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Published on June 30, 2016

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In the past 5 years, a bunch of new dehydrated and freeze dried food companies have entered the market, but that doesn’t mean you should buy from them. Putting together your own food storage plan allows you to 1) save a TON of money, and 2) Be the captain of your own ship instead of just buying what other people tell you to.


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  1. I would never try this way of eating. The cost is to high and the food isn't fresh. Moms don't really get a break.

  2. I just tried my Daily Bread sampler I got free in the mail.Beef Stroganoff.3/4 cup of boiling water and 8 minutes wait time. It was excellent,and filling. Didn't need to add any spices or salt.Ate it right out of the package.Only prob I had was that,I wish there was more. What this man didn't say was that although you can easily and cheaply dehydrate food at home, the company's he's talking about FREEZE-DRY their food. Good luck finding a cheap food freeze-dryer on the market.And with dehydrated food,usually it needs to soak for a while before it's hydrated. Freeze-dried food hydrates quickly. It lasts longer. And usually tastes better.That's what your paying for.

  3. I purchased some Daily Bread Food Storage and it is thus far the best tasting long term foor storage food that i've eaten.  The packaging is really nice, so nice that I save the packets for further use once I eat what's in them, and the food is really good.  Your food storage should not consist of only the more expensive freeze dried food.  It should be split up into tiers.  I use a three tier system:  Tier 1:  6 months of what you normally eat; Tier 2:  6 months of basics like rice, beans, wheat, and canned meats; Tier 3:  Long term food storage (the 15+ year stuff).  However, you do it, as long as you are keeping some extra food in case of a storm or natural disaster you are good to go.  God Bless.  Thanks for your videos as well.

  4. I like Daily Bread and did a lot of research before making a decision.  They last more than one year, they last up to 25 years and taste awesome.  I want something that will last for years that is healthy.  It is freeze dried and they also have vegan.  I am sold after looking at several others.  I need something to store for years.  What you said make since if that is all you need. It is just my personal preference to have something to store for years not just one year.

  5. One of the big considerations in this whole thing is portability.A case of soup weighs a LOT! If you have to move it that could be a problem. Will you have to move from your home and what will cause that to happen. And consider weight!

  6. yeah i hear you brother. their cannery is a great resource. I actually am Mormon, but have only made it down a couple times. The one I went to even told me the would let me borrow their mylar sealer for a week on a handshake and promise, if I wanted to seal other stuff at home… i need to get back there…

  7. One of the best things the Mormons have going is Canneries where you can go and can your own food. I have used the one here in Jacksonville a couple of times and found it far less expensive then freeze dried garbage and much healthier because you are getting the whole fruit or vegetable and not a mouth full of chemicals and preservatives.

  8. haha uhhhh…. what? I'm not recommending eating bark from a tree! 🙂 I'm just saying buy regular food from a store for your long term food storage stuff over freeze dried pouch meals that these companies try to push on you…

    with you on the Fed printing money though…

  9. It seems like you are trying to think through this food storage, preppie thing. I am glad that you are. However, history is against your thoughts. We Americans should be in a great depression right now. We can not sustain this printing worthless money forever, it will catch us and shut us down. You will change your tune the first time you and your family try eating bark from a tree. I suggest you re-think your stand. Best to you, young man.

  10. yes sir. Sound logic, that I also recommend. The Mormons are a bunch of monsters! haha you prob didn't know, but I actually am mormon. I don't take advantage of the food storage resources anywhere near as much as I should, but they do have some really good stuff…

  11. I usually tell people to start with a emergency 72 hours of food that stores for a long long time. Then start building a working pantry of things you eat with a years worth of supplies. Then look at long term storage items that last 30 years, such as wheat and a grinder. I think the LDS Church people have the plan just about right, you may want to look at some of there information. They are very friendly and I find the people at the local temple very helpful, even though I am not a LDS.

  12. yeah you are right frugal. I do think there is a place for 1-2 weeks worth of this stuff in your preps, but I would see the most value from it in your BOB. My wife and I have some mountain house in there for the "quick and short term" upsets… thx for watching brother.

  13. you are right, a lot of that stuff does last for 30 years… you think there's any sodium and preservatives in there? 🙂 haha

    You are right there are some people that won't take the time to build food storage the slow canned food way. Prepared stuff is definitely convenient and that is why these companies will do well. Just trying to help people understand what they're getting…

  14. I don't think a small supply of these things isn't a bad Idea. I keep 72 Hrs or MRE, and about 1 weeks worth of freeze dried emergency meals. Then the rest is traditional food I have stored myself. The reason is, if SHTF happens fast, I will need to focus on my security, shelter, and other plans first. I don't want to spend my time worrying about cooking from scratch, until I get some more pressing needs taken care of.

  15. I see what your getting at but the food does not last for one year, most of it last for up to 30yrs. You are buying that stuff to store it and forget about it. You CANNOT get food that will last as long at the grocery store. Also do you know how much sodium and preservatives are in can foods? Try eating your can of chili beans in a few years. You will be ass to porcelain. You need to rethink this video. A lot of people do not have time for canning and other "cheaper" prepping methods.

  16. sounds like we're kind of the same on this one–glad you guys are charging hard on the preps. thx for watching man!


  17. Dan, my wife and I picked up some of the Daily Bread things and have tried some of the contents. Not too bad in taste and such. Too expensive for what it is, so we'd not make another order anywhere for the same thing. We've decided that these will do wonderfully, however, for food when you're traveling, so in a BOB or whatever where you need to save weight. But you could save money by making your own rations, there's plenty info out there on that subject. I wouldn't recommend this stuff either.

  18. PM me if you ever throw up any vids on the dehydrator… I'd be interested to see how it's working for you…

  19. excellent work on the dehydrator. Haven't started doing that yet, but i should. good on you. Hadn't noticed the portion issue. The main thing that bugs me is people recommending this food as a 3,6, or 12 month solution. it's prob doable for 2 weeks max–after that, it's just not a good solution….

  20. Not to mention that there food servings are totally over-exagerated and unrealistic for an adult person.

  21. Thanks for the encouragement Dan. Your thinking seems sound.
    It seems Amerika has been flooded with fear-mongering salesman.
    I agree with you, especially re: throwing money at a problem.

    Honeyville Farms is charging for cases of sausage crumble or diced ham ($200-$275) dollars a case) it gave me the motivation to get my first dehydrator and start simple with my own meal-in-a-jar and see how things progress from there.

  22. Who has time. I'd rather spend more now and have the peace of mind.

  23. EXACTLY. Hat off to you for using food storage as an opportunity to really "become a survivalist", not just buy some stuff and put it on a shelf. You get it. -Dan

  24. I understand what you are saying ,i am learning to can my own veggies and dehydrate too . i also am storing beans and rice things we already eat so that it all gets rotated . Times are tough and i don't plan on giving my money away.

  25. The mental ownership, and 'process of the journey' cannot be overstated.
    Bravo! you have emphasized this very poignantly.
    Extreme logistics is rudimentary in survival preparedness.
    Thank you for making this video!

  26. Cans man! they're durable too! I won't hate you if you do it, but I do stand by what I said in this vid, that I don't think it's a great solution for your long term food storage… the pouch meals ARE a great solution for a BOB though. 5-7 worth…

  27. The only reason I'm even considering this freeze dried stuff is the shelf life and the durability of the packaging.

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