DIY Birch Bark Bowl

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Home Preppers DIY DIY Birch Bark Bowl
Published on July 2, 2016

In this video I show you how to make a simple birch bark bowl. Birch bark containers have been used for centuries by natives in the northern regions. They can be water-tight and can even be used to purify water via stone-boiling. Many kinds of containers can be made with birch bark. Because of the oils inside, the bark stays very malleable for quite some time.

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Intro music for this video was written and recorded by myself.

Other music in this video came from the YouTube Creator Studio.


  1. "Birch Bark Bowl"
    Try Saying that 10 times as fast o-o

  2. Hey David, I just sent you an email on your site's contact form. Take a look! Cheers, Eric

  3. Fun video…reminds me of making mini birch bark canoes with my grandfather as a kid…thanks!

  4. I've got some of that trees in my neighborhood, so i will give it a try ^_^ good video

  5. Nice little camp project David ! thanks for sharing 
    atb john

  6. ty for the bowl tips, Merry Xmas to you………..

  7. Ever make a birch bark bowl? Natives have been doing it for a long time. Here's my attempt.

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