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Published on July 2, 2016

An easy to follow “how-to” video showing how to make a cool alcohol stove out of an AXE Body Spray can. It has a built in priming tray and achieves full bloom very quickly! Sturdy and lightweight, this little stove is ideal for the “do it yourself” backpacker, hiker, or prepper who looks for durability, compactness, and light weight in their cooking system. Weighing in at .7 ounces, this stove may not be the lightest out there, but at under an ounce it’s weight to durability ratio is excellent. It also makes a perfect companion to the homemade aluminum can pots that many of us find appealing, such as the good old Heine pot and the Foster’s pots. It doesn’t boast the fastest boiling time out of the many alcohol stoves out there, but it is incredibly efficient and burns for almost 20 minutes using 1 ounce of fuel.

Features & Specs:
Weight – .7 ounces
Size – 1 3/4″ x 2″
Fuel Capacity – 1 1/2 ounces
16 Upward Angled Jets
Built-in Self-Priming Pan
30 Second “Bloom” Time
Burn Time:
1/2oz = 8.5 mins.
1oz = 18.5 mins.
Boil Time:
1 Cup (8oz) = 4:20 mins.
2 1/2 Cups (20oz) = 11.5 mins.


  1. Good video if anyone wants to make one from a Coca Cola can as everyone probably has a can in their home anyway you will need 2 cans you will need to mark off the bottoms off 2 of them one line higher than the other then get a nail or drill piece and make 16 holes in 1 can on the contour and 5 holes in the middle of the bottom bear in mind you need to get a 2p coin over the 5 holes you then need to get the pliers and bend the rim of the can with the holes in towards the inside of the can then take the large piece and place the second small piece Inside and voila you have a penny can stove

  2. How do you open it without it blowing up? If they do that?

  3. Rob E

    So I could heat a Beer???

  4. Our stove seems to have really big jets. We made them with a push pin (tac board push pin) it is the same size I use on all my stoves. Due to the long fire coming from the jets it goes though fuel to fast to boil water. Do you have any ideas as to why this is happening?

  5. will this work with the new axe cans? they are slighty different design on the top

  6. That's just plain impressive. Waiting on mine to dry then will be testing it out this week!!

  7. There is one fatal flaw in your stove design.  You have to buy a can of AXE Body Spray first.

  8. You should have said two empty contents so some smart one doesn't ax himself xD

  9. How would you go about emptying the can if you just bought one?

  10. Made the Axe stove using 16 each 1/16 holes and during the test burns I got less than 1 1/2 minutes of Prime and Burn on 14 cc of yellow Heet.  Any idea what I may have done incorrectly?

    Really enjoy your videos, thanks for doing them !

  11. Is it possible to add more volume on the can? put more height to put more alcohol and make burn time longer? 

  12. mine had a plastic ring still in the very top even after I removed the stem, so the center fuel hole clogged up when it melted, so I had to use a cutting wheel to remove it and it left a little larger hole, but still works good

  13. Hairspray can works better, but great video. 

  14. Hi, i was wondering if you could drill maybe 2 holes in the top? so then you wouldn't require a funnel to fill it with fuel? 
    make it more backpacking friendly :-). Love the videos btw. 

  15. Buzzer

    can you make it out of a lynx can?

  16. preheat plate is great idea

  17. i just made one it works lol but is no where as good as yours. great vid.

  18. How far apart did you put your jets?

  19. Awesome! Great thinking putting the razor a book to score the edges. The only thing that stinks about this build (literally) is emptying out the AXE before cutting the can apart LOL. They call them "axe bombs" for a reason!

  20. Fossn8

    Hi John. I made my first alcohol stove according to your how-to video and it works great! It was very easy to make and boil time is very fast.

    Btw, when I picked up the denatured alcohol at the hardware store I spotted the 1-gallon paint can grids and got the idea to use it as a pot stand for the stove and it worked very well. It could also serve a dual purpose as a backpacker's bbq gril but I haven't tested that yet. The grids are very cheap and lightweight. My only concern is how well the aluminum grid will stand up to prolonged heat. Thanks again for all your great ideas.

  21. I have some Ronson lighter fluid that I use in my Zippo, could I use that instead of alcohol?

  22. Indeed there is a hidden rubber gasket between the formed-over metal top and the aluminum canister of this can. As the canister heats up the acrid smell being emitted is the rubber gasket cooking between the two layers. The only way to remove this before it explodes off the can on its own is to tear off the metal top with a pair of pliers. Kinda destroys the design and perhaps the efficiency.
    Beware as a few others have noted, if that seal blows, the top of this stove will shoot off like a bullet! Mine was almost halfway there before I noticed it separating. 

  23. I bet your wife is a lucky woman, because you have magic hands. I absolutely could NOT get the top part into the bottom. I even beveled in the top a little. It eventually creased and failed completely. I plan on making a "Supercat", but this just looked fun to make. Thanks for the vid!

  24. qmmo

    Guess I need to go find Robert Frost's Poetry for this one . . . . :))

  25. Odood19

    Ever consider making one out of a big metal drum or bucket? It could be used for things like emergency heating as well as cooking.

  26. I don't understand how I'm supposed to fit the top part inside the bottom part, even after flaring it out considerably. I've been at this for the better part of an hour and can't get it to fit. Suggestions?

  27. does it take insulation

  28. ZeidGho

    Am not sure i want to open an axe bottle, even when its empty!!! I will try though, cuz its looks so good and efficient.

  29. I love your videos. Thank you for the cool D.I.Y gear. The music is great but I enjoy it even more when you narrate. I can't wait to make this.

  30. great video 🙂 i was just wondering if there's anything i can substitute for the jb weld? maybe epoxy?

  31. kc8ntp

    I think I am going to try to make one of these, but only use a threaded rivet in the center and use a pot stand.

  32. haha i left a comment about asking if you could make a tutorial on this and then i find it!! i love this stove dude and i really want to make one. one question though… do you have to use jb weld? like could you use nothing or matbe even hot glue?

  33. the stoves with the inner wall are often using a capillary action to deliver the alcohol to the jets really its just a design feature so it would't be more or less efficient

  34. heet is denatured alcohol it will burn cleaner than your average isopropyl alcohol of you use the isopropyl it will leave the bottom of your pots black

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