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Published on July 23, 2016

How to make a simple paracord net for use as a backcountry hammock camp chair. This handy DIY net can also serve multiple other uses, such as: A makeshift bush pack, a gear loft for storing and protecting your equipment while in the field, lashing system to attach wet or excess gear to the outside of your backpack, or even as a makeshift cargo net. The net hammock shown in this video has a finished size of 48″ x 36″, and requires 82 feet of cordage (2 main lines 5ft in length, and 9 dropper lines 8ft in length). By making slight variations to the net making technique demonstrated here, you can create a versatile net for many different applications. Depending on the intended usage of the net, you can utilize a wide selection of cordage materials, such as: 550 paracord, fishing line, rope, string, or even naturally made cordage. By simply adjusting the line lengths and spacing of the cross sections you can create a useful net for practically any purpose.

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  1. Nice but I don't like that you throw the little ends of the rope just down…

  2. John, nice video, what a great idea. I was thinking at the time it came out of your mouth a gill net, lol !! Great job !!

  3. wow this is a lot easier than i thought it would be

  4. a single person bed hammock how much material would you need

  5. don't get me wrong,i mean i'm not criticizing you on your gear,but i love your camcorder,make it give the feel of those 90's summer back in the day for me.
    awesome channel keep up the good work

  6. Do you think that this could be modified into a toilet set? My wife and daughter hate answering the call of nature while out in nature!

  7. Really great idea! I will be making one soon, you demonstration seems easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time and sharing this tip.

  8. Hey thanks for the tips I took your net idea and made an actual hammock. It works great 

  9. Hey John, where do you get your carabiners at? I can't find any for for my hammock.

  10. Made one and use it all the time or when I can but ya I liked your video very helpful thanks 

  11. LOVE IT!!!! I already use a hammock instead of a tent to begin with….but this is cool!!!

  12. DIY small volleyball net / hammock if you have the patience 

  13. Moses

    In reality if you just go bigger you can make a hammock? So awesome kids are gonna love this project, thanks for the vid. 

  14. simply a great video. very easy to follow instructions with no crap. very cool channel!

  15. How far apart did you say the top and bottom lines need to be?

  16. Great DIY! I will definitely make one of these on my next camping trip! all your videos are wonderful and I love your tips and tricks, I look forward to you continuing your videos. thank you  for this project

  17. I'd be careful about melting those ends.  You can easily burn through the bottom line.

  18. Great! Thank You for the wonderful video!

  19. Great Video, Thanks I now have a "winter" project!

  20. I made 1 of these ..very versitile piece of equipment

  21. Can't wait to make one! Thanks for the idea! Love all of your videos, btw. 

  22. Great bid yet again. I can't wait to use this as a gear stowaway under my hammock. I have never seen the para cord system you used to lash to the tree, very nice. What knots did you use to mage the individual "sections" to adjust attachment points? Just simple overhand knots? Thanks again!

  23. If you have the time to make a tight enough weave, you could turn this design into a bed. Four posts, a tight weave, and boom – a SUPER comfy bed.

  24. That's incredibly thoughtful of you. I'm sure he will love it 🙂

  25. i am going to make this as part of my Brother's Christmas present. He'll love that it's so lightweight and the multiple functions it can serve.

  26. a great EDC, when bush crafting, especially when you don't feel like sitting on dirt of cold rocks!

  27. Thanks Brother. Really glad that you're enjoying the vids… definitely appreciate ya watchin' 🙂
    All the best!

  28. Thank you very much for the great feedback my friend… much appreciated 🙂

  29. Simple but yet very uselful. I have really enjoyed looking at your videos.

  30. Very well make video. Sounds good, cameras good.
    and your a very good teacher too. Thank you

  31. Dude, if you say the word "simply" one more time….

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