DIY – Winter Clothing Guide – How to Dress for Cold Weather Survival – BEST Boots / Gloves / Coat

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Home Survival DIY – Winter Clothing Guide – How to Dress for Cold Weather Survival – BEST Boots / Gloves / Coat
Published on July 2, 2016

DIY – Build Your Own Winter and Extreme Cold Weather Survival Clothing Kit – Discover the BEST Choices for Underwear, Base Layer, Boots, Pants, Tops, Gloves, Coats, Parka, Hat… (Gear List Below)

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Here’s a LIST of ALL the GEAR Shown in this Video

* LAYER #1: SUB-BASE Layer *

Under Armour – Boxer Brief:

Under Armour – Sleeveless Shirt:

Exofficio Briefs:

** LAYER #2: BASE Layer **

Extreme Cold Base – Top:

Extreme Cold Base – Bottom:

PolarMax – Double Base – Top:

PolarMax – Double Base – Bottom:

Heavyweight Merino Wool Base Layer:

Merino Wool Socks:

*** LAYER #3: CORE Layer ***

Fleece Pullover – Light:

Fleece Pullover – Heavy:

**** LAYER #4 OUTER Shell ****

60% + Poly – Tactical Pants:

Surplus Wool Pants:

Fleece Lined Pants:

Paracord Belt:


Tactical Jacket:

Free Country Insulated Jacket:

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System – Coat

Down Parka:

BONUS – Water Proof Shell:
Helly Hansen Impertech – Rain Jacket:

Helly Hansen Impertech – Rain Pants:

Rocky Core Boots:


Fleece – Cap:

Bomber / Trapper Hat

Carhartt Cold Snap Gloves:

Leather Mittens:

BUFF Neck Wool Base Layer:

Shemagh Scarf:

Neck Fleece:

Tactical Sunglasses:

Rob the Mannequin:

**** EXTREME Cold Clothing UPGRADES ****

Going to Siberia for a Little Getaway? Well, here are a few UPGRADEs to the Clothing Kit Shown in this Video that You May Like to Consider for EXTREME Cold…

Extreme Cold Base – Top:

Extreme Cold Base – Bottom:

Bomber / Trapper Hat

Heavyweight Merino Wool Base Layer:

Muckluck Boots – Military Surplus (Don’t forget the liners):

Baffin Arctic Boots:

Balaclava – Extreme Face and Head Protection:

Arctic Mittens:

Arctic Expedition Parka:

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System – Coat

Arctic Expedition Pants

Anti-Fog Snow Goggles:


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  1. This seems like overkill to me. While it might be a good idea to have some of this stuff in a survival kit in your car this is a bit much for going out every day.

    I live in a very harsh climate in Canada where it frequently gets below -20c and I wear essentially a t-shirt, dress shirt and medium weight bomber jacket and it is plenty warm. As long as you have a decent hat and gloves the only thing that feels cold is my legs if i am wearing just jeans or dress pants. I think I am going to try adding a full leg sub-base layer like you did here and that should be good for 90% of situations.

    Yes for a survival situation adding some snow pants and a fleece or wool hoodie would be a nice to have but it would probably take a long time before you get dangerously cold even without those and by then you should probably have a fire going.

  2. Dude, you make the absolute BEST gear review videos…period!

  3. I prefer merino wool over synthetics for multiple reasons. It will not catch fire or melt when close to a campfire. It keeps most of it's insulating value even when wet. It does not smell nearly as bad as synthetics when you have to wear it longer then you want. Yes it's heavier and more expensive, but I think the advantages out weigh the disadvantage of cost and weight. Minus 33 is my go to brand.

  4. and layering like that is to much it will make u slugish nice overal snow pants that go up to nips are very warm and your johns a hoddie and a warm winter jacket balaclava beanni gloves nice boots not 20 jackes

  5. ok pal i live in northern michigan and if u dont have snow pants u die

  6. I would recommend a wool army surplus scarf

  7. I didn't know that cotton would absorb sweat lmao thats probably why my t-shirts stank after pe

  8. I think the most layers I've ever used was maybe 4 in a sub -30*C temp (I'm Canadian) inside an uninsulated house.

  9. This is just what I was looking for. Thank you for the great video!

  10. David, could you answer a couple questions?

    Why did you opt for the Maelstrom soft shell jacket over the Condor or Rothco?

    Are you familiar with any less expensive alternatives to the Carhartt gloves?

    I enjoy your videos very much and find then quite useful. Keep up the good work!

  11. You should have included to make sure you have UV proof glasses, otherwise you can screw up your eyes big time. +Ultimate Survival Tips

  12. Can you create anther video on how to stay cool in the summer. If your do I will add it to the playlist I put this video on. 

  13. Hello David i just want to ask you If you can make a video about a cheap and good crossbow?

  14. Hi I was wanting to ask about something I have heard about. 
    There is supposed to be a tarp or blanket that blocks your body
    heat so that FLIR and thermal image equipment cannot locate you.
    And apparently there is also one with a hood in it.
    If we can ID it I would like to buy a couple.

  15. Nice gear !!!
    In Europe we use Helly Hanson, offshore on the North Sea, its the best protection we can get.

  16. "You could be toast"  I'm sure it would be just the opposite lol.

  17. Hello David
    Its extreme  cold in ALSACE in winter -20  frontiers with France and Germany . Your vidéos super .
    Sorry for my  language .

  18. David, you need to get your hands on this knife. Buck Knives 655 TOPS Short Nighthawk Fixed Blade Black Tactical Knife. The knife is made by buck and TOPS!! This is a great looking knife and the price of it tool great too. I found it on Amazon. Please,
    please,please get your hands on this and do a review on it. That would be great!!

  19. Hey check out darn tough socks they are the best same wool and they come with a lifetime guarantee 

  20. Thanks for the video.  I'm wondering what passes for "bitterly cold" in the state of Pennsylvania?

  21. Thanks for the tips enjoy your vids but could do a review on the leatherman tread 

  22. Can you do a review on the buck knife 284

  23. If ur shoew get wet put some plastic bags on your feet and voila. No water 

  24. Get a snowmobile suit then your done you won't get cold

  25. "… Man I hate scratchy wool…." That was an odd comment screen change

  26. Bitter cold in Pennsylvania? Try spending a winter in Iqaluit. 

  27. That mannequin dude in the back is starting to creep me out….

  28. If you are discussing the cold and preparing for it you should do another video about preparing your clothing to avoid frost bite specifically. Here in Minnesota it does get below bitterly cold into exceedingly dangerous. Don't walk around with your scarf down. Protect your face better. You need glove liners also. Great work been a fan for a long time. Keep up the videos.

  29. Great video thanks for the info!

  30. Holy crap where do you go?!?! Id die if I had all that on of over heating! I skate in -40 c weather in a simple cotton t, cotton hoodie then a light water resistant jacket over top… and jeans! (not recommended.. can't do longer than an hour comfortably)

    My Canadian recommendation:
    Yes layers are good, but too many layers is not! Have something that can easily allow some airflow to cool you off… especially on the pants! I am not going to be taking off my boots, then pants to take off the long underwear then put it all back on in -40…. your recommendations are good for if you are just standing not doing anything. For shirts, I cannot wear 2 under layers followed by a big sweater then a jacket… even with the jacket off I would over heat, and if I did that then my sweater would be soaked because of the snow. 

    Boots are very important, I recommend Baffin -> incredibly comfortable for both male and female and very warm/water resistant. Pants I would recommend something with a zipper up the leg, I use snowboarding pants for 2 reasons, first normally they have a strap to keep your pants down so snow does not go up, second because of the ventilation zipper… I use it all the time because I over heat! very important when you are in the cold weather… you would not be able to take off any of those layers when your in -40 weather so something you can zip open to cool down and keep you from sweating is important.

    Mits = amazing, I recently bought some mitts with finger dividers, very nice! Never had a pair of mitts that actually keep my hands warm even after I get wet! But also important have a second lighter pair to switch to when you start to over heat. Lucky this last weekend was only -30 so I was okay after I sweat… I was still warm playing in the snow, including after I did a polar dip… slipped my warm cloths back on with not much drying and I was good. For work gloves I found at home depot a insulated waterproof glove (I think the brand is now called Kuny's), very thin and very nice! Not meant for long periods of work in the snow but did work when I was in -20 for my 8 hour shifts outside as an electrician worked great.

    Your lamb hat would also be too hot for me, but that is the style I like for one main reason… the flaps. They cover more of your face than you think, and with some styles you can actually clip the flaps up so you can cool off a bit… this also helps when I wanted to removed my hat and clip it to my pants to not lose it. 

    Finally the neck warmers.. sure those ones you recommend were nice, but I as well also prefer your scarf wrap because you can remove it when needed, you do not want to remove your hat, place it all on the ground because you can't hold your glasses, hat, gloves, just to remove your scarf… have something that wraps… also because you can wrap it higher for a face cover when you are walking in the windy areas. For eye protection yes your glasses work great but for something that keeps majority of your face warm switch to snowboarding/skiing goggles, they have the airflow so they will not fog but also give you great visual because of the size of the lens and great insulation from the cold including the brisk -60c wind! You can get the goggles any colour you want including camo and then you can add speciality lens' like ones that brighten up your surroundings but dim out the sunlight (I prefer the pink lens… not for style but for visibility until the sun is almost completely set).

    Don't under estimate your snowboarding gear… it is after all designed to keep you dry and warm. 

  31. Did you get the "your body's a heater" from Dan at Nature Reliance?

  32. In my experience the only way to stay warm is to keep moving. Used be a royal guard, so during winter it could get below -30 degrees Celsius.
    You could put on as many layers you want but you will get cold.

    I usually wear wool, from top to bottom, and wind/rain proof shell jacket and pants from Norrø
    We just had a weekend of wind (15-20 m/s) in -15 to -20 degrees Celsius.
    I wore one bottomlayer of wool and medium thick wool socks, with wind and rain proof pants from Bergans.
    On top I wore a thin wool shirt and a thick wool sweater (NATO) as inner layer. Top outer layer was a windproof jacket from beyond X.
    For my hands I had a mix of leather and goretex gloves.

  33. Great info man. Thanks

  34. I'm just lucky that there's no extreme weather in the part of England in which i live. However, nothing gets me more annoyed than a cold, frosty day in the woods doing bushcraft without warm clothing!

    Great work and keep the videos coming, David!

  35. Personally, I like your vids and think your editing makes them more interesting. But,,,,, my wife is starting to complain about all the money I spend after watching one of your videos!!!! 

  36. I know what you mean just above you in New England .

  37. scratchy wool is annoying especially as underwear ;)

  38. can you do one for tropical areas .. like the everglades ..or for hunting

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