DIY – Survival / Bug Out Water & Filter Kit – EDC – Emergency – Sawyer / Klean Kanteen / GSI

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Home Preppers DIY DIY – Survival / Bug Out Water & Filter Kit – EDC – Emergency – Sawyer / Klean Kanteen / GSI
Published on June 30, 2016

Check Out this NEW – DIY Water Kit – YOU Can Build and Add on for Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, Camping, Bushcraft, Tactical and Military Operations… Emergencies and Disasters. This Kit ALL Fits in a MOLLE Water Pouch and Could Save YOUR Life in a Pinch!

So Let’s Take a Look at How To Put Together this Rugged, EDC, Survival Water Collection, Filtration and Storage Kit… ALL for Less than the Cost of Most Good Water Filters Alone.

Let’s Get Started…


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As Promised…

Here Are Links to ALL the Gear in this Video:

ENTIRE – List of Items on Amazon US:

Individual Items – HIGH Priority:

1 ) 40 oz. Stainless Steel Canteen – Klean Kanteen

2) 20 oz. Stainless Steel Cup w/ Folding Handles – GSI

3) Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit

4) Water Pouch – from Condor

5) Water Pouch – from Maxpedition (does NOT have MOLLE straps)


1) Lighter/s:

2) Exotac FireRod – w/ Replaceable Rod and Tinder Compartment:

3) Mini LED Flashlight:

4) Tactical Neck Knife – Freeman Outdoor Gear:

5) Cotton Ball (Scrounge from Home or Use Link):

6) Paracord – Made in USA:


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  1. one day at a time survival means finding someone that is prepared and shoot em.You cant carry every so grab a canteen ,two guns a nine and .45 a sack of rice a knife fire started emergency blanket iodine and run like hell.

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you for your time and dedication.

  3. I have a couple of these. anyone have a lot of play with the connection on the strapping to your packs?

  4. just wanted to say that I built went out and built my water / filter kit based on your advice. it supposed to be for my bugout bag, but I now bring the whole kit every day coz its so much fun to have around. cheers!

  5. Are you still doing give away if so to Canada

  6. Game On

    U always find all the cool stuff to buy,after watching this video I got that condor pack, very good quality.

  7. Been using that Sawyer for a couple of years now and love the darned thing!

  8. Is it easy to remove the GSI mug when stored that way? I've seen people struggling.
    Some people recommend putting the mug on top of the bottle, but I wouldn't want to take the mug just to have a sip of water. 

  9. love all your vid just have to ask do u buy all these things for reveiw or are they on lone

  10. david would you recomend a 22. caliber pellet hand gun or a slingbow thanks

  11. i just bring my trangia kettle

  12. Like the video, how do you make your intro and thumbnails thanks.

  13. You inspired me to learn about survival me and my cousins built a shelter so that if anything happens we go there and we're did you get the paracord belt

  14. You inspired me to learn about survival me and my cousins built a shelter so that if anything happens we go there and we're did you get the paracord belt

  15. Love the whole kit and I added all kinds of stuff inside the water bottle. Even added the espit stove to the front pocket.

  16. David, love the bug out bag videos they are very informative and great thank you

  17. Loved the video very helpful.saved me from spending a ton of money.have army training but not familiar with all the new products out .I'll keep watching thanks for all you do.

  18. What kind of back pack is your bug out bag in the video.

  19. Wildman

    were you ever in the service?

  20. Semper Fi brother! Great idea on a water purification system.

  21. love vid. why don't u do a review of the pathfinder bottle kit?

  22. Matt K

    Wow this is great! I think a few things I'd modify:

    I'd add some redundancy for both fire and purification. Throw in some small iodine purification packets, as well as more petroleum cotton balls for fire. I'd also try to stash a small wire saw and a more capable knife for processing firewood. To make room I'd pack a smaller Keychain light, and maybe ditch the plunger.

    To keep it ready, stuff the klean kanteen with some SOS lifeboat drinking water packets, and for morale maybe some soup bullion packets and instant coffee or tea (if space permits).

  23. edeaven

    david  love this video a definite must have 

  24. 64 ounche 27, or 40 ? what sise fit in the condor bag?

  25. Really like Your videos/love them i follow you and i will buy that!

  26. I'd add a second bag (on for clean/dirty water) and a funnel.  That way you can pour clean water from the can into the clean water plastic bag.

  27. Would an 18oz cup work with the bottle

  28. How do I connect the sawyer water filter to a hydration pack?

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