DIY – Survival Fire Kit / Shoe – HACK – How to Make Fire with a Shoe or Boot – FireCord Paracord

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Home Preppers DIY DIY – Survival Fire Kit / Shoe – HACK – How to Make Fire with a Shoe or Boot – FireCord Paracord
Published on June 30, 2016

Here’s a 5 Minute Survival Hack YOU Can Do to Transform Your Shoes or Boots Into an Everyday Carry (EDC) Survival Fire Kit! Prepare to Be Amazed…

This video includes 550 paracord and a demonstration of 550 FireCord. Check it out…


For Your Convenience…
Here are LINKS to ALL the Gear Shown in this Video:

Regular 550 Paracord:

550 FireCord Paracord:

Mini (2 inch) Ferro Rods:


Hacksaw Blade:

Duct Tape:

David’s Neck Knife:

David’s Hiking Shoes:

Rattlerstrap Flint Laces:


  1. on this show I won't be surprised if he does kill 2 birds with 1 stone

  2. i love your vids dave but i was wondering if long gear reveiws aren't your thing or you just don't bother

  3. dude your face is so saggy

  4. you can also take a razor blade cover edge and drill holes to add to tongue of shoe

  5. I like the idea but to be honest have my doubts about giving up Shoe or boot laces. Laces help control the foot warmth and keep your shoes on. I know it is cheesy but a Altoid can with a fire kit would make more sense to me to carry, as honestly running around the woods etc boots flopping and cold does not appeal to me.

  6. I almost hate to say it… but not only is that terribly cool, but it's frickin' genius.
    I'm on it! Great video and Thank's for the tip/hack…

  7. Just a thought but after cutting the firesteel you should coat the cut ends with nail polish or paint to protect it from salt corrosion

  8. Ed Cook

    Interesting ideas. I like them. Thanks.

  9. been doing this for ever and this is the first time i am seeing this ideal

  10. Awesome tip! Thought about replacing my shoe laces with regular paracord, but I didn't think about fire cord! I wonder if I can make my own fire cord?

  11. Where can I order that 550 paracord and fire starter.

  12. Love the tip many thanks David.


  13. Normally, I really like your content and I think you give some great advice.  I do not regard this as your normal well thought out advice.  First:  If I use my shoe laces for cordage, I guess I'm going to damage my feet walking with loose, untied, flopping around boots thereafter.  Second:  Extra-Flammable is not something one's shoes should be.  I realize you are not leaving the flammable core exposed, but I'm also familiar with the 550 firecord (supported the kickstarter and got some quite a while ago).  An ember melting through the outer sheath can indeed ignite the core if there's a good oxygen supply (like wind).  Putting my feet up by the fire would be out of the question.  Stomping out and/or kicking dirt on to extinguish a fire would be out of the question.  Standing next to my potentially life saving fire would become a hazard to my foot gear and introduce risk of injury.  The firecord is generally safe stuff and isn't going to just randomly ignite, but my shoe laces are generally unattended and often at the exact same height and in close proximity to my fire when I have one.

  14. Does this work with FlipFlops?

  15. Avoid airports and government buildings while wearing these shoes.

  16. video about you best survival kit

  17. Great tip… I see if your careful, and only use the inner strands that you'll still have laces on your boots. Good stuff.

    As always David top notch audio/video/editing… keep up the good work.

  18. How do you keep your boots on if you use the laces for something else, durr. Of course if you use those laces to hang yourself it's not a problem.

  19. Awesome Tip! and not gimmicky …Thanks for the video!

  20. This is genius ! ! !

  21. Great tip David, as usual known From you bro. Have a great one.

  22. lol you watched, dude i'm screwed!

  23. I got a bunch of firecord from their kickstarter.  Was cool seeing you talk about it here. :)

  24. DaBomb

    nice idea. I love your videos, keep it up.
    you should do a review on the gerber strongarm

  25. I did something similar with all my boot laces awhile back. I was one of the original Kickstarter backers for 550 Firecord and got a couple hundred feet of it as soon as it was available. I have since replaced all my boot laces, bracelets, lanyards, zipper pulls and the paracord on all my packs with Firecord. For my boots I have a 1" section of a 3/16" ferro-rod that's been drilled in 2 places laced onto my boot laces down near the toe. I also finished the ends of the laces with a 1" section of heat-shrink tubing to act as aglets in order to make lacing easier and give them a more finished 'shoe lace' looking appearance. I wish I'd thought of putting mini-ferro rods in the ends of the laces. That would be more convenient than having to take the laces almost all the way out to get to the ferro rod all the way at the bottom! Oh, well. Live & learn. I have one laced into my Firecord bracelets, and that one's pretty easy to get to!

    There's apparently a new survival paracord out now with monofiliment line, copper wire, waxed jute and some other stuff too. I'm not sure what it's called, but it sounds interesting!

  26. That was a cool hack. I'll add this to my saved vids.

  27. That has to be one the best tips I've seen on YouTube in a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  28. David you should try Titan survival cord!
    it's 550 paracord but with not only an extra waxed line for tinder but also with a fishing line and a copper snare wire

  29. It's cool to have paracord as your laces until you need to take it off to use then you have no laces… So I'd keep my laces how they are

  30. Real good one, man! I didn't even know fire cord was a thing, definitely getting some.

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