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Published on July 19, 2016

The uses for paracord are as limitless as the imagination. In this easy to follow DIY tutorial, I show how to make use of the small scraps from various other projects that you may have created… whether they be the ever popular paracord bracelet, lanyards, or other crafts. Using those small sections of paracord, I demonstrate how to make a piece of your own homemade fishing tackle… the ever useful slinky weight. This cheap and easy to make piece of tackle is great for fishing those areas that are normally difficult to fish without losing all of your gear… increasing your odds of landing the fish of your dreams!
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  1. Love your videos ! Thanks for sharing your great ideas !

  2. Thanks dude! Got a source for different paracord widths?

  3. i am late to this discussion but ive been producing several of these in different styles as well and i must say i thought to leave them soak in fish oil attractant to prevent rust but also lure fish to the bait better since it stays on the fabric better than anything else and also they can serve as bait on their own also blend in to any environment

  4. i dont get what it is used for or how you use it could someone help me out?

  5. Damn that neat idea.  I like to fish light lines and this with 10 to 12 lb line for spooky catfish would be great idea.  Thanks.

  6. fish will bite it and if you put a treble on the bottom ot a standard hook it it you can effectivly make whatever color  worm lure

  7. I have used air gun pellets as they are lead and they weigh a bit more.  They also can be taken out and used individually as a tie on weight.  Great video. 

  8. Hi
    great video  tyvm 4 sharing I have made n used these for years  for steelhead n salmon fishing , and trout I enjoy all your tips

  9. For anyone curious about a comparison with fishing weights, the standard weight of a single .177 caliber steel BB shot is 5.1 grains, which is .01 ounces or .3 grams.

    Wet paracord (with the core removed) is nearly the same weight as water (it floats, but with only about 5% above the surface).

  10. I'm not a fisherman, so it's great to learn a few things even for those once in a blue moon times I get to throw/cast a line.

  11. That was very clever Mr. Bond. Nicely explained from beginning to end.

  12. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing this one luv! ♥

  13. Great idea. I will be using this one a lot.

  14. fantastic idea….    you could also use pellets  for pellet guns… 22 cal   20 cal  or 177…..  might be a tad heavier ? that bb's ?? not sure

  15. !!!!!!!!!!BRAVO   USA!!!!!!!!!Thank you ……

  16. I have seen these at th fishing shows all the time but they are pricey. thanks

  17. paco


  18. I was thinking that these would work to add onto a Paracord Fishing Bracelet with the little swivels. Maybe wrap them into the bracelet. What do you think, would that work? Just a thought.                                                              


  20. Really great and creative idea, i got out on the water too today and gave it a try and it works perfectly except for the end of the paracord sliknk broke off where the line goes through but i got back to the garage and tinkered with it a bit and made sure i wouldnt break it the next time. Way to go John!

  21. Anything to keep Mike from getting snags. Great stuff John :)

  22. Great Tip Sir John…Thanks for sharing ^.~ and bg the way thanks for following me on instagram. You follow and support is very much appreciated…thanks again Sir!

  23. Great Tip Sir John…Thanks for sharing ^.~ and bg the way thanks for following me on instagram. You follow and support is very much appreciated…thanks again Sir!

  24. Excellent, I made the little paracord fishing lure

  25. Jim

    Next time show that it works like catching a fish

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