Diatomaceous Earth for Food Storage

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Published on June 30, 2016

I’ll tell you why, and show you how to use Diatomaceous Earth for food storage. It is an easy and cheap way to store food long term.
There I go… talkin’ about CHEAP again…


  1. Great info Thanks for posting

  2. D.E. is also great in killing any bugs that may get in or hatch from eggs already in the grain also

  3. To evacuate as much air as possible from bags before I bought a vacuum sealer. I just partially filled a bucket or the kitchen sink with water. Seal all but the last inch or so of your bags and then immerse it in the water until it squeezes out 99% of the air. Then seal the last inch before removing it from the water. The water pressure on the outside of the bag works really well to push out the air. Not a perfect vacuum, but pretty close.

  4. Great information. thanks. from Knoxville.

  5. I have read that DE added to pet food and to horse and cattle feed stays in their manure where it kills fly larvae – also de-worms the animals. From my studies of DE and from experience – it DOES NOT kill all insects that contact it. I had to use Neem oil and pyrethins to get to the flies or moths that were eating my tender young sprouts.

  6. Thank you I just learned something new and important.

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  8. OOpppsss I didn't read the post just below mine 🙂

  9. I use a yard stick. It is so much easier to handle than a dowel or a 2×4. Great channel!

  10. I'll try to find the website that has all the particulars and give it to you.

  11. I try to take a tablespoon full a day with some OJ.
    'Sposed to be good fer what ails ye.
    Folks say I'm a little wormy anyway.

  12. You don't need a fancy tripod! Just look around and stack a bunch of stuff up to the height you need, and then start the camera. It's a real pain, but you can do it. You should see my always looking for stuff to hold my camera. (It's really a challenge being so cheap!) Love DE. Good demonstration.

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    Later, dude

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