  2. J Young

    Another good use is a wind indicator while hunting deer. Every year I tie some to both ends of my bow.

  3. I though you were gone to show your new swimwear , GREAT VID !!

  4. BitFan

    Are those redwing boots you have on here Sootch?

  5. well,I keep dyneema wire in my bag,it's thinner,holds 20 pounds and you can use it as floss as well. .

  6. Cool video. Of course if its for survival you can always make a trap/snare.

  7. dude am in safe in egypt did you think egypt is safe gus ha if it isnt saf let me know

  8. just going into the comments to see the roasts

  9. Steve S

    Dental floss is great for sewing on hard use buttons, like pants or a heavy coat, especially if they keep breaking with regular thread. I use it to repair buttons on my hunting clothes and its always a one time fix.

  10. Thanks! As a soldier we used to use floss to sew buttons back onto our field jackets as it lasted longer than regular thread. In 2011 I did a field repair to a rucksack using floss, and it's still good!

  11. As a crocheter, I sometimes use the Navajo ply (aka chain ply) method to get a triple-thick strand of yarn off the skein. You could use it on dental floss, too, for a quick and easy way to get a thicker strand. There are YT videos on how to do it.

  12. In this same vein, People seem to have forgotten about cheap, available, binder twine in favor of expensive paracord. The price of twine is usually 1/10 of paracord, and will do just about the same thing as well.
    Last summer I rigged a sun shade in my yard with binder twine. It lasted from May until the first snow.

  13. how about cheap braid fishing line ? you could do even more with that and cheaper too maybe another vid cheers keep up the top vids
    regards Jeff

  14. The way you were holding that floss that five pound weight was actually equivalent to a 2.5 pound weight. You needed to dangle the floss from a single string, you were holding it with two

  15. Hi I like your videos a lot is there any chance to write to you in private? I have some questions I would like to ask you. thank you.

  16. Don, could you do Survival Hacks for wine corks? My wife and I enjoy a wine now and again and again. Consequently, I have enough corks to make a lifeboat. What are some survival uses?

  17. It's kinda like deer sinue? sinew? idk but yah you get it.

  18. great ideas, great channel. rock on brother!

  19. Dog leash for a small pet in a pinch? Key ring,maybe

  20. Lol your so dumb your gunna die first when shtf mr prepper

  21. remember too that there is dental floss and dental tape which is a flat wide floss that can also be very useful best to carry both

  22. For making small animal snares…

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